Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta, Rumi and Inspiration for Ya

I am a deeply spiritual person. I haven't blogged much about my spiritual journey thus far as it's highly personal to me. I will share with you one of my most profound and highly enlightened spiritual teachers- Rumi. Ok, yes he's dead per se, however he teaches me everyday. I am not one of those people who has been fortunate enough to study under gurus, travel to India or Japan. I am an extraordinary woman living in ordinary times- financial struggles, school, single mommiehood...etc. I am however, fortunate enough to know and accept that and to seek out what I do have access to...and that is the powerful written word---BOOKS!!! I can't get enough of em. So do enjoy this poem by Rumi .

Sifter of Dust

Suppose you know the definitions

of all substances and their products,

what good is this to you?

Know the true definition of yourself.

That is essential.

Then, when you know your own definition, flee from it,

that you may attain to the One who cannot be defined,

O sifter of the dust.

Okay onto food. Again I apologize. I ate the sun dried marinara pasta before I could take a picture... I know I know (note to self: keep camera in the kitchen!) It was so delicious. I was licking the plate. I will definitely make it again this weekend, but will make my version of pizza/garlic bread to go with it. Can you say Autumn comfort food?

Well, today I had more nori for lunch today. Oh yumm..can't get enough. When you to try to buy it at most stores it IS NOT raw, so you can use the link above and order it...oh yea. They are my raw vegan tortilla shell!

Okay so there have been request for me to post my food intake...sure!

Yesterday (October 15th) I had...

Bkfst: green juice (cuke, celery, kale, lemon, apple)

Snack: green smoothie (banana, spinach, froz straw, hempseeds)

Lunch: 2 nori wraps (avoc, tomato, onion, romaine, black olives)

Snack: raw homemade applesauce

Dinner: zucchini pasta with marinara (oh yea oh yea)

b4 bed: chia seeds soaked in almond mylk with apples diced in and 1/4 c walnuts

I know that some people eat less than half that in a day's time, but NOT ME. I go thru phases where I want it light and Summer time, but for right now, I want to healthy and eat tasty, yummy, nutritious raw foods. All this hype and talk about you have to do it this way or that way is just bogus to me. I change my mind with the seasons and so that's how I eat. If I want gourmet raw... I make it. Or if I'm in NYC...I buy it! If I want it simple...I keep it simple. You don't have to do anything, but try to make the healthiest choices with what YOU have available and go from there.

I do the best I can with what I have and I'm darned proud of it. Oh yea...go Jayna'...You're awesome... oh yea. So I leave you with this thought: Take your time with raw foods. It is an amazing journey. It is worth the time to research and do what feels best to YOUR body. Some people can and want to go raw overnite...others take time (I sure did). I got into the raw movement in 2004. I didn't go 100% raw until 2007! And it doesn't matter...I was 50%, then 20%, then 80%.. WHO CARES ABOUT PERCENTAGES!?!?!?!? Only ask yourself ONE question: "What percentage of HEALTHY is this meal?" If you are eating steamed greens, brown rice and a salad...guess what?? You are healthier than most other people. So, breathe deep. Seek out inspiration and stay true to who YOU are.

The holidays are near. I will post a blog dedicated to raw holiday ebooks (most of which I don't own b/c I can't afford em), but I will challenge you to take your pick of ONE and make ONE recipe from it this holiday season. If you want to go all out and have a full on raw holiday meal... come on!! If not, that's O-K-A-Y. I will be posting a Conscious Raw Holiday Challenge (with a prize) and a Detox-No-Retox New Year's Challenge (complete with 3 day juice feasting). You will be welcome to join me or simply read for your amusement.

For all who have stuck with me although I was absent blogging...thank you. My goal and aim here is to inspire. To let you know that real people do raw in real ways. That even a person who grew up eating all New Orleans creole and cajun cooking can change....that I lost 70 lbs the steady, slow, healthy way and that if I can do CAN YOU.


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