Friday, October 31, 2008

Barack, Autism Halloween

This man represents hope and change for our country. Join me in voting Nov 4th for CHANGE! I know some of you have already voted..oh yea...go democracy, oh yea...
Kennedy's first costume. A pirate. She was crying and although we practiced, "knock knock. trick or treat smell my feet" she told me that she couldn't do it. She started flapping and spinning...the we moved on to costume #2

A feminist doctor and stayed in the house dancing and playing the guitar.
It doesn't matter b/c we do a special halloween at a barn for our kiddos with Autism. It's a sensory festival complete with horses, pumpkins, GF candy,
and tons of acceptable meltdowns!

There isn't anything exciting to report on the food front. I've been eating a lot of the same thing lately. I've been craving greens and making more delicious almond bar dream yumpots (see post from a few days ago). I think all the almond butter upset my stomach a I will lay off of them for a minute. I will have a green smoothie tonite before bed while watching a movie and then I will turn in b/c tomorrow is laundry, cleaning the house and Kay and I are going to the gym first thing. It's a new gym, so I hope that she likes the daycare there and that the staff is semi-Autism aware. If not, I will tell them where I'll be and Kay and I will leave if it's not cool.
Tomorrow I think I am going to take a bit of a digestive break. I am thinking about.... green smoothies, fruit/green juices, soup, and maybe a small salad. My stomach just feels like it needs a break! I will let you know how it goes.

Ohhhhh almost forgot. Here's a recipe that will hit your chocolate craving spot!
Crazy Cacao Banana Mylkshake

  • 1.5 c choc hemp mylk (put 1 c hempseeds, 1 c water in blender and blend until creamy. add 1 tbsp cacao, 2 dates. blend again until smooth)
  • add 2 frozen bananas..blend until creamy. SO Good!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold Autumn Wednesday; Workout and Recipes

Today's dinner...yum yum

My Zesty Kale Salad Combo

I took the picture after I mixed it all together! Sorry :(

I full head of kale

    1/2 avocado (or a whole one!)

1 tbsp hempseeds

1/4 c pumpkin seeds

1/2 lemon

sea salt

2 tbsps olive oil

Tear kale off of stems and wash. Massage salt into the leaves and rub with olive oil. Let sit for 5 mintues. Add the hempseeds, pumpkin seeds, diced avocado and squeeze the juice of the half of lemon. is so good and a great way to get your greens in! I have found that eating green at nighttime cuts cravings for sweet things down. I am NOT a person who believes in deprivation AT ALL...just discipline. I made like 8 almond dream bar yumpots...ALL ARE GONE!! I ate like 3 at a time for dessert. I did get up and go take kickbox at the gym however. So I eat well, but I work for it.


I've been eating a lot of Angela's "Energy Soup". OMGoddess I normally am not not not a fan of raw soup. I don't know why. But hey, this one is amazing. I find myself wanting more and more. Eating it with crunchky flax crackers and tomatoes or avocador OR tomatoes AND avocado gives it "chew-ability".

Gela's Energy Soup (with my tiny variations)

1/2 cucumber

1/2 red pepper

huge handful of spinach

handful of dulse

juice of 1/2 lemon

flesh of one avocado

sea salt (1/2 tsp) I add more to the finished soup..just a bit more.

Blend and serve with chopped tomato or chopped avocado.

Basically right now, I am seriously feeling the effects of Fall. It's freezing and super windy here on the East Coast, but I am balancing my greens. On this raw diet of mine I find tha tno matter what else I eat, if my greens are in check..I'm cool. I could eat Almond Dream Bars all day and nite if I get my greens in. This is my way of doing MY raw. So being that I finished my last bar, I will be making a fresh batch tomorrow and possibly another dessert and freezing it in portions over the weekend. I'll keep you posted as to what I chose. So if it is cold where you are, and you are eating cooked, make soups from scratch. Think about using organic vegetable broth as your base and adding, canned organic diced tomatoes and carrots/celery/potatoes/onions...etc. THEN have it with a green smoothie!!

Tomorrow is the gym again. Imma lift heavy and go hard. And I challenge you to stop reading, do 20 crunches and commit to do something physical. REMEMBER: The best exercise is the one you'll do matter WHAT it is. I'm rooting for you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recipes, Comfort food Advice

Okay...I have to be quick (again) but will type fast and load you up with knowledge as goodies as quickly as I can.

Okay the weather on the East Coast is insane...winds of 50 mph!!! It was so crazy. Kennedy went to FINALLY pick out her costume today. She is going to be a doctor pirate. Or a pirate doctor. We do NOT only look in the girls' section. We look at all the costumes. It's so annoying how there are only frilly little choices for girls. Or even the girl vampire looked like a prostitute. We would have made our costume (as I am sure we will do in the future) but she was adamant about going to the shop. It was so much fun though.

Okay onto East Coast cold...raw food and my tummy. I've gained like 2 lbs and I'm loving it... 3 more to come!!! I'm kidding. I don't weigh myself much. I have a scale, but only get on about once ...maybe twice a month.

Yesterday on October 27, 2008 I ate....

green juice (kale, cuke, celery, lemon, apple)
green smoothie (banana, spinach, froz straw, hempseeds, cacao, pumpkin mylk)...yum I put lots of ice in it and ate it like ice cream
pasta alfredo, sundried tomato flax crackers (recipe for pasta below)
2 apples with cinnamon sprinkled on top
More pasta and flax crackers with alfredo
2 almond butter dream bars.. (recipe below)

I ate the dessert at midnite and woke up with a tummy ache!! No more late night eating for me. AS it's colder, I find drinking more tea keeps me full and warms my belly. I don't drink it scorching hot...I let it mellow out and then drink it almost room temp. Is this in keeping with 100% raw? Who gives a walnut!

I have so many exciting ideas in the works. Can't say anything yet, but please send out some amazing, creative, goddess energy for me. It will take me a few months, but it will be so worth it. Sometimes I struggle with thoughts about inadequacy. I know where it all stems from and I am doing the work in that area of my life. I wont' attempt something if I think I can't do it (my idea of) perfectly. I am getting over that and...well I can't tell you!

Pasta Alfredo
I am Creamy sauce (from Cafe Gratitude's UnCookbook (seriously one of my favorite and most used uncookbooks

  • 1 c macadamia nuts (do not soak)
  • 1/2cup almond or brazil nut mylk ( used brazil nuts b/c u don't have to soak em first)

  • 2 tbsps chopped scallions

  • 1/2 tsp garlic

  • 3/4 tsp salt (too salty)...I will use less next time
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg

  • 1/4 tsp white pepper

Blend all ingredients for sauce until creamy. I served over spiralized zuchinni...yum! I ate with flax crackers and it was so so so so good. You can grab an inexpenisive noodle spiralizer (saladacoo) right HERE . I love mine. It lasts forever too.

