Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please Go Vote! Vote Barack

I just left the polls. I didn't sleep last nite. I was up all nite meditating and praying for the state of our country. Our world. My daughter's life and my daughter's daughter should she have one. I have volunteered to bring people to the polls and to entertain children who are in the lines with their parents. I've offered to buy .99 cent menu food (I know) just to keep people in line.

I'm so proud right now...so excited. My ancestors are smiling down today.... GO VOTE. VOTE BARACK...VOTE FOR CHANGE!
Election Day Green Smoothie
tons of spinach
1 small bag frozen berries
2 bananas
1 cup hemp mylk
I took it to the poll and sang Negro spirituals in my head as I sipped it. They were having a bake sale...selling all kinds of processed, refined, sugar junk garbage. They were looking at my smoothie like it was the unnatural thing in the room!!! BTW... I was the only Black person at my poll and was NOT offered any samples of their baked good garbage. i told her that I didn't mind b/c I would rather eat my vegan shoes. She stared at me like me and my green drink were from Mars...oh well!! Go Barack... Go Green Smoothies!!!!!!


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