Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lemme Keep it Real

Hey Goddesses!

Okay about the title...I do NOT struggle with being raw. If I did, I wouldn't be raw 100%. I don't believe that if food brings you stress it's helping you. I know some very happy people who eat 80% raw and 20% cooked vegan and they are healthy, vibrant, wonderful people. And alternatively I know some 100% raw fooders who feel caged, trapped, and stuck. This is NOT me. I love raw foods and always find a way to make it work for me. I think this is because I don't subscribe to any "plan" or follow any "guru". I just do me. My struggle lately has been with wanting to feel full. I know that spiritually this means I am looking for fulfillment in other areas of my life. I've been meditating, but always have short amounts of time due to my hectic life, but will have to seriously sit and see where this is all coming from. With that said I am deciding to make better "filling" choices. I will report how it's all going. I wonder if after the total consumption of almond bar yumpots and me deciding to ease it down on the desserts has left me craving something...hmmmmm I did find a gorgeous recipe that I've been eyeballing forever that I am gonna make this weekend. I will make one dessert a week and freeze in portions-grab, defrost and enjoy!

Exciting news!!!!!!!!! I made a rawtastic new green smoothie today. My freaking tongue was screaming "oh yea!! oh yea!" Of course I will post it below. I am just so in love with greens lately. Imagine my sad face when I realized I am out of spinach!!! OMGoddess.... I couldn't get Kay to come with me to the store b/c it's too cold out for her sensory comfort so I had to bear with it and use romaine! It's okay...that's a part of keeping it real- accepting things and using what you have on hand.

Rawtastic Green Alkaline Superdisco (part of the title is courtesy of my idol Kris Carr)

1 cuke

tons of spinach (until I used it all and in the second one I used romaine)

one lemon peeled

strawberries (I used a few frozen)

1 apple


I served with shredded dried coconut on top...oh my oh's a must try. I'm serious!

Today I went to the gym later than expected. Kay didn't have school and didn't want to leave the house early (as you can tell she and I compromise on things) I am so not the mom who says "You better get going!" No, my approach to parenting is gentle and calm. She is my partner in this. We both grow and learn and I want her to feel listened to and supported...not bossed around. Okay back to the point- I did make it in time for yoga.

So today's exercise is as follows (no order)...

  • 1 hr yoga

  • standing side kicks with weights

  • parallel butt squats

  • step ups

  • calf raises

  • lunges

  • deadlifts

  • ab knee ups on bench

  • oblique hangovers

Maybe I left one or two exercises out, but for some reason, I wasn't feeling my workout. I didn't do 3 sets, I did 2, but I made the second one really count. Whatever, I listen to my body. Training is privilege NOT a chore. So I only do and eat what feels good to me.

Tomorrow is therapy for Kay early in the morning so it's a mystery if I'll get to the gym. It was supposed to be a DOR, but b/c I missed Monday I was tryna get it worries, I'll work it out.

Today I felt super lazy about kitchen stuff. I wanted to do tons of things, but didn't do em. Today on November 12, 2008 I ate....(no green juice today :(

  • green smoothie (1/2 banana, 1 orange, e3live, spinach, ice) and 1/2 banana

  • huge salad of spring mix, 1 avo, 1/4 c pumpk seeds, lemon juice, sea salt. And 2 savoy cabbage leaves with the salad wrapped in..yummm

  • 1 banana and 2 dates (rarely if ever eat dates was hard to get down, but wanted something sweet and didn't wanna run the blender and wake up Kay)

  • rawtastic green alkaline superdisco (recipe above)

  • 2nd rawtastic green alkaline superdisco (except with romaine)

  • 1 apple with cinnamon

  • small salad...same as above except 3/4 avo instead of 1 whole

See what I mean? That's a ton of food!! I know it's really cold outside (low low 30s), but something's gotta give. At least I'm getting loads better and am craving greens and not nuts and dried fruits (banana chips= yum)

I will listen to what my body says but maybe it's time for a cleanse. Recent things have happened in my life which may financially allow me a tiny teeny bit of room to buy extra groceries and perhaps do a crazy alkaline superdisco 10 day detox, cleanse fest!! Oh my I'm getting excited. I will have to manifest that!


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