Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold Autumn Wednesday; Workout and Recipes

Today's dinner...yum yum

My Zesty Kale Salad Combo

I took the picture after I mixed it all together! Sorry :(

I full head of kale

    1/2 avocado (or a whole one!)

1 tbsp hempseeds

1/4 c pumpkin seeds

1/2 lemon

sea salt

2 tbsps olive oil

Tear kale off of stems and wash. Massage salt into the leaves and rub with olive oil. Let sit for 5 mintues. Add the hempseeds, pumpkin seeds, diced avocado and squeeze the juice of the half of lemon. is so good and a great way to get your greens in! I have found that eating green at nighttime cuts cravings for sweet things down. I am NOT a person who believes in deprivation AT ALL...just discipline. I made like 8 almond dream bar yumpots...ALL ARE GONE!! I ate like 3 at a time for dessert. I did get up and go take kickbox at the gym however. So I eat well, but I work for it.


I've been eating a lot of Angela's "Energy Soup". OMGoddess I normally am not not not a fan of raw soup. I don't know why. But hey, this one is amazing. I find myself wanting more and more. Eating it with crunchky flax crackers and tomatoes or avocador OR tomatoes AND avocado gives it "chew-ability".

Gela's Energy Soup (with my tiny variations)

1/2 cucumber

1/2 red pepper

huge handful of spinach

handful of dulse

juice of 1/2 lemon

flesh of one avocado

sea salt (1/2 tsp) I add more to the finished soup..just a bit more.

Blend and serve with chopped tomato or chopped avocado.

Basically right now, I am seriously feeling the effects of Fall. It's freezing and super windy here on the East Coast, but I am balancing my greens. On this raw diet of mine I find tha tno matter what else I eat, if my greens are in check..I'm cool. I could eat Almond Dream Bars all day and nite if I get my greens in. This is my way of doing MY raw. So being that I finished my last bar, I will be making a fresh batch tomorrow and possibly another dessert and freezing it in portions over the weekend. I'll keep you posted as to what I chose. So if it is cold where you are, and you are eating cooked, make soups from scratch. Think about using organic vegetable broth as your base and adding, canned organic diced tomatoes and carrots/celery/potatoes/onions...etc. THEN have it with a green smoothie!!

Tomorrow is the gym again. Imma lift heavy and go hard. And I challenge you to stop reading, do 20 crunches and commit to do something physical. REMEMBER: The best exercise is the one you'll do matter WHAT it is. I'm rooting for you.


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