Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love yourself today.. Have the best day EVER!

Just wanted to make a quick blog about having the best day ever. I am NOT going to let anything or anyone stand in the way of the glory of this day. So if you are reading this early in the morning...or whenEVER... make a vow to yourself to have the strength to "accept the things you cannot change, courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference." And just make a list/plan so that you do everything that you need to do to make this day the best day ever.

Sometimes we feel like we need to be the "perfect" size before we can truly live our lives. Or that we need to get a Vitamix before we can start drinking green smoothies, or get a dehydrator before we can be raw. Well, I can honestly tell you that when we are in that mind frame that "perfect day" never comes. I speak from experience. When I lived in a state of being dissatisfied with my body, my life, my financial situation....all I DID accomplish was depression. The second that I said that I would be happy IN THE MIDST of it all, I blossomed bloomed and everything changed.

Me? I am going to start this morning with a green juice, a short message to myself in my journal (with kiddos crawling all over me asking a million questions), doing yoga for about 10 (in the same room as said kiddos, but at least getting it done), drink a massive green smoothie (my body is calling for them AND water today), put the kids down for a nap and read this amazing book I'm reading now and clean clean clean my house. Now THAT sounds like an amazing day.

What can you do RIGHT NOW TODAY that will help you to say that this Saturday June 21st was the best day ever? Whatever you can dream up... do IT !!! So chose one day to live in the moment... to soak up all the glory that this day has. I have....join me ;-)


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