Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Teacher is the Student

The Yogi in Training
Strawberry vegan jello (they loved it)
My nephew and I today.. PEACE
Amber in full Lotus..meditating :)

My little cousin is SO into the yoga.. I am seeing her ALL day long practicing asanas. I bought her her first journal and she is keeping notes on EVERYTHING that she likes. She has found a green smoothie recipe that vibes with her (she put it in the journal) . I let her get on the Internet to research yoga books for teens/tweens/kids (she put all the titles in the journal) .

She and I had a long girl's talk yesterday. She was crying and I could SO see myself in her when I was her age except I didn't have anyone to talk to. I made a promise to her, that although we live far apart, we will stay connected. I will send her with a prepaid cell with a few minutes to call me if she is having a "girl emergency"..and I gave her my very first yoga mat that I owned. She was so excited and grateful.

Here is how the story is playing out: she is re-inspiring me. I am looking at things with a different perspective from the "teacher" side of things. Just in explaining to her, I am re-explaining to myself. Her outlook is so fresh.. so new.. so OPEN. I am now the student.. I sit back and watch her progress thru 8 mins of vigorous asanas with excitement, patience and wonder...breathing new life into the old practice.

My daughter had a bad day today. Not enough rest..change of routine= disaster in Autism World. So we blew off the farmer's market and came home..opened all the windows and took a rest. She appreciated that. There was one other meltdown after that, but it was all good. She went to bed happy. I just paused the post to run give her a kiss and hug and thank her for choosing me as her mom! :-)

Well, today's diet was awesome, but somehow creepy yummy organic walnuts (aka danger food) wound up in my hands again. I only bought a small amount, but still! Few free peaches and plums, banana/walnuts, 1 cantaloupe (cold and delicious), avocado/tomato salad and odds and ends things.

Oh I am really feeling cukes right now. My body just needs them. I go with the flow when my body is craving something.. it's also craving dulse. I obviously am missing minerals.. gotta get on the ball! This raw journey has been amazing. full of ups and downs and twists and turns.. new people... Most of the old people left or I karate kicked them out of my life with vegan stilettos. :-)
Tomorrow "they" are calling for rain.. so after Kay's therapy, I will let the kids go into the garage and body paint and draw chalk on the ground and bring a blanket and we will have a picnic. I think they will enjoy that.


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