Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yoga Wishes, Chakras Spinning

I found this on http://www.yogajournal.com/ Oh my Goddess...this was written for ME today. I had the best intention to practice and then LIFE got in the way...lapsed car insurance (whoops), Kay's heart doctor visit, the grocery store, making raw banana bread..oh my.

Make a Date with Your Mat

"You may have the best intentions to practice at home daily, but sometimes other things—family, school, and work commitments—derail you. Life happens, and taking a break can be inevitable, but the trick is gathering the momentum to start again. The first step is finding a practice that fits"

Well, as always, tomorrow is a new day and I am excited about the hopeful possibilities that it will bring. I tell ya, being a real raw foodie and ecstatist can be difficult. It may seem like in the movement, everyone is living on love and fla-la-la attitudes, but truth is...it can be rough. I am NOT talking about food choices. That is NOT rough for me. I don't entertain cooked food...just because I am past that phase. When I was still in it.. I ate cooked vegan. I didn't ever feel or want to feel like I was making myself do anything. I mean the reality that raw puts you in can be difficult at times. I can't lie to myself about anything. I am very upfront and honest with ME. All this chakra work has me spinning in all kinds of directions!

2nd Chakra: Sacral

Color : Orange

"This chakra is where our sexuality and sensuousness lies. It is where one feels one's power and ability to connect to others from this personal power. Located blow the navel, it is orange in color. This vital energy feeds our immune system with personal power"

Chakra 2: Orange
Nurture yourself today. Think of the things you would like to have come into your life- new patterns, people, or events. Imagine a waterfall over your head, pouring these blessings upon you. Feel yourself taking them in and letting them flow through your whole body.

Element: Water
Inner State: Feeling
Color: Orange
Celestial Body: Moon
Food: Liquid
Corresponding Verb: I feel
Minerals: Carnelian, moonstone, coral
Petals: six
Chief Operating Force: Attraction of opposites

"Without change, there is no growth, no movement, and no life. Consciousness thrives on change. The element of this chakra is water, therefore, the chakra corresponds to bodily functions having to do with liquid: circulation of blood, urinary elimination, sexuality, and reproduction, as well as the qualities of water, such as flow, formlessness, fluidity, and surrender. It's an easy chakra to get trapped in, yet the trap can result from avoiding pleasure as much as indulging in it"

Today: Take a long hot shower or bath. Think about the water cleansing you from the inside out

I'm exhausted...it's almost midnite and Kay has a field trip tomorrow that's an hour away!!! All the parents with disabled (differently abled) kiddos have to bring them personally. I was going anyway!!! Off to read and go to bed. Tomorrow I will re-post the raw banana recipe that I got from Gela's site last year. Of course it uses yummy, nutritious chia seeds.


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