I made Angela and Matt's amazing "Almond Bar Yumpots". OMGoddess... I ate 4 today. They were so good!!! I will totally make more this weekend and they are easy to keep in the fridge.

Almond Bar YumPots

  • 7 oz almond butter

  • 7 oz coconut oil (equal amounts of coconut butter and almond butter even if less is used)

  • 1/3 c lucuma powder

  • liquify in food processor

  • then pulse in dehydrated 1/3 cbuckwheat sprouts (I used groat 1/2 sprouts!) and 1/3 c goji berries

  • Put in rubber cupcake holders or a bowl. Freeze for 3-5 minutes and eat!!!
Watch the video of Matt and Angela. It's hilarious. I love to see people so obviously in love with one another. right HERE .

I have one more recipe, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I hope that you are braving the cold weather and right now when you want to reach for "comfort" foods, remember how uncomfortable you will feel after you eat them. Research some raw comfort type foods and try those. It doesn't erase the problem of seeking food for comfort..but hey, one step at a time. That' show I did it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Quick Monday Post

Kay playing the guitar with her alien BFF
at a tea party!
To be a kid again...
Okay, so it's the first day of the 2nd quarter and I am busy as ever with schoolwork. The system was down until today so we got ALL the readings to do at once..ouch. I can't blog in much detail but tomorrow I will make definite time to get down and raw with you.

I went back to the gym today...cold over...bug returned :-) I did a kickbox class for the first time LIVE. I had a blast. I snuck in real dance moves every chance I got! I wanted to train upper body but will have to save it for tomorrow. Kennedy was crying to go to the gym. I felt terrible, but I told her it was freezing and mommie had to clean up and promised we'd go in the morning. So when she gets's the gym and store and I'm my lovely, yummy kale salad!

Today I had so much yummy food. I've been 100 %raw well over a year now and it gets easier and easier EVEN though I eat gourmet and "made up" raw. I love it. I know there are so many variations of this diet and honestly, I do them all at different times of the year. (I've mentioned all this before). Tomorrow I will give you a few recipes that I made today and show you photos of it all.

I ate zucchini and alfredo with sundried tomato flax crackers...omgoddess yum. I made soup and I have NEVER been a fan of raw soup, but it was delicious. I will make it with less water next time. YUM!

Well, I'm off to do more reading

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Hey Green Mommas!

Been thinking of ways to start reducing your footprint on our great momma Earth.

Take the quiz at and adopt these easy footprint reducing methods...

"There are many simple ways to reduce the footprint you leave on the planet. Learn how to reduce your footprint in each consumption category–carbon, food, housing, and goods and services—but don’t stop there. Amplify your impact by encouraging others to follow your lead. Engage your friends and community with local and global movements for social change, or start your own movement!"

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Use cleaner transport

Walk, bike, or take public transit whenever possible.

Avoid allowing your car to idle. If you’ll be waiting for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine (except in traffic). And don’t take the drive-through—park the car and walk inside instead.

Have your vehicle serviced regularly to keep the emission control systems operating at peak efficiency. Check your car's air filter monthly, and keep the tires adequately inflated to maximize gas mileage.

Avoid short airplane trips—take a bus or train instead.

Add energy-saving features to your home

Install compact fluorescent bulbs in all your home light fixtures—but remember, compact fluorescents contain mercury, so look for low-mercury models and be sure to dispose of old bulbs safely through your local hazardous waste program.

Weatherproof your home. Make sure your walls and ceilings are insulated, and consider double-pane windows. Eliminate drafts with caulking, weather strips, and storm windows and doors.

Insulate your water heater. Even better, switch to a tankless water heater, so your water will be heated only as you use it.

Choose energy efficient appliances.

Adopt energy-saving habits

Keep thermostat relatively low in winter and ease up on the air conditioning in summer. Clean or replace dirty air conditioner filters as recommended to keep the A/C operating at peak efficiency.

Unplug your electronics when not in use. To make it easier, use a power strip. Even when turned off, items like your television, computer, and cellphone charger still sip power.

Dry your clothes outside whenever possible.

Make minimal use of power equipment when landscaping.

Defrost your refrigerator and freezer regularly.

Choose green electricity. Many utilities give you the option to purchase electricity generated by wind and solar power for a small rate surcharge.

Purchase carbon offsets to make up for the energy use you can’t eliminate.

Reduce your Food Footprint

Eat more local, organic, in-season foods.

Plant a garden—it doesn’t get more local than that.

Shop at your local farmer’s market or natural foods store. Look for local, in-season foods that haven’t traveled long distances to reach you.

Choose foods with less packaging to reduce waste.

Eat lower on the food chain—going meatless for just one meal a week can make a difference.

Globally, it has been estimated that 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with meat consumption.

Reduce your Housing Footprint

Choose sustainable building materials, furnishings, and cleaning products.

Explore green design features for your building, like passive solar heating, a rainwater catchment or grey water recycling system, and recycled materials.

Choose efficient appliances, including low flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets.

Choose furnishings that are second-hand, recycled, or sustainably produced.

Plant drought tolerant plants in your garden and yard.

Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products.

Adopt water-saving habits

Take shorter, less frequent showers—this not only saves water, but the energy necessary to heat it.

Don’t use the garbage disposal. Compost instead.

Run the dishwasher and the laundry machine only when full.

Wash cars rarely, or better yet, take them to a carwash. Commercial carwashes use less water per wash than home washers, and they are also required to drain used water into the sewage system, rather than storm drains, which protects aquatic life.

Avoid hosing down or power-washing your deck, walkways, or driveway.

Regularly look for and fix leaks.

Reduce your Goods and Services Footprint

Buy less! Replace items only when you really need to.

Recycle all your paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. Don’t forget electronics!

Compost food waste for the garden. Garbage that is not contaminated with degradable (biological) waste can be more easily recycled and sorted, and doesn't produce methane gases (a significant greenhouse gas contributor) when stored in a landfill.

Buy recycled products, particularly those labeled "post-consumer waste."

Adopt just a few of these and start making a difference in the planet that our next generation will inhabit!

5th, 6th, 7th Chakras and My Stress Eating

"Whenever stress eating or true stress (bad habits) persists, make /drink green juice.

