Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I snuck in !

Okay, before you think I meant the movies, I snuck into the gym. I know I know, "DO YOUR SCHOOL WORK!" Well, I read some of my book on the rbike.... I couldn't help it. Kennedy was off from PreK and we didn't have any therapies or doctors this I went! I had a blast. Felt soooooooo great when I left. It was just what I needed. I know , I sound like a junkie. But I am. A health junkie and I need my fix. MY fix is gym+anything green...ahh yes. Warm feelings.
At the gym, I kept it light and easy and didn't have much time, but hey it did the trick.

My box arrived from One Lucky Duck and I feel like one lucky duck! I ordered chocolate macaroons and the oatmeal raisin cookies. I'm GF (b/c my daughter has to be) so I don't really do oats so I didn't care for them as much, but the macaroons were consumed while drinking really warm tea with wild honey and watching Girlfriends- one of my favorite shows ever invented! Of course Kennedy was napping while all of this happened....what a great day.

I didn't get much schoolwork done today b/c I went out to dinner with Kay, her dad and a few of his friends. I'm on a different wavelength than they are so I mostly tuned into Kay with her radiant light and had a fun nite munching on celery sticks.

Tomorrow is a planned walk outside in the cold followed by at home yoga and grocery shopping before I have to get Kay from school. Perhaps on Thursday and Friday I can sneak back into the gym.

Hope that you are making the most of this holiday season and giving others before you give yourselves. Don't worry, I walk the walk . Those cookies and macaroons? My mom is getting 1/2 in the surprise "happy you're raw" package I mailed for her today.

Smile!! It'a a rawonderful life

Big warm fuzzies,


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