Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finding a Way to Make IT HAPPEN!!!!

My daughter was at the Obama headquarters. She's four ...there are doughnuts on the table and all she sees is Barack and Biden. You go Kennedy!

Hey Green Goddesses!!

The past week (esp the past few days) have all been about making it happen. Everyone knows that I have a kiddo with Autism. Everyone knows I"m a full time grad student getting a PhD and that I live 1200 miles away from any family and friends and I'm a single what??? I still have to get tons of stuff done everyday! Kennedy is a GF, soy free, vegan and I'm 100% raw= tons of stuff to make and clean daily. I am committed to my physical fitness...have to fit that in. Kay has part time preschool and tons of therapy/doctor appts. Point is...Instead of thinking of all the things I can't make time for in my day, I started becoming creative about how to make time for them in my day!

Example: When Kay has her breakfast and watches a show (about 10-12) minutes, I come upstairs, light my candle and inscence and meditate at my altar. CHECK! We go to the gym together and though she prefers the other gym, this one is cheaper and has more equipment for mommie so she's getting the hang of it. Workout...CHECK! I have tons of schoolwork to do daily, so that must wait until she's in bed, but if I can get her to help me out a bit while she's awake (putting on a dance contest in the kitchen while I wash the dishes...) then it gives me more time for schoolwork when she's asleep. No time for a long hot bath?? Get in the tub and commit to finish reading ONE article while I soak... bath and one article read... CHECK! Oh my...I'm awesome.

Couldn't post yesterday b/c I went with a friend to see Changeling with Angelina Jolie . OH me oh my... it was disturbing. Well acted, written and cast...but so disturbing. I left feeling a bit weird. But I do recommend you see it (hahaha)
For the past two nights I've had ice cream really late. Not sure what's going on there so I asked myself if I am missing something else "sweet" in my life. What am I trying to "stuff" down that I'm confronted with late at night??? Can't discuss the finding here, but let's just say I put the problem to rest.

Yesterday November 8, 2008 I had...
green smoothie (1/2 banana, 1c froz strawberries, spinach)

energy soup with one tomato chopped in 1 c grapes

2 apples sprinkled with cinnamon

big salad (1/4 c pumpkin seeds, 1 avocado, lemon, onion)

1 apple sprinkled with cinnamon (snuck in movie) well people were crunching popcorn they couldn't even tell!
cookies and cream ice cream (recipe from the other day)

At gym... I had an amazing workout yesterday. I really pushed myself. In no order I did.

DB squats
DB lunges
Calf Raises
Single leg press
Isolated glute machine
Torso twists
Ab knee ups
Warm up on elliptical 10 mins

So that brings me to today. Today I went to the gym and was thinking to myself, "I really need to get some reading done for school. Kennedy won't let me do it at home and I also needs to work out...hmmm" So I brought one school book and a highlighter to the gym. Brought Kay to the daycare, kissed her "see ya later" and hopped on the rbike. I read and pedaled and 35 mins FLEW by. I hopped off...went to pee (TMI) and then got on my favorite machine of ALL time... THE stairmaster. Read a bit more and went into the locker room to journal. I am a big time journal writer. I have to write. When I'm not writing, I know that I am off center. Then Kay and I came home. I was starved!!! And had lunch.

Plan of Action (fitness wise for this week)

Monday- At home kickbox DVD

Gym 45 mins yoga (will have to leave early to make it to the doctor)

Tuesday- Gym cardio + upperbody+ abs

Wednes- Kickbox at gym+Yoga
Thursday- DOR (day of rest) maybe late evening yoga (will see how Kay feels and weather is)

Friday- cardio + lowerbody+ yoga

Saturday- cardio+ abs

Sunday- cardio+ mishmosh full body weight workout.

My point of this blog post is to think of ways that you can get everything you need to get done..done! It may not be easy. It may require (oftentimes it does) sacrifice and sweat, but is it worth it to you? Are YOU worth it to you.

So I'm off to play with Kay and run a few errands. Have to think of a creative way to get some reading done today..hmmmm ;-)


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