Thursday, November 20, 2008

Simple Long Day

Today was a long day. Only slept 5 hours...and had a super packed day. Kay had therapy and then we went to the store....went to preschool hour at the library.....back to store to pick up my coconuts (oh yea oh yea)....then came home and played like Spiderman's mom and grandma- yea busy indeed.

I had an interview today all about the glories of raw food and fitness and about how this lifestyle is accessible to ANYONE , EVERYWHERE- regardless of race, financial struggle, emotional connection to food etc.

AFTER the interview, I went to the gym (9:30 pm in 25 degree weather) and got a second wind when I was there. I am really starting to love working out at nite...I'm sure that will change as ice and snow stick to the ground.

In no order I did...

  • DB parallel butt squats

  • DB calf raises

  • Step ups on bench

  • standing side kick with DBs

  • Oblique hangovers

  • Standing back butt kicks with DBs

  • DB wide lunges (only 2 sets)

  • Dead Lifts

  • Plie Squats

  • Jump rope b/t each set for 25-30 seconds

  • few sets of roman chair abs

I warmed up on the rbike first and read a gossip magazine...did a bit of yoga at the end. I feel great. I realize the raw vegan hemp Cesar dressing I make is giving me heartburn when I work out...I think I"m overdoing the dulse and especially the ground mustard seed!- ouch. I forgot what heartburn feels like. Me no like-y!

On a spiritual side, I have been feeling connected and one with this universe- even more so than ever. My daughter is blossoming and blooming and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be her mom and guide her as she guides me in this world....lucky me.

So what are you doing right now to be aware and grateful for the small things. As we approach the warm, fuzzy holiday season ...isn't there something you can do to show your gratitude to those you love? To your body????? Think of somethings...leave a comment, send an email or just tell your: What can I do to show gratitude for my body and spirit this season? Make a plan and make it happen. I'd love to hear about it.

In light and love,


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