Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Orleans, School, Cold Winds and Lessons

My posts will be scarce for the next two weeks as I delve back into my coursework and attempt to finish off this quarter strongly. I have had some very interesting coursework and am so grateful for it.

Sometimes I wait to post if my pictures aren't uploaded (of my raw foods) or if I don't have time to hyperlink info for you all, but maybe it would be better if I put up a short post or one without links and's better than nothing. (lesson learned)

New Orleans was an extremely moving experience for me this time around. I can't go into detail b/c there are people who read this blog who may not appreciate my candor and I have sensitives towards that. Suffice it to say, I am forever changed.

My diet in New Orleans was great. I ate a lot of gRAWnola (although the nuts were soaked, wasn't that great on my digestion). I had massive amounts of green juices, wonderful kale salads and tons of sprouts. I arrived in