Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updated! Blog Award, Inspiration & Love

First things first! The lovely, beautiful and inspiring Kristen gave me a blog award!!!! The Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 award! Oh yea...go Jayna'...oh yea.....

Let me just say, if you are thinking of starting a family and want to be inspired by a kick ass, all around awesome woman, please read her blog. She is going through great lengths to ensure that her kiddo steps onto the planet a better place and in a eco-chic home of love. Kudos girl! BTW....PLEASE do check out her ebooks. I am not kidding they are some of the best around. I am always fiddling with recipes out of them. And believe me folks... I am "she who is on a budget". Some recipe books call for all kinds of stuff that either can't find in my tiny neck of the woods, or simply cost too much. Kristen using common raw food items and I am telling you...they rock!!! Check em out here!

Now speaking of a budget...if you can only afford ONE (like I normally have to do with anything I can buy...get "Raw Desserts". Any raw newbie wants desserts... yum yum yum is all I will say.

Okay, so I have been crazy busy. It's 1:15 am and I am just starting this post. I am sooo exhausted, so here goes... The following photos aren't in any particular order.

So "What have I been doing?" I am working hard in my first quarter of my PhD program... whew! Tough tough tough. But I know it will be oh so worth it. I rejoined a gym (manifested the funds to do so ;-) I have been pushing pretty hard in there. I've been doing basic splits. For example: Mon/Thurs= Upper body; Wed= cardio; Tue/Fri= Lower body; Sat= cardio
Well, tomorrow I may miss the gym..I'm tired as all get out!

I have been changing the way that I am eating. I notice that the longer I am 100% raw, the more my body changes. I continue to want to eat the amounts of food that I always have, but body won't tolerate it. I gain weight and feel bloated...NOT a good combination!

I have been stressed b/c of school and other personal things and had begun to look for "heavy" foods to "weigh down" the emotion of it all. Once I stepped into that reality it was time to pull out the big guns! I had to start keeping a food plan again. There is a picture of it posted right below. I also consulted the ever wonderful, ever enlighten, Queen of Food Addiction RecoveryAngela Stokes . Her book Raw Emotions is fantastic if you want to do the "work" and really get to the bottom of your food issues.

Well, I know the holidays are near. Some people who are starting or struggling with the raw journey are thinking, "forget it, I'll start next year"... BOOM! Wrong! Start now... don't be hard on yourself. Increase your raw intake and at least that way today will be better than yesterday. And progress NOT perfection is the goal anyway. Check out Anthony's advice on the the trap of 100% raw . It is a great video for those feeling lost or just starting out. My point is that this holiday I will busy myself making some great tasting gourmet raw meals. Last holiday I ate a bag of apples because I forgot to make myself anything. I cooked for everyone else!! This year... yummy! I will post all the recipes and photos.

This smoothie was horrible to me. Cucumber, sprouts

avocado, spinach, stevia (not really my thing) and

shredded coconut. What a waste of

my avocado!

This is a shot of the inside of my purse on my way to

the movies. Anyway they couldn't tell I was sneaking in food??

That's a bowl of soaked chia seeds (in pumpkin seed mylk)

and chopped up apples!

Oh, this is a yummy yummy kale salad with

raw vegan cesar dressing from Kristen's Raw Hemp Recipe Book

Oh so yummy pizza bread. I can't find the recipe right now.

Pizza sandwich. Pizza bread, romaine,


My love bug at her Pediatric

Endocrinologist (don't ask)

Yummy Pate' stuffed tomatoes

with olives

Sunny Hemp Pate

1 cup sprouted hemp seeds (didn't sprout or soak mine)

1 cup sprouted sunflower seeds (only soaked mine)

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp dried mixed herbs (used italian herbs)

1 cups of carrot (used one cup)

1 sundried tomatos (used 5)


Finely chop seaweed and garlic. Put it all in a food processor and process until smooth. it may take long, but it's worth it! Courtesy of Shaz a ma Taz

Okay Kennedy's update: my Darling little pea pod is awake in the other room at 2:15 am b/c she got a hold of gluten! Talk about "grain damage". Her brain can NOT handle the toxic substances and she goes haywire. It's sad to witness b/c there isn't anything that I can do for her except provide sensory stimulation (scratching, tickling, joint compression). She has several new specialists and doctors. NONE of which she enjoys. Two weeks ago she had an overnight sleep study done and 2 EKGs...result= surgery. I am working over her and sending healing energy all day long. She is so strong and I know will pull through.

Green me up! I can't get enough of greens. Green juice, green smoothies, salads... green green green. I told you my idea of "good" raw for me is changing. I am craving raw gourmet meals (as it gets cold here on the East Coast) and massive amounts of really nutrient dense foods like chia seeds . I have been making amazing dishes with chia seeds using all kinds of nut/seed mylks. I am loving pumpkin seed mylk right now... I can't get enough of it.

Raw vegan single mommiehood is awesome, but does have it's challenges. With Kennedy being high raw vegan, gluten free...and me being 100% raw (and without a real job) just eating and paying rent is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I have made ways to cut back. I always cut back on me NOT her. My apples now are not organic. I know I know all about the dirty dozen. Every heard of the hungry mommie?? Well, that's me. I would rather soak, scrub and/or peel apples than to eat a burger, so while pesticides are not my idea of a side dish, for now it's gonna have to do. I am buying already ripe bananas for 10c less a pound (unless none are ripe and then I look really sad and pay full price). My food plan has helped me budget and keep down costs. I tell ya, Bush ain't done much, but he sure has helped me cut back on spending. Besides working on food addictions, I am eating less b/c I simply can't afford to eat more!! Kennedy is trying more raw food. She actually ate a HUGE bowl of kale salad with the raw vegan cesar dressing on it from Kristen's Raw Hemp Recipe book . I couldn't believe it..so I made more and more. She ate more and more. I am very gentle with her when it comes to raw foods. She isn't forced to do anything... just not my parenting style. She has been vegan since conception b/c that is an ethical and karmic choice for me and I had to pass that down to my daughter. She sees mommie eating and drinking healthily and Autism and all she is very well aware that mommie eats "healthy food" and daddy eats "yucky junk food cheese balls".

Meditation. My meditation practice is expounding. I found a million reasons NOT to sit my butt down, but I have eradicated them all and I stand at the forefront of who I am as a person and I want to walk in the light of my full potential. The only way to tap into that is thru silence...being still and waiting. I have been deeply moved by the Rumi card deck . I have been using it in my morning meditations and creating my daily mantras from the inspiration I receive from them.

Authenticity: Lastly, let me talk about walking a path of radiant light. Only YOU know who you truly are...or who you truly want to be. If you see yourself as a high raw or raw person, take the steps to become her/him. Be true to who you really are and the Universe will align things in your favor. This is an arduous task. We can convince ourselves that things that do not serve us actually do. If you want to get inspired to live magically, please visit the amazing Karen Knowler's semi-new blog Live Magically . It is so inspirational.

So I leave you with the picture of this amazing guacamole burger I had while in California last month. Yummy... I presently see nothing wrong with some gourmet raw every few days. ;-)


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