Friday, October 31, 2008

Barack, Autism Halloween

This man represents hope and change for our country. Join me in voting Nov 4th for CHANGE! I know some of you have already voted..oh yea...go democracy, oh yea...
Kennedy's first costume. A pirate. She was crying and although we practiced, "knock knock. trick or treat smell my feet" she told me that she couldn't do it. She started flapping and spinning...the we moved on to costume #2

A feminist doctor and stayed in the house dancing and playing the guitar.
It doesn't matter b/c we do a special halloween at a barn for our kiddos with Autism. It's a sensory festival complete with horses, pumpkins, GF candy,
and tons of acceptable meltdowns!

There isn't anything exciting to report on the food front. I've been eating a lot of the same thing lately. I've been craving greens and making more delicious almond bar dream yumpots (see post from a few days ago). I think all the almond butter upset my stomach a I will lay off of them for a minute. I will have a green smoothie tonite before bed while watching a movie and then I will turn in b/c tomorrow is laundry, cleaning the house and Kay and I are going to the gym first thing. It's a new gym, so I hope that she likes the daycare there and that the staff is semi-Autism aware. If not, I will tell them where I'll be and Kay and I will leave if it's not cool.
Tomorrow I think I am going to take a bit of a digestive break. I am thinking about.... green smoothies, fruit/green juices, soup, and maybe a small salad. My stomach just feels like it needs a break! I will let you know how it goes.

Ohhhhh almost forgot. Here's a recipe that will hit your chocolate craving spot!
Crazy Cacao Banana Mylkshake

  • 1.5 c choc hemp mylk (put 1 c hempseeds, 1 c water in blender and blend until creamy. add 1 tbsp cacao, 2 dates. blend again until smooth)
  • add 2 frozen bananas..blend until creamy. SO Good!


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