Monday, June 23, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Get Ready
Get Set
Stretching..breathing..turning away from the noise
and letting go.

So it's Manic Monday and I have tonssssss to do. This will be a short post b/c I have 30 mins of the kids' nap to sneak in some yoga. This was me yesterday sweating it out on the mat. Letting the frustrations of this situation go. I felt much better afterwards too!

So today I am trying to keep my intake simple.. in line with how I am feeling right now. Trying to simplify things..break things down and go with the flow.

Promise a great post later today!


Ceeley said...

hello, i really love your blog. it has really inspired me :) to lose weight and feel better about myself. i was wondering did you learn yoga from video tapes or going to a yoga center?
New to the Vegan Life,


RawFitMama said...

ceeley...glad you like the blog and really find it inspiring. I have only been to two yoga classes in my entire life. When I was in Atlanta and New Orleans and had a TON of opportunities..I was fat and shy and wouldn't go. And now that I am SO ready to study with others.. I don't have a sitter for my lovely girl. So in short... NO classes.. learned from books and tapes... You can too.

And as you see.. I get to practice in WHATEVER falls out of the drawer!

Good luck to you

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, also i reside in the Atlanta area.

Evy said...

Hi, during the last few days I descovered your blog and really love it as well.

As I started researching I had no idea what great results people had archieved, and the great change you have made gives me some hope.
So I've begun eating almost completely raw a few days ago and hope so much it will help my health as well.
So far I've found quite a lot of inspiration to feel better about myself here as well - so, I'm glad I found your blog, though I'm not nearly as *ready and happy as you are.. but, I'm positive. ;-)

RawFitMama said...

Hey Evy,

Good job getting in control of your health and life. I am so happy that you like the blog and I find inspirational. You will find after eating this way for a little time, you will feel and look different... and then you wont' want to go back! But be gentle with yourself .. I am here to help you anyway that I can ;-)


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