Everything is better after that."

-Me ;-)

Okay, all this chakra cleansing, wheel spinning, soul turning work dug up some deep rooted crap. Physically, as well as emotionally and I reverted back to some unhealthy eating habits. All raw, but still unhealthy. There IS way to be truly unhealthy on the raw me. Let me give you some insight or refreshers about the chakras.
5h Chakra: Throat
This chakra holds both one's ability to speak one's truth and ask for one's needs, therefore allowing others in and experiencing other and self clearly. Located in the throat, it is blue in color. And is the chakra for communication and clear perception.
Element: Sound
Color: Bright blue

Malfunction: sore throat, stiff neck, colds, thyroid problems, hearing problems

Foods: Fruits

Corresponding verb: I speak

Minerals: Turquoise, aquamarine, celesitie

"Chakra five is the center related to communication through sound, vibration, self-expression, and creativity. It is the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits, and receives communication both within ourselves and between each other. It is the center of dynamic creativity, of synthesizing old ideas into something new. It's attributes include listening, speaking, writing, chanting, telepathy, and any of the arts- esp those related to sound and language.

Chakra 6: Third Eye

Light, color, seeing, intuition, visualization, imagination, clairvoyance, vision

Element: Light

Function: Seeing, intuition

Color: Indigo

Minerals: Lapis lazuli, star sapphire, quartz

"The 6th chakra is the ability to understand the vastness of all things and how they work, whether past, present or future. Often referred to as the third ye, it is located in the forehead. It is the chkara for vision, knowledge and wisdom when applied with the heart."

Chakra 7: Crown

Consciousness, thought, information, knowing, understanding, transcendence, immanence, meditation.

Element: Thought

Psychological state: Bliss

Malfunction: Depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, inability to learn

Color: Violet to white

Metal: Gold

"Like a king whose crown signifies order in the kingdom, the crown chakra represents the ruling principle of life- the place where the underlying order and meaning of all things is ultimately perceived. It is the pervading consciouness that thinks, reasons, and gives form and focus to our activities. It is the true essence of being as the awareness that dwells within. In the unconscious, it is the widsom of the body. In the concscious mind, it is the intellect and our beleif systems. In the superconscious, it is awareness of the divine."
My Stress Eating

Yes my life can be stressful. NO I didn't have to be honest and say that. Sometimes I find that we (all people) find it necessary to always present our best selves in order to display some sort of "togetherness". That's not my approach. Ask and I will tell you... With that said, for the past two days I haven't made the wisest raw food decisions. And when I say stress eating, I mean overeating at meals and not getting in enough greens. To some people it would be no big deal, but to me it triggers unhealthy patterns and so today I got right on top of it and all is well! That in and of itself is a victory. How many times do we fall and say, "Oh well, I fell now...might as well do/eat/say whatever I want to!" Well, I'm proud to say that only 48 short hours later, I"m ready to roll.

Friday, October 24, 2008

4th chakra; My Advice on Loving Yourself

Good Morning Green Juice Drinkers,

Yesterday I was super sick...super sick. I have been reflecting and I realize why this "illness" won't's all in the mind. I started thinking healthy thoughts yesterday. Positive sights and sounds and guess what? this morning I feel 50% better. I do run myself too much. My daughter told me the other nite when I gave her a bath, "Mommie, you run too much. ssslllloooowwww down Mom! Just sit still with me" This shocked me so much. My beautiful daughter is so intuitive and so on point with things, I knew she was right. Her Autism is such a gift to us.

Well, anyway, I woke up with a new attitude. I haven't been blogging much about the gym, but I've been going about 5-6 times a week. Well, I"m about to cut that in half!!! Imma go about 3xs a week and during NON crowded times. Last week, I went twice during super busy times and it was a germ fest in there. Oh no, not doing that again. Kennedy actually LOVES going to the gym so when I go when she's in school, she gets a little upset, b/c she wants to go too. So perhaps I'll change to Monday, Tuesday, Saturday??? It's a work in progress so I'll keep you updated.

I also love working out at home. I always have. When I left my husband I had to give our very nice home gym to the neighbors to hold, but I still have all my free weights, his barbells and my myriad of workout videos. As it gets colder on the East Coast (low 30s already), I will be harnessing the power to get up mega early (5:30 am) so that I can workout in the living room while Kay sleeps. My point is that whatever gets you moving...DO IT. The best kind of exercise is the exercise that you'll actually do. There is no IDEAL way to hard, eat healthy and let your body morph and fold into what is right and perfect for Y-O-U. So this weekend I challenge those who are not exercising to pick ONE day, ONE activity and do it. Walk, rebound, run, do yoga... make a date with yourself. Write it on your agenda. Put a memo in your phone and get it done. Then next week, do that 3 times. EVERYONE starts somewhere. Start here...start now. And the second I shake this "bug"....I'm right back at it. Me in my living room kickboxing and sweating away!

4th Chakra: Heart

Element: Air

Function: Love

Inner State: Compassion, love

Malfunction: Asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease

Color: GREEN

Corresponding Verb: I love

"In entering the fourth chakra, we transcend ego in order to loosen our self-defined boundaries and merge into the ecstasy of love. There is no greater way to invite love than to offer it first. Since it is something we all want and need, we gravitate towards those with whom we feel safe and appreciated. To offer that safety and acceptance to another invites the field of love to flourish. To offer loving energy, whether as verbal compliments, empathic acknowledgments, or physical nurturing, invites similar energy to be returned."

WoW! It's really easy to think about the love that we want to receive, but how often do we think about just giving love? If there is someone in your life with whom you constantly bump heads....send love to them. Do it without them knowing. You don't have to be in person to do this. Send them love and wait it out. It's worth it. But firstly love yourself. JUST as you are. Even if you are "falling off the wagon", even if you can't keep your exercise date to yourself, even if no one else seems to love you... LOVE YOURSELF. Write 5 things you genuinely love about yourself and read it 3 times a day.

Just yesterday at dinner my daughter said, "I love you mom, I love you dad, I love you Kennedy. Mommie, I love myself" And I was tickled pink! I said, "Of course you do honey. Always love yourself. And mommie always loves you too." It was a magical feminist moment for me!

I found a great site for those who want to read more about ways and tips to love your body. I normally don't recommend anything the government backs up (with their scary food pyramid), but this time they got it right. Check the site out HERE .

The site even lists "10 Will-Powers for Improving Body Image"

Written by: Michael Levine, Ph.D., and Linda Smolak, Ph.D.

