Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Quick Monday Post

Kay playing the guitar with her alien BFF
at a tea party!
To be a kid again...
Okay, so it's the first day of the 2nd quarter and I am busy as ever with schoolwork. The system was down until today so we got ALL the readings to do at once..ouch. I can't blog in much detail but tomorrow I will make definite time to get down and raw with you.

I went back to the gym today...cold over...bug returned :-) I did a kickbox class for the first time LIVE. I had a blast. I snuck in real dance moves every chance I got! I wanted to train upper body but will have to save it for tomorrow. Kennedy was crying to go to the gym. I felt terrible, but I told her it was freezing and mommie had to clean up and promised we'd go in the morning. So when she gets's the gym and store and I'm my lovely, yummy kale salad!

Today I had so much yummy food. I've been 100 %raw well over a year now and it gets easier and easier EVEN though I eat gourmet and "made up" raw. I love it. I know there are so many variations of this diet and honestly, I do them all at different times of the year. (I've mentioned all this before). Tomorrow I will give you a few recipes that I made today and show you photos of it all.

I ate zucchini and alfredo with sundried tomato flax crackers...omgoddess yum. I made soup and I have NEVER been a fan of raw soup, but it was delicious. I will make it with less water next time. YUM!

Well, I'm off to do more reading


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