Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You should know Dhru !

Okay.. let's just be honest. The first time I met Dhru in person, I fell in love. NO seriously! Well, as much as you can fall in love with someone you just met in person. At the Successfully Raw Event in NYC...he opened up my mind to the concept of "falling still" and my meditations have been different ever since. When we went out dancing that nite..I followed the spirit and told him that he was one of the most beautiful human beings that I had ever met. I meant it too. I had previously read that he likes tall girls (his words). Well, I am only 5'0" and of course I thought to myself, "He likes tall girls b/c he hasn't met ME yet" :-)

His energy is so amazing. His ease of nature is so charismatic. It's abundantly clear that he lives in the now... lives in the flow of the universe. It is easy to feel a little mesmerized in his presence and it's not his flawless bronze skin and award winning smile (though they are equally captivating)..it's his spirit that is so SOLID that it transmits through his pores. It's his observant nature...

So for the probably 3 raw fooders who don't know of him...this post is dedicated to that awesome man who is changing the face of the young raw food movement and making info SO easily accessible. Check him out in the following places....

Dhrumil's Myspace

Dhrumil's Twitter Page

Dhrumil's Webpage

Dhru at We Like It Raw

Dhru's GI2MR Page

So don't believe me... go to one of these MANY places and get inspired by this awesome man and his beautiful face.. I mean his energy ;-)

In light and the love of this movement,


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