Taking care of your body and doing things you enjoy will enable you to enjoy a happy, participatory life.

Twice a day, everyday, I will ask myself: "Am I benefiting from focusing on what I believe are the flaws in my body weight or shape?"

I will think of three reasons why it is ridiculous for me to believe that thinner people are happier or "better." I will repeat these reasons to myself whenever I feel the urge to compare my body shape to someone else`s.

I will spend less and less time in front of mirrors--especially when they are making me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about my body.

I will exercise for the joy of feeling my body move and grow stronger. I will not exercise simply to lose weight, purge fat from my body, or to "make-up for" calories I have eaten.

I will participate in activities that I enjoy, even if they call attention to my weight and shape. I will constantly remind myself that I deserve to do things I enjoy, like dancing, swimming, etc., no matter what my shape or size!

I will refuse to wear clothes that are uncomfortable or that I do not like but wear simply because they divert attention from my weight or shape.

I will wear clothes that are comfortable and that make me feel comfortable in my body.

I will list 5-10 good qualities that I have, such as understanding, intelligence, or creativity. I will repeat these to myself whenever I start to feel bad about my body.

I will practice taking people seriously for what they say, feel, and do, not for how slender, or "well put together" they appear.

I will surround myself with people and things that make me feel good about myself and my abilities. When I am around people and things that support me and make me feel good, I will be less likely to base my self-esteem on the way my body looks.

I will treat my body with respect and kindness. I will feed it, keep it active, and listen to its needs. I will remember that my body is the vehicle that will carry me to my dreams!

I will choose to take care of myself and my body!

I remember when I had a bad body image. I didn't focus on it, I just totally ignored my body. Now I am super grateful for all that my body has gone through and how resilient and perfect it is. This issue of body image is brought up right now b/c when I think of loving myself, I have to think about loving the skin I'm in and see that so many of us don't do this. Print off the list of 10 things you can do and start affirming yourself TODAY.

So today it's resting and starting the reading for my next quarter in school. Kay will be with her dad (Probably here in the house, but that's cool) and I will be resting and reading as much as possible. I had a nut/dried fruit trail mix yesterday and it did not agree with my sickened body. Today it's juices and a huge kale salad. No exercise until Monday...just taking it easy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3rd Chakra, Kale Salad, This Raw Journey is YOURS!

Hi Pretty Posse'

Today I thought about the 3rd Chakra: YELLOW. Tons of lemons today. Ohhhh I ate so well today too. It was a freezing cold East Coast day and I wanted foods in my belly. I will probably gain 5 lbs over this winter and yum yum I will love it!

Today I mixed up my menu a bit b/c instead of having green juice first thing, I had a green smoothie first... oh I'm living life on the edge!

Today on October 22 I had...

Bkfst: green smoothie. 2c frozen blueberries, 2 bananas, TONS of spinach, 1 tbsp of hempseeds, 1 tbsp of E3 Live .

Snack: green juice (cuke, celery, lemon, carrot, kale)

Lunch: banana bread

Snack: green ice cream (2 bananas, spinach, tons of ice, frozen blueberries) blended and eaten out of a bowl

Dinner: so delicious. Kale salad (recipe below) with 8 oz of green juice (cuke, celery, lemon, carrot, kale)

Before Bed: TONS OF orange juice. I'm craving it right now.

Jayna's Kickin Keep Em Full Kale Salad

  • one full head of kale
  • 1 lemon juiced
  • 2 tbsps hempseeds
  • tomatoes diced
  • 1 avocado diced
  • 1/2 tbsp sea salt
  • big handful of dulse
  • 1/4 c olive/flax/hemp oil (pick one)
  • 1/4c pinenuts

    Take kale off of stem. Wash. sprinkle with 1/2 tbsp of sea salt and massage by hand until wilted. Pour the oil on, add hempseeds and massage in. Add diced tomatoes, diced avocado , and dulse. Squeeze the juice of one lemon on and toss. Sprinkle with pinenuts when done. YUMMY!

3rd Chakra: Fire


Fire, Power, Autonomy, Will, Energy, Metabolism, Technology, Transformation, Self-Esteem,

Location: Navel to solar plexus

Function: Will, power, assertiveness

Inner state: Laughter, joy, anger

Malfunction: Ulcer, diabetes, hypoglycemia, digestive disorders

Corresponding verbs: I can

Minerals: Amber, topaz, yellow citrine, rutilated quartz

Chief operating force: Combustion

The following quote I found about the 3rd Chakra is SO dead on.....

"Fire is radiant, so the third chakra is yang and active. When afraid or feeling powerless, we withdraw, and become passive. We hold our movements in check and use one part of ourselves to control another. When we block our own power and expression, we are withdraw and appear cold and controlled.

This control takes energy to maintain, yet it does not produce energy. Eventually we become depleted. Our natural enthusiasm for activities dwindles, and instead we have to 'manufacture' energy for our projects, reaching for stimulants, such as coffee or sweets, which temporarily energize, but eventuallydeplete our vitality.

When we withdraw from life, we become a closed system. Our expression turns in on itself, often in anger and self-criticism, which wears us down further. Fire takes fuel to burn, and in a closed system, the fuel eventually burns up. Only in a dynamic state of interaction with the world can we keep up the movement and contact that feeds our fire and zest for life."

WoW!!! That was right on the money.

Connecting the work on the 3rd chakra to raw food...

"Breaking Attachments.

Energy that is directed toward something that is not manifesting is energy that is 'hung up', caught or otherwise useless. If, after reasonable effort something is not working, let it go. The energy you will when the attachment no longer has control over you can be exhilarating."

Okay, if the way that you are eating isn't serving you. If (as David Wolfe says) the food you love doesn't love you back, let it go. Realize that in the world of raw there is so much abundance. So many choices. So many foods, if you are willing to either (a) take the time, or (b) pay the money, you can eat wonderfully crafted gourmet raw versions of your cooked favorites. Depending on your goals you can have the best health imaginable. If you want to be as pure as snow, then eat things just as they fall from the tree or grow on the ground. If you (like me) like balance in all things, drink massive amounts of greens (in smoothies and juices) and still have your gourmet raw when you want it!

