Friday, June 13, 2008

My Bill of Rights

Been thinking long and hard about the power of the word "NO" and how usually when we say no to other people we are saying "YES" to ourselves. I am not sure why in the hell I thought having a house full of kids right now would be a good idea, but guess what?? NOT so much... but I am going to to flow with it, b/c I've already said yes to them staying here, but inside that YES was a big fat NO to myself.. Ouchie. Why didn't I think I would want, hell need this time for myself?? It brings me back to my the place I am doing the most work on right now. There are lessons to be learned and I am learning them.

Today was a long, hot, stressful day... or so I thought it would be. After 2 meltdowns and 75, "stop that!"-s to my nephew, we drove 35 mins to a bday party only to have them fall asleep right before we pulled up! I thought this is a recipe for disaster.. I can A) skip the party, let em rest; B) Get ready for the meltdown/tantrum and go inside anyway; C) wake them up super gently, then get excited about the party and take a deep breath. What do you think I chose? C.. duh! It was a simple thing, but got me thinking about how much and how often we all wobble off the path of peace and tranquility b/c of these "stressful" moments. Truth be told... we could minimize most of our "stressful moments" by being more prepared, more ready for the day.

I turned this day around and have a rawsome time. I felt the pull back into my heavy nut binge ways, but didn't answer. I did well today and am feeling a little better. I have been exhausted lately and NO enzyme rich food will do that to you.

So as I have cleared the clutter and clatter out of my life, it's time to clean up my raw. I'm approaching 1 year truly 100% raw and it couldn't be a better time to get on track with my love for this food and this lifestyle. Get a routine. Get uncooking. Get it together. I soooo deserve it.


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