Friday, October 10, 2008


I have been MIA for a while (duh!) There were tons of things happening in my life that I wanted to keep private so I had to stay away for a while. Send up massive amounts of positive energy for my daughter...we discovered a slight heart condition of hers. Mommie is sending healing vibes all day, and we can use all we can get. I have a super long "update" post I would like to make, but will have to do it tonite or tomorrow. For now, just wanted to say HEY, let you all know (those who stuck with me ;-) that I am still here, ready to get back blogging and show you what I have been into.

About to start detoxing (again)...personal reasons. Will tell you soon. This enema bag is soooooo cute!

4-Qrt  Easy Enema bag with Flex Tip

1.5-Qrt Standard Enema Bag

IMPORTANT: Scrape your tongue!!!! DETOX mojo

Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

I can't get enough of chia seeds. I will link a post to all the amazing recipes that I have found. (geez this reminds me that I have sooooooooo much to share with you all)

Chia Seeds 5lb (Chemical Free)

Chia Seeds 5lb (Chemical Free)

Or just a 1lb bag is a great way to fall in love with this seed! Try it out!
Chia Seeds 1lb (Chemical Free) love.



I have been wanting something caramel. This is the closest I can come to getting that flavor.

Organic Yacon Syrup 8.8oz - Low Gycemic!

Organic Yacon Syrup 8.8oz - Low Gycemic!

Sorry the post was so short, but I promise, pinkie-swear, that tonite I will blog a MONSTER post about all that's going on (most of it anyway).

Tonite's blog...
*What I've been doing
*Kennedy's update
*What I've been eating
*Green Me Up!!
*Raw Vegan Single Mommiehood

See ya tonite!!


Paulina said...

Welcome back, I've been looking forward for an update. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, I'll be sure to keep her in my thoughts.

The Veg Next Door said...

Yay you're back. Been wondering what you're up to. Looking forward to reading your upcoming post.

jessica said...

so nice to know you are back. i know about those mia. we all have to do it sometime. my loving thoughts and prayers for your sweet daughter.

Anonymous said...


How are you? My name is Keisha. Your blog is very interesting and informative. I'm saddened to hear about your daughter but am glad to know that you accept the situation and continue to enjoy life!!

I am an African American woman, age 21 considering going raw. When doing research on raw, i hear a lot of people lose hair. Was this your experience? How do you take care of your hair? I'd like to know if you relax. I wanted to ask you specifically because i haven't heard of any other African American raw foodists so far, so perhaps you can give me some insight? Thanks!!


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