Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ahhh Universe

I have been "out of touch" b/c I never seem to have enough time to write lengthy blogs, but I will write a short one in attempts to assure everyone that I AM okay... better than okay... BLISSFUL. Yes, there are always ups and downs...wobbling as I call it, but it is all in divine order and time. All in perfect space.

I have been...

**delving into yoga (asanas as my last practice). The study of yoga; and what it means to truly become a yogi. Practicing physically (postures) solidifies everything, but studying the philosphies has taken me onto a deeper journey than I ever could have imagined.

**breathing. My breath has been carrying me thru all the "stagnant" moments in my past days

**massive salads. I can't get enough of fresh, washed, crunchy salads. YUM

My daughter is about to start school! I am soooooooo excited for her. She begins next week. I will not be in town for her open house, or her first week of school. I will be in California for my orientation. I am so excited about my journey to the West Coast and about the space that I will walk into when I am there. I am opening my heart and soul to new experiences and new opportunities.

SO much is changing in my life. SO much is evolving...growing. It's almost overwhelming.

So for all those who are emailing and asking if I am okay.. YES I am. I am just crazy busy, but not too busy to get on here and attempt to inspire. So YES I am still 100% raw... I have been now for going on 14 months. And Raw for over 4 years now!!! I've been keeping it simple with my food, but feel the desire to complicate things :-) I am thinking of Alissa Cohen's enchiladas..yummy.

I will keep you all posted on all these changes, as well as, how my diet is changing and switching.


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