This life and this raw journey are all what you make it. You have the power and control to have a wonderful day, or a shitty one. Which do you want? And even when it seems like it just HAS to be a bad day b/c X happened and then Y happened....step back, journal, take a shot of green juice or pure water and re-boot, re-program, re-connect with the Divine and the higher parts of yourself and start again anyway. Whatever dreams you have for your life...they can be imagined. You have to know you are worth it. The end of the year is near. Start thinking about new growth. As a blogger, as a womyn, as a mom, as a student, I will help anyway I can. Shoot me an email or leave a message asking/talking about the things you want to know about. I'll do my best to research it and provide the info and/or links here on my blog. I'm here to provide the info that I wish I had long time ago.....ahhhhhh raw food. It rawks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yoga Wishes, Chakras Spinning

I found this on Oh my Goddess...this was written for ME today. I had the best intention to practice and then LIFE got in the way...lapsed car insurance (whoops), Kay's heart doctor visit, the grocery store, making raw banana bread..oh my.

Make a Date with Your Mat

"You may have the best intentions to practice at home daily, but sometimes other things—family, school, and work commitments—derail you. Life happens, and taking a break can be inevitable, but the trick is gathering the momentum to start again. The first step is finding a practice that fits"

Well, as always, tomorrow is a new day and I am excited about the hopeful possibilities that it will bring. I tell ya, being a real raw foodie and ecstatist can be difficult. It may seem like in the movement, everyone is living on love and fla-la-la attitudes, but truth can be rough. I am NOT talking about food choices. That is NOT rough for me. I don't entertain cooked food...just because I am past that phase. When I was still in it.. I ate cooked vegan. I didn't ever feel or want to feel like I was making myself do anything. I mean the reality that raw puts you in can be difficult at times. I can't lie to myself about anything. I am very upfront and honest with ME. All this chakra work has me spinning in all kinds of directions!

2nd Chakra: Sacral

Color : Orange

"This chakra is where our sexuality and sensuousness lies. It is where one feels one's power and ability to connect to others from this personal power. Located blow the navel, it is orange in color. This vital energy feeds our immune system with personal power"

Chakra 2: Orange
Nurture yourself today. Think of the things you would like to have come into your life- new patterns, people, or events. Imagine a waterfall over your head, pouring these blessings upon you. Feel yourself taking them in and letting them flow through your whole body.

Element: Water
Inner State: Feeling
Color: Orange
Celestial Body: Moon
Food: Liquid
Corresponding Verb: I feel
Minerals: Carnelian, moonstone, coral
Petals: six
Chief Operating Force: Attraction of opposites

"Without change, there is no growth, no movement, and no life. Consciousness thrives on change. The element of this chakra is water, therefore, the chakra corresponds to bodily functions having to do with liquid: circulation of blood, urinary elimination, sexuality, and reproduction, as well as the qualities of water, such as flow, formlessness, fluidity, and surrender. It's an easy chakra to get trapped in, yet the trap can result from avoiding pleasure as much as indulging in it"

Today: Take a long hot shower or bath. Think about the water cleansing you from the inside out

I'm's almost midnite and Kay has a field trip tomorrow that's an hour away!!! All the parents with disabled (differently abled) kiddos have to bring them personally. I was going anyway!!! Off to read and go to bed. Tomorrow I will re-post the raw banana recipe that I got from Gela's site last year. Of course it uses yummy, nutritious chia seeds.

Inexpensive Organic Living (from yesterday)

I just browsed the beautiful Kristen's blog and saw this post. Check the post all about organics and expensive tips right HERE .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Price, Privilege & Chakra 2 Day 2 Cleanse

Hey Green Juice Drinkers!! My Chakra Day 1 cleanse went as to be expected. Whenever I start digging into "survival" thoughts and "basic need" thoughts, I get allllll out of sorts. It throws me off my crap horse big time. I will report tomorrow about my grounding meditation b/c I have to do it when I get off the comp.

So the lovely Veg Next Door sent me a question:

"Hiya, While packing up some books I came across my yoga books and realized it's been a VERY long time since I dedicated myself to a yoga practice. How do you fit yoga, other forms of exercise, meditation and food preparation along with the other daily things? Do you follow a schedule? Do you sleep? :-) I would love some tips. Currently, I'm doing a lot of strength training. I spent the past summer running a lot. I found it was all I had time for but I do miss yoga"

Hey Veg!! I will be totally's difficult to get it all in in a day's time. I don't approach it as really "hard" b/c if you put those thoughts out there then it will seem more difficult than it is. I see eating raw and training as a privilege NOT A chore (more on this in a minute). I keep a daily log (I mentioned it a few days ago). It has a sort of check list of all the things I need to get done in the day ...EVERYday. After a few days of having to check it off... I just remembered what I needed to do. With that said, pace yourself. I am the full time mom of a disabled preschooler, a full time doctoral student, poor and a single mom. TRUST ME if I can do can too.

Do I sleep? 5-6 hrs a nite is my average. I think that's great! My goal here is to live a full life. If I am tired...I will sleep. But, I love having time for myself, which only happens in the gym and after Kay goes to my time is limited.

About your yoga. If you wanna get back into it...get up 30 mins before everyone else if you have a hubby and/or kids. Spend 15 mins on meditatin and only 15 mins on yoga. I say only 15 b/c it's's easy and you will feel confident enough to continue. I love writing long notes like "yoga 1 hr Mon-thurs".... BOOOOOMMMMPPPPP Wrong answer. It's a set up for failure. Set a goal of 3 xs a week for two week doing 15-30 mins each time. Get a great magazine and some relaxing music, or get a short DVD that inspires you and rol with it. If the AM just isn't your thing, try nitetime (my favorite). I like to do it in my living room when Kennedy is asleep with 4-5 candles burning. It's intimate and beautiful and time just for me.

Raw food prep: yes I do get heavy into gourmet during the winter, but I also uncook smart. I will take a huge bowl...and make a kale salad that can last two days or three... make a huge regular lettuce (romaine, arugula, red leaf) and let it sit in a container too. Cover it with saran wrap or the next sticky kinda saran wrap and bam. All you have to do is grab a handful, add your olives, or whatever and you're good to go. Slice an avocado into it, grab a plate of flax crackers and bam! Quick lunch. Get nori sheets if you like seaweed...I love seaweed...roll up tomato, avocado, lettuce, onion... bam! (no I am not making fun of Emeril!)

So Veg, in a walnutshell, make a list...set small attainable goals....uncook smart, and if you want it, it will happen for you. See it all as a gift , not a nuisance.

