Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making it Happen Winter Wednesday

Woke up all thru the nite to more and more snow. Rain... then ice.

Okay no school for DD so no gym for me right?? My 5 am wakeup didn't workout today. I got up but was so tired I couldn't brush my teeth straight. I went back to bed until 7:30 when DD got up. That is really sleeping late for her!

I set up my laptop in my bedroom and did a cardio DVD for 30 mins. She was whining and asking me to play with her and I am so proud of myself for finishing it. I said to myself, "When she's 16, she won't remember the 30 mins of crying she did when she was 4" That eased the guilt

Ive been cleaning for a playdate and mom just called to say she can't drive b/c of some medicine. Well, guess what????? It's all good. Her house is 8 mins from our gym!! We will go there, hang for a big, exchange gifts (my gosh I took all my money buying her son a gift!) it didnt cost a lot, I just didnt have any :-)

Then I will pack DDs dinner and eat to the gym and get home. What a splendid plan. Today will be legs...ahhhh I miss them. Home in time to put her straight to bed and do my schoolwork.

All things work out for the good.


I typed that earlier before I left home. I'm back now. The playdate broke my heart. I was getting really upset when I was there, but I like to follow Kennedy's lead. When we got in the car she said, "Mommie don't ever bring me there again. He doesn't like me. He's a mean Gus". I assured her that I wouldn't and that wherever mommie's safe and secure. sigh


Since I've been back from NYC my diet has been simple. I had bad diarrhea for one day after I got back. My stomach couldn't handle the pressure. It was all really good food, just too much too many times a day.

Now I'm back simple. Greens. Juices. Smoothies. Massive fat filled salads. Few raw chocolate bites while sipping yerba mate'. Life is good.

@ Gym I did...

WU: 10 mins on crosstrainer
Smith squats 70x2x1 90x1x12
Calf raises 20sx2x30 20sx1x45
Split squats 15sx1x10 15sx2x8 (each leg)
Ab Knee ups 20....30....25
Leg Press 90x3x15
Standing side kick 15sx1x10 (each side) 15sx2x15 (each side)
Ab Knee ups 20....15.....12
Bridges on ball 10, 10, 10 (held for 10 secs between sets)
Cardio 5 mins on treddy and i FELL OFF!! Geez it's Christmas time and no one stopped to help me. On one hand it's great that they were so focused...but they WERE laughing!!!


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