Friday, October 17, 2008

Blocked Throat Chakra and Germy Gym Folks

Okay today is the last day of the quarter for school. So I will be mega brief, but tomorrow I will hit you with good stuff. Okay pea pies, I woke up and my throat was CLOSED shut. OUCH. Hurting in pain...can barely swallow. What's up? Well, there are things in my life that need to be said that I am not saying for starter. I also know that I haven't been sleeping and my immune system is fighting off something wicked right now. Plus, dirty little crud balls at the gym WILL NOT wipe the equipment off when they are done!! It's so gross. They climb off all sweaty and wet and just walk away! So now I will be going around the gym with wipes cleaning machines before and after I use them!

Tomorrow I may take a restorative yoga class if my body feels up to it.

Today I drank massive amounts of green juice and smoothies, pausing only to eat grapes and applesauce with a few walnuts. I'm off to clean (yes at midnite) and rest until Kay is up at 6 am
I am starting a 7 day chakra detox this Sunday, I will blog it all the way thru.

Go drink greens!


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