Speaking of gifts and privilege. Anyone reading this blog, anyone interested in this lifestyle is of distinct privilege. I say this b/c this isn't something talked about this in the raw world. People spout off all these "shoulds", and "betters", but they don't realize that everybody can. I talk about this privilege, b/c I am the first person in my entire extended and nuclear family who has even become vegetarian.. NO ONE in my family knew what vegan meant and definitely not raw. I grew up in inner city New Orleans and no one was interested (not me either) in discovering anything different. I sought out on my own through my Spirit this different lifestyle. So every now and then I stop to say thank you to the Divine and the Universe that I am privileged enough to have come across this information via reading/internet searching and that we shouldn't go around saying what others "out to" and "should" be doing.


I can't afford all organic. Do I know alllllll about herbicides and pesticides? Well, do you know my bank account amount? I do the best I can with all I have. Greens ALWAYS organic... Kennedy's veggies and fruits... always organic. I buy unorganic apples and peel them for me. I buy froz blueberries (b/c they are high in antioxidants), but truth is I sometimes buy froz strawberries. I buy raw cashews, but rarely organic. Very rarely, if ever, organic raw almonds.

I found this list here on MSNBC .

The “Dirty Dozen”: Must-buy organic foods
Apples (I buy unorganic for myself and peel)
Grapes, imported (Chili) (sometimes buy unorganic)
Strawberries (sometimes buy unorganic)

Bell peppers

No need to go organic with these foods:Fruit
Bananas (organic taste better)
Broccoli (always buy organic)
Onions (always buy organic)

For anyone interested in the Chakra cleanse that I'm's more Day 1 Base Chakra info:

Day 1 : Base Chakra RED

"This is the foundation of our entire system-the building block on which all the other chakras must rest- so this chakra is of crucial importance. It relates to the element earth, and all solid, earthly things...our bodies, our health, our survival, our material and monetary existence, and our ability to focus and manifest our needs."

Element: Earth
Function: Survival, grounding
Inner State: Stillness, security, stability
Rights: Right to be here, right to have
Malfunction: Weight problems, hemorrhoids, constipation, knee troubles, degenerative arthritis
Sense: Smell
Foods: Proteins, meats
Incense: Cedar
Minerals: ruby, garnet, bloodstone
Hindu Dieties: Brahma, Dakini, Ganesha, Kubera, Uma, Lakshmi, Prisni
Today I was so hungry! So I ate (remember what I said:-)
I had...

Bkfst: Green juice (cuke, kale, apple, lemon)
snack: smoothie with 2 bananas, e3live and Vitamineral greens
lunch: kale salad with vegan hemp dressing and pinenuts. 1 nori wrapped with avo/tomato
snack: 5 apples into applesauce with cinnamon and honey
dinner: huge bowl of chia seeds soaked in pumpkinseed mylk with 1 tbsp yacon syrup with 1 banana sliced in and 1 cup of strawberries...ohhhh yea!
dessert: huge green smoothie with 1 c froz blueberries, 2 bananas, spinach, almond mylk

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the cleanse. I'm excited.

I will blog allllllll about it, as well as, my meditation from tonite.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meditation is the answer right now

I know that everything happens for a reason. I can't shake this "illness" and I had to sit and ask myself, "In what area of my life do I need to work?" Well... My diet is solid... I'm trying to sleep better.. a-ha! My MEDITATION. My meditation has been taking a backseat burner to everything else in my life. I am sneaking and "falling still" ever so often, but there is nothing like setting my 30 minutes aside before my daughter gets up and settling into my Spirit.

So, with that said, I'm off to sit and I'll be back to finish the post.

Okay, so I'm back. Feeling grounded and centered and a had a deeply profound thing just happen. I uncovered a secret about something (can't tell you though).

Well tomorrow starts my "detox". I am not doing anything major. Just some extra green juice and extra green smoothies...thinking detoxifying thoughts and I will drink some smooth move.

Detox Week

Day 1 : Base Chakra RED

"Don't clean out the attic before cleaning out the basement"
Red is the color of energy, rejuvenation, strength, power, love, passion, courage, vitality, and self-confidence.

  • super hot epsom salt baths

  • skin brushing (already do this. gonna do it twice a day

  • healing meditations (body scans)
  • 30-60 mins of yoga daily

I will be focusing on red all day (red underwear), red fruits and vegetables. And thinking warm, grounding, foundational thoughts.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blocked Throat Chakra and Germy Gym Folks

Okay today is the last day of the quarter for school. So I will be mega brief, but tomorrow I will hit you with good stuff. Okay pea pies, I woke up and my throat was CLOSED shut. OUCH. Hurting in pain...can barely swallow. What's up? Well, there are things in my life that need to be said that I am not saying for starter. I also know that I haven't been sleeping and my immune system is fighting off something wicked right now. Plus, dirty little crud balls at the gym WILL NOT wipe the equipment off when they are done!! It's so gross. They climb off all sweaty and wet and just walk away! So now I will be going around the gym with wipes cleaning machines before and after I use them!

Tomorrow I may take a restorative yoga class if my body feels up to it.

Today I drank massive amounts of green juice and smoothies, pausing only to eat grapes and applesauce with a few walnuts. I'm off to clean (yes at midnite) and rest until Kay is up at 6 am
I am starting a 7 day chakra detox this Sunday, I will blog it all the way thru.

Go drink greens!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta, Rumi and Inspiration for Ya

I am a deeply spiritual person. I haven't blogged much about my spiritual journey thus far as it's highly personal to me. I will share with you one of my most profound and highly enlightened spiritual teachers- Rumi. Ok, yes he's dead per se, however he teaches me everyday. I am not one of those people who has been fortunate enough to study under gurus, travel to India or Japan. I am an extraordinary woman living in ordinary times- financial struggles, school, single mommiehood...etc. I am however, fortunate enough to know and accept that and to seek out what I do have access to...and that is the powerful written word---BOOKS!!! I can't get enough of em. So do enjoy this poem by Rumi .

Sifter of Dust

Suppose you know the definitions

of all substances and their products,

what good is this to you?

Know the true definition of yourself.

That is essential.

Then, when you know your own definition, flee from it,

that you may attain to the One who cannot be defined,

O sifter of the dust.

Okay onto food. Again I apologize. I ate the sun dried marinara pasta before I could take a picture... I know I know (note to self: keep camera in the kitchen!) It was so delicious. I was licking the plate. I will definitely make it again this weekend, but will make my version of pizza/garlic bread to go with it. Can you say Autumn comfort food?

Well, today I had more nori for lunch today. Oh yumm..can't get enough. When you to try to buy it at most stores it IS NOT raw, so you can use the link above and order it...oh yea. They are my raw vegan tortilla shell!

Okay so there have been request for me to post my food intake...sure!

Yesterday (October 15th) I had...

