Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Neurotypical Kiddos, Menus and More

I have been busy doing nothing this week. Haven't done much in the way of school work, and have just been spending oodles of time with my precious Kennedy. I signed her up for a children's workshop at Lowe's; signed her up for story time at the library- although we had a terrible experience before a few years ago. The parents were looking at me like, "Keep that child away from my angel". I wanted to say, "look people, I don't want my kiddo acting like those neurotypical brat brains you have". This is obviously not to say that all typical kiddos are brats...of course not!!! But those in that class were , and Kennedy and I were better off to leave and we did!! So, we'll try again!

Okay, so I've had a lot on mind. I got a message from one of my bestest dearest friends and it reminded me of all the conversations we have had about being raw and this whole "lifestyle". Ahhhh what a thought. AS I think about what being raw means to me, I am confronted with the reality that raw has now become a part of me. I do not struggle, I do not entertain thoughts about raw food...that was from a lifetime ago it seems. It's almost as if my brain cells remember cooked vegan food and every now and then I can taste something in my mouth! I don't pine for it...oftentimes I don't try to raw-replicate it....I just associate the food memory, with the actual emotional memory of it and get to the root cause of it all. After I do that, it's easy to see that it's not a "vegan hot dog" I crave, it's the memory of that super fun day in New Orleans when I attended a bbq of my childhood bestfriend and they were so excited to talk about raw food! Thoughts of warmth, family, grace and friendship that I oftentimes miss here in Harrisburg.

About working out....I have taken two days off. I know I know. Sunday I took Kay to the gym and she played with her new friends and I got focused... I did 35 mins on the rbike while reading my schoolwork, 25 mins on the elliptical while watching Jack Lalanne's new infomercial, and then a 20 minute mismosh of a workout (full body-which I rarely do).

I did (in no particular order)
  • parallel squats

  • ball roll ups

  • lunges

  • ab knee ups on bench

  • bicep curls

  • arnold press

  • tricep kickbacks

  • deadlifts

  • standing side kicks

  • calf raises

I felt great when I was done. Well, the snow is on the ground...yes first snow of the season ARG! and I can imagine getting out to the gym on some days when Kay is not in preschool will be difficult b/c driving in hard snow ain't my deal..... so I will be doing DVDs at home...it will so fun to see if Kennedy will "let me" get away with doing them or if I'll have to get up at 5:30 am to get em done like usual.

POA for the rest of this week....

Wednesday- Cardio + Upper Body + Yoga at the gym

Thursday- ? Either DVD + Lower Body @ home; or, Cardio+ Lower Body @ gym

Friday- Crazy Cardio Day (DVD at home...then Cardio Cinema at gym)

Saturday- Cardio + Upper Body

Sunday- Cardio + Lower Body


I am going to make some zuchinni bread wraps and eat them with the recipe for marinated veggies that go inside of the enchiladas I am also gonna make. Of course, I will blog it and give the recipes, the sources of the recipes, and the photos. I am waiting on pay day...I told y'all, I'm as real as real gets and raw food is expensive!!! I am looking to make the wraps so that I can have something to wrap up the enormous amount of veggies I'm trying to eat.

My menus are downstairs so I can't tell you exactly what I ate for those few days....alright alright....hold on let me go down and get em!

on November 15, 2008 I ate....

green juice (broc stalks, kale, lemon, apple, cuke)

green smoothie (1 c froz pineapple, 1/2 banana, spinach, e3live)

apple with cinnamon

salad, 4 oz guac, pico de gallo

strawberry, apple cobbler

2 c green juice with more cobbler


On November 16, 2008 I had...

green juice (broc stalks, celery, romaine, carrot, apple, lemon)

green smoothie (1 c froz cherries, 1/2 banana, spinach, e3live)

1 nori wrap (spinach, tomato, 1 avo, onion) straw cobbler

1/2 c brazil nuts

smoothie: cuke, spinach, straw, 1 whole lime, 1 avocado, shredded coconut on top

straw cobbler


November 17, 2008 I had....

***this was a bad day (yesterday)...ate too late and too many nuts...ouch

green smoothie (cuke, spinach, 2 apples, lemon) + 1 banana

salad (1/4 c pumpkin seeds, 1.5 tomato, avocado, lemon); banana

1 c almonds, 2 bananas

smoothie (3 bananas, cacao, agave, ice)

1 apple

*after a function*** tons of brazil nuts with a smoothie (1 c frozen cherries, 2 bananas, ice)


On November 18, 2008 I had....

1 banana

1 banana

1 avocado diced with tomatoes. smoothie (froz strawberries, 1 banana, spinach)

1 apple

1 apple

smoothie (cuke, 2 c frozen strawberries, spinach, lemon)

1 apple

(about to go to the store and get a fruit salad)

AS you can see my stomach was so overwhelmed and bloated from yesterday that I could barely eat heavily today. For one of the first real times, I listened to my body instead of shoveling it with "feel good" raw foods.

Well, I'm off to do tons of stuff. I have some great stuff I wanna share with you all, but it will have to be in my next post. I hope you are staying positive....being gentle with yourself and staying true and authentic to who you truly are.


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