Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I blog about my great days ...well today wasn't one of them. I was just overall down...just not feeling great about anything.... a little overwhelmed with sad thoughts and nothing positive.

I decided that I could stay that way or realize how/why I got there. Well, I didn't juice, I didn't excuse why I didn't do either ....just didn't. So, I got off my arse and made a change. I am a list got my purple paper and pink pen and got busy. The list is personal so sorry I can't share :-(, but it was eye opening.

I decided that all wasn't lost.... I made a power cacao shake (recipe below) and went to the gym and rocked it out!!!!!!!

Power Cacao (Get off your ASS) Smoothie

2 bananas
1 tbsp cacao
2 tbsp lucuma
almond mylk
blend.... and feel the love

From one of my favorite books "Naked Chocolate" , David Wolfe and Shazzie say "Chocolate truly is a food for the heart - 'blood', due to its magnesium, antioxidants, love chemicals and esoteric properties. Cacao opens the heart center. It heals not only on the physical, chemical level, but also on emotional, spiritual and metaphysical levels."

After my smoothie, I felt euphoria and love.... I decided to switch up my plan and go to the gym AT NITE!!!!! I loved it! Kay stayed home with her dad and I was able to focus just on me. I wen to just sit on the rbike so I could say that I went...but decided to really workout!!

I did.....

  • 30 mins rbike while reading

  • upper body (below)

  • 5 mins way and it hit my shins on the way off...damn!

  • 15 mins rbike while writing notes

Upper body circuit style

  • isolated bicep curls

  • tricep extensions

  • arnold press

  • shrugs

  • tricep kickbacks

  • oblique hang overs

  • hammer curls

  • each circuit was divided by 2 min runs on treddy at 5.9-6.0

Tomorrow is Thursday...Kay has therapy mid morning and a new preschool class at the library in the afternoon. If I can time it right, she and I can go to the gym afterwards (may be sensory overload) when the daycare opens....maybe we'll break up the time between, but I will get there for Lower Body...or I'll go at my new favorite time... NITE TIME!!! It is just an ingenious idea- now I can focus on my schoolwork when Kay is at school instead of getting my workout in.... hmmmm all last winter I went at 4:45 am, but this go round, I may enjoy it at nite. I will play with both ways....going at nite for the rest of this week until I go to New Orleans next Wednesday for Thank You Day , and then trying 5 am when I get back.. Okay let me get off of here. It's midnite and I'm just thinking out loud.

Peace and cacao filled bliss to you!!!,


P.S. for those who have read about people NOT agreeing with cacao....follow your body and your gut. I do whatever I want cacao is alright with me!


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