Bkfst: green juice (cuke, celery, kale, lemon, apple)

Snack: green smoothie (banana, spinach, froz straw, hempseeds)

Lunch: 2 nori wraps (avoc, tomato, onion, romaine, black olives)

Snack: raw homemade applesauce

Dinner: zucchini pasta with marinara (oh yea oh yea)

b4 bed: chia seeds soaked in almond mylk with apples diced in and 1/4 c walnuts

I know that some people eat less than half that in a day's time, but NOT ME. I go thru phases where I want it light and Summer time, but for right now, I want to healthy and eat tasty, yummy, nutritious raw foods. All this hype and talk about you have to do it this way or that way is just bogus to me. I change my mind with the seasons and so that's how I eat. If I want gourmet raw... I make it. Or if I'm in NYC...I buy it! If I want it simple...I keep it simple. You don't have to do anything, but try to make the healthiest choices with what YOU have available and go from there.

I do the best I can with what I have and I'm darned proud of it. Oh yea...go Jayna'...You're awesome... oh yea. So I leave you with this thought: Take your time with raw foods. It is an amazing journey. It is worth the time to research and do what feels best to YOUR body. Some people can and want to go raw overnite...others take time (I sure did). I got into the raw movement in 2004. I didn't go 100% raw until 2007! And it doesn't matter...I was 50%, then 20%, then 80%.. WHO CARES ABOUT PERCENTAGES!?!?!?!? Only ask yourself ONE question: "What percentage of HEALTHY is this meal?" If you are eating steamed greens, brown rice and a salad...guess what?? You are healthier than most other people. So, breathe deep. Seek out inspiration and stay true to who YOU are.

The holidays are near. I will post a blog dedicated to raw holiday ebooks (most of which I don't own b/c I can't afford em), but I will challenge you to take your pick of ONE and make ONE recipe from it this holiday season. If you want to go all out and have a full on raw holiday meal... come on!! If not, that's O-K-A-Y. I will be posting a Conscious Raw Holiday Challenge (with a prize) and a Detox-No-Retox New Year's Challenge (complete with 3 day juice feasting). You will be welcome to join me or simply read for your amusement.

For all who have stuck with me although I was absent blogging...thank you. My goal and aim here is to inspire. To let you know that real people do raw in real ways. That even a person who grew up eating all New Orleans creole and cajun cooking can change....that I lost 70 lbs the steady, slow, healthy way and that if I can do CAN YOU.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Loving Nori (B12) oh yea oh yea


The following excerpt is from Chef Omid about awesome raw nori sheets.

"In raw food recipes the red dried organic seaweed sheets can be used to make vegetable sushi rolls and other raw goodies. Break pieces into a salad and soups or roll around your favorite fillings.

Raw organic nori is very Nutritionist, they are high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Compared with dairy products, seaweed provides up to ten times more calcium and iron by weight, and an extremely high amount of important trace minerals. Nori is traditionally eaten to strengthen the circulatory system and help lower cholesterol."

I honestly thought I took a picture of my lunch today, but I didn't. I ate it was so delicious!

Yummy Nori Deliciousness

  • Lay nori sheet out
  • put avocado slices on i
  • put tomato slices on top of avocado slices
  • place onion slices on it
  • put olives on top of it
  • small handful of spinach
  • cover with a romaine leaf to "contain" it
  • roll and enjoy!

I ate two for lunch. I've been craving sea vegetables lately. I just can't get enough! Yum Yum Yum. A great recipe that I will try soon (maybe tomorrow) is here . The recipe is for "Nori Lettuce Wraps".

Oh yea, and try out these kelp noodles
Kelp Noodles (Just like Spaghetti & 100% Raw!)

I love how raw food takes me on various journeys. I listen to my body and intuitively it needs seaweed and apples! I have been eating tons of apples and homemade applesauce...yummy.

Autumn Applesauce

  • tons of apples (chopped)
  • cinnamon
  • tbsp of raw honey
  • put all in blender or food processor and go until desired consistency is reached.
  • eat warm or refrigerate first.
  • (sometimes I add walnuts)...oh yea oh yea

Today's Exercise

Lower Body oh yea oh yea (no particular order)

  • BB Dead Lift
  • Lunges on Smith
  • Squats on Smith
  • Lying leg curls
  • Standing side kick with 15's
  • Various ouchie abs
  • Glute isolation machine (ouch!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Seed Mylk

Quickly... here is the recipe for pumpkin milk. I love pumpkin seeds and for some reason it tastes like peanut butter mylk to me! We are a peanut free I could just be making this all up :-)

Pumpkin Seed Mylk

Makes about 4 cups

(these seeds are a lot cheaper than almonds and taste JUST as great if not better!)

  • 1/4 c pumpkin seeds, soaked

  • 1 tbsp raw agave nectar

  • 3 1/2 c water

  • 1 tsp vanilla (or vanilla bean)


Blend pumpkin seeds with about 1/2 water until very smooth. Then add agave, vanilla and the rest of the water and blend again...strain. Enjoy!!!

P.S. I totally intend on trying to make this mylk with the fresh pumpkin seeds I will save after carving pumpkins with Kennedy this Sunday!

Superfood SuperSpoil Yourself!!

Quick post about my love for superfoods. Just had a massively humongo green smoothie choc full of superfood goodness. Some don't agree with them...say they aren't natural. Well, tomato, ta-mato...I love how they make me feel and I only eat food that I love that loves me back. So YEA superfoods!!!

My Humongo Green Smoothie
Tons of spinach
2 bananas
2 c frozen straw
1 tbsp hempseeds
1 tbsp vitamineral greens.
1 tbsp lucuma powder

Just wanted to share that I only slept 4.5 hours due to the "gluten intoxication" from last nite. Kennedy is doing much better today. Runny nose and still fuzzy, but much better.

She and I went to the gym. I didn't wnat to go (tired) and didnt' have enough time to train I did 30 mins of cardio and mucho abs. Ouch baby...feelin the burn!

Updated! Blog Award, Inspiration & Love

First things first! The lovely, beautiful and inspiring Kristen gave me a blog award!!!! The Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 award! Oh yea...go Jayna'...oh yea.....

Let me just say, if you are thinking of starting a family and want to be inspired by a kick ass, all around awesome woman, please read her blog. She is going through great lengths to ensure that her kiddo steps onto the planet a better place and in a eco-chic home of love. Kudos girl! BTW....PLEASE do check out her ebooks. I am not kidding they are some of the best around. I am always fiddling with recipes out of them. And believe me folks... I am "she who is on a budget". Some recipe books call for all kinds of stuff that either can't find in my tiny neck of the woods, or simply cost too much. Kristen using common raw food items and I am telling you...they rock!!! Check em out here!

