Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kennedy Okays the New Gym

Kennedy and I went to the new gym for her first time. The equipment for the kiddos is nowhere near as nice as the old gym, but it was fun. She had a blast. I just had a biopsy on election day so I have been kinda outta the exercise loop and today jsut did some cardio to ramp it up a bit! I did 45 mins and felt really good when we left. I"m sooooooooo happy that she liked the new gym!! I love it. It is HUGE...just tons of space. Tomorrow I will be back to lifting (weights) and I am so excited. I know..very few people get as excited as me about weight training, but it is such a privilege to take care of our bodies. We have to harness that inner goddess that says, "I am worth it."

Last year I would get up at 4:45am in the snow and ice to get to the gym for 5:20 so that I could have an hour workout before having to be back home BEFORE Kennedy and her dad got up so that I could make THREE different breakfasts! I was so dedicated to my training and really to myself that it didn't matter to me that I missed ALL the shows on tv so that I could sleep early and get up for the gym. It would be 10 degrees and I was shoveling snow off of my car and dodging dear on my way to the gym, but once was brightly lit, warm and full of energy. It was like my little secret with myself. Well, now i live alone so Kay has to come with me to the gym and she's a big enough girl that she can handle herself there...Autism and all. I'm so proud of her...SO proud of her.

Cardio Breakdown

  • 20 mins stairmaster

  • 15 mins elliptical

  • 10 min rbike

  • 5 mins stretching

  • I kept it semi short because I wasn't sure how Kay was doing in the daycare. I see now that she loves it so next time...I will crank it all out! Tomorrow's workout will be done while she's at school.

As it gets colder I will be working out a bit more at home...especially if it means going in the evenings. I will have to see how Kennedy lets that play out, but I will work on it!

Okay...EATING... OMGoddess ladies. I am in trouble. I have really been feeling lately that I'm eating too much food. Well, guess what? I AM.... today I decided to play around with the caloric intake of a few of my days of food from like last week. I'm averaging 4200 a day!! OMGoddess I almost flipped out. I have gained a few pounds...but I was cool with that until now. Oh no! Overeating is a sore topic for me anyway, but hell no...4200 is ridiculous. I noticed it's really from like too many hempseeds... too many avocados... little too much oil on my kale salads... it all ADDS UP big time. Adds up to pounds on my ass! Well, I won't start anything crazy like calorie counting, but I am definitely making smarter choices. I'm only 5'0" tall. 5 lbs looks like 15 on a tall skinny girl (in no way am I expressing a desire to be tall or skinny). So..with that in mind...I'm cooling it on the crazy heavy desserts and snacks until I get these 6lbs under control. How do I know it's six? Well, it started when a pair of my favorite jeans were a bit tight and then at the doctor's office for the biopsy... I saw the scale and said, "What the fudgeballs???"

I'm all about being proactive... time to move my ass..put down the hemp and nuts and make a change. I don't wait until the new year to do dittley happens NOW!

November 6, 2008 I ate....

  • water

  • herbal tea

  • green smoothie (hemp, spinach, frozen strawberries, 2 bananas)

  • collard roll ups (1 avocado, onion, tomatoes, sprouts)

  • green smoothie (1 banana, 1 c frozen berries, e3 live, spinach)

  • ice cream/smoothie (frozen strawberries, hemp mylk, 1 banana with fresh straw folded in)

  • 1/2 qrt green juice (broc stalks, celery, kale, cuke, lemon, apple)

Hope you are having a great day and thinking GREEN . I sure am!


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