Sunday, June 22, 2008

Super Sunny Sunday

Are the kids acting like they ate crackberries for breakfast= yes.

Is it driving me insane= no... but I almost let it!

I have left them to their own devices (not wise) so that I could lie on my closet floor and meditate.. yes just me and Buddha in the closed closet for some much needed alone time (get your minds out of the gutter!)

I wanted to photograph a picture of the smoothie I had this morning, but I drank it sooooo quickly, just didn't wanna put it down to go upstairs and get the bad. It was so good. 1/2c cashews, 1/2c cacao nibs, 1 tbsp agave, 2 bananas, 1/2c water, & boat loads of ice.. blend and enjoy. More ice makes it like an ice cream almost, and less ice (or more liquid) makes it a smoothie consistency... yum yum.

Last nite I thought a lot about eliminating... people/places/things that aren't serving me. Well, I've been working on this a LOT lately and so in the spirit of elimination, I ate 2 cups of prunes and 2 quarts of water. Needless to say, this morning was GREAT. ;-) Well, if elimination is what I had in mind, so did my body! So, I got some more prunes at the store today and will soak them and give the soak water to my daughter and some of the prunes will be blended with banana and eaten as a smoothie. Maybe I could sneak some to the other kiddos!

So not much to report today other than it's a gorgeous Sunny Sunday and I am so grateful for it. In the midst of all the chaos and noise in this house, I am finding time to "fall still" and stay in the moments with gratitude and love.

So even if it isn't sunny right now where you are, stop and breathe sunshine into your heart. I'm smiling....won't you join me? :-)


Raw Faith said...

When I read the part about you laying in your closet and meditating I was like NO WAY.... I JUST literally set up a sacred little place for myself in my bedroom closet.... I emptied everything out of there and made it a sacred place for myself to go in there, close the closet doors and meditate. I have alittle table with some of my favorite things that inspire me, etc.

We are so alike girl, it's insane. I am glad that you are staying peaceful even with the madness in your house right now. Do not let them take your energy. Keep strong girl.

prunes alwaaaaays have that effect!!! I can't even tolerate many of them at all lol. I drank prune juice one time and was on the toilet the whole day, it was way too much... you need to go slow with that stuff hahaha. but then again, this is coming from someone who can down a whole container of dates in like 20 mins so what the heck am I talking about lol.

love you girl xx

hoodia gordonii said...

It's summertime, make sure sun is shining brightly inside and outside your home and soul. Thanks for sharing with us your posts.

jessica said...

love the spirit of elimination part.
smiling with you for sure.

RawFitMama said...

Brit- you got my message.

Hoodia- Yes INSIDE and OUTSIDE will match if you balance your life accordingly...:-)

Jessica- Yes at some point..we have to stop accumulating and start releasing...


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