Now speaking of a budget...if you can only afford ONE (like I normally have to do with anything I can buy...get "Raw Desserts". Any raw newbie wants desserts... yum yum yum is all I will say.

Okay, so I have been crazy busy. It's 1:15 am and I am just starting this post. I am sooo exhausted, so here goes... The following photos aren't in any particular order.

So "What have I been doing?" I am working hard in my first quarter of my PhD program... whew! Tough tough tough. But I know it will be oh so worth it. I rejoined a gym (manifested the funds to do so ;-) I have been pushing pretty hard in there. I've been doing basic splits. For example: Mon/Thurs= Upper body; Wed= cardio; Tue/Fri= Lower body; Sat= cardio
Well, tomorrow I may miss the gym..I'm tired as all get out!

I have been changing the way that I am eating. I notice that the longer I am 100% raw, the more my body changes. I continue to want to eat the amounts of food that I always have, but body won't tolerate it. I gain weight and feel bloated...NOT a good combination!

I have been stressed b/c of school and other personal things and had begun to look for "heavy" foods to "weigh down" the emotion of it all. Once I stepped into that reality it was time to pull out the big guns! I had to start keeping a food plan again. There is a picture of it posted right below. I also consulted the ever wonderful, ever enlighten, Queen of Food Addiction RecoveryAngela Stokes . Her book Raw Emotions is fantastic if you want to do the "work" and really get to the bottom of your food issues.

Well, I know the holidays are near. Some people who are starting or struggling with the raw journey are thinking, "forget it, I'll start next year"... BOOM! Wrong! Start now... don't be hard on yourself. Increase your raw intake and at least that way today will be better than yesterday. And progress NOT perfection is the goal anyway. Check out Anthony's advice on the the trap of 100% raw . It is a great video for those feeling lost or just starting out. My point is that this holiday I will busy myself making some great tasting gourmet raw meals. Last holiday I ate a bag of apples because I forgot to make myself anything. I cooked for everyone else!! This year... yummy! I will post all the recipes and photos.

This smoothie was horrible to me. Cucumber, sprouts

avocado, spinach, stevia (not really my thing) and

shredded coconut. What a waste of

my avocado!

This is a shot of the inside of my purse on my way to

the movies. Anyway they couldn't tell I was sneaking in food??

That's a bowl of soaked chia seeds (in pumpkin seed mylk)

and chopped up apples!

Oh, this is a yummy yummy kale salad with

raw vegan cesar dressing from Kristen's Raw Hemp Recipe Book

Oh so yummy pizza bread. I can't find the recipe right now.

Pizza sandwich. Pizza bread, romaine,


My love bug at her Pediatric

Endocrinologist (don't ask)

Yummy Pate' stuffed tomatoes

with olives

Sunny Hemp Pate

1 cup sprouted hemp seeds (didn't sprout or soak mine)

1 cup sprouted sunflower seeds (only soaked mine)

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp dried mixed herbs (used italian herbs)

1 cups of carrot (used one cup)

1 sundried tomatos (used 5)


Finely chop seaweed and garlic. Put it all in a food processor and process until smooth. it may take long, but it's worth it! Courtesy of Shaz a ma Taz

Okay Kennedy's update: my Darling little pea pod is awake in the other room at 2:15 am b/c she got a hold of gluten! Talk about "grain damage". Her brain can NOT handle the toxic substances and she goes haywire. It's sad to witness b/c there isn't anything that I can do for her except provide sensory stimulation (scratching, tickling, joint compression). She has several new specialists and doctors. NONE of which she enjoys. Two weeks ago she had an overnight sleep study done and 2 EKGs...result= surgery. I am working over her and sending healing energy all day long. She is so strong and I know will pull through.

Green me up! I can't get enough of greens. Green juice, green smoothies, salads... green green green. I told you my idea of "good" raw for me is changing. I am craving raw gourmet meals (as it gets cold here on the East Coast) and massive amounts of really nutrient dense foods like chia seeds . I have been making amazing dishes with chia seeds using all kinds of nut/seed mylks. I am loving pumpkin seed mylk right now... I can't get enough of it.

Raw vegan single mommiehood is awesome, but does have it's challenges. With Kennedy being high raw vegan, gluten free...and me being 100% raw (and without a real job) just eating and paying rent is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I have made ways to cut back. I always cut back on me NOT her. My apples now are not organic. I know I know all about the dirty dozen. Every heard of the hungry mommie?? Well, that's me. I would rather soak, scrub and/or peel apples than to eat a burger, so while pesticides are not my idea of a side dish, for now it's gonna have to do. I am buying already ripe bananas for 10c less a pound (unless none are ripe and then I look really sad and pay full price). My food plan has helped me budget and keep down costs. I tell ya, Bush ain't done much, but he sure has helped me cut back on spending. Besides working on food addictions, I am eating less b/c I simply can't afford to eat more!! Kennedy is trying more raw food. She actually ate a HUGE bowl of kale salad with the raw vegan cesar dressing on it from Kristen's Raw Hemp Recipe book . I couldn't believe I made more and more. She ate more and more. I am very gentle with her when it comes to raw foods. She isn't forced to do anything... just not my parenting style. She has been vegan since conception b/c that is an ethical and karmic choice for me and I had to pass that down to my daughter. She sees mommie eating and drinking healthily and Autism and all she is very well aware that mommie eats "healthy food" and daddy eats "yucky junk food cheese balls".

Meditation. My meditation practice is expounding. I found a million reasons NOT to sit my butt down, but I have eradicated them all and I stand at the forefront of who I am as a person and I want to walk in the light of my full potential. The only way to tap into that is thru silence...being still and waiting. I have been deeply moved by the Rumi card deck . I have been using it in my morning meditations and creating my daily mantras from the inspiration I receive from them.

Authenticity: Lastly, let me talk about walking a path of radiant light. Only YOU know who you truly are...or who you truly want to be. If you see yourself as a high raw or raw person, take the steps to become her/him. Be true to who you really are and the Universe will align things in your favor. This is an arduous task. We can convince ourselves that things that do not serve us actually do. If you want to get inspired to live magically, please visit the amazing Karen Knowler's semi-new blog Live Magically . It is so inspirational.

So I leave you with the picture of this amazing guacamole burger I had while in California last month. Yummy... I presently see nothing wrong with some gourmet raw every few days. ;-)


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