Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day. POA. Cleanse Smeanse

Ok... started my "cleanse" no no. I can't afford to do a cleanse right now. By "afford" i mean... MONEY. That realistic thing people don't talk much about in the raw movement. It will cost me a small fortune to buy what I need so I am revamping a cleanse and will keep you posted. What I am doing is trying to consume CRAZY amounts of greens. I think I may have to invent a new phase of the raw diet and call it something cool like "Greenie RV" raw vegan... it's a working title. ;-) Anyway, today I got some beets and am excited about the juice I will make tomorrow...strawberry, beet, orange, carrot...yummy I can taste it already!

I haven't slept in days due to the campaign so I will have to send you a rocking post tomorrow, but just know that I haven't been to the gym in about 5 days (election fervor) and that for about one day my eating slipped...I grabbed a few too many nuts, not enough greens and I felt like crap and had gas outta this world. My body is so sensitive. Just know ...whenever I say "slipped" i NEVER mean off of raw foods... I just mean, I don't make the best raw choices. It's cool b/c Kennedy will tell me, "mommie, get a green smoothie!" I love it!

Someone asked me for my POA (Plan of action) for the week as far as workouts. Sure... I can list that. But just know...with a kiddo with can EASILY change. I have truly learned to go with the flow...either grab a quick 15 workout at home and be grateful for that, or accept that today it can't get done and do it tomorrow. I think when we all realize what our true goals are...we are better off. I truly want to be fit and healthy. I like curves and a strong body. Some people like the waif look...whatever blows your hair back. After you establish THAT, go after the plan that will get you that body. Trust me.. I worked hard for the body you see. I still work hard. I have lost over 70 lbs and I'm only 5 feet even... NO INCHES PEOPLE! Most people can't even tell that I've lost that much off of my short frame. I'm saying all that to say... everyone tells you workout for the summer. Workout RIGHT NOW... FOR right now. So what if the holidays are around the corner. It's better to gain only 5 lbs this Holiday season than to gain the 20 you might have if you didn't start working out. Maybe you'll lose pounds this year...who knows?


  • Thursday- (cycle) gym rbike cardio 1 hr at nite (wait for babysitter)

  • Friday- (cycle) gym rbike 1 hr (while reading school work) Upper body...going heavy weights, low reps

  • Saturday- (cycle) warm up on rbike. lower body. cardio intervals on rbike

  • Sunday- intervals on treddy, abs

(during my cycle...I take the "heavy" days (2) OFF totally, then do my cardio on the rbike normally or precor. Imma be trying a new made up lifting routine so I'll keep you posted to see how it goes. A random lady did tell me in the store that I had a nice butt. Gee go squats!!!!

I will talk to you about the cleanse update and the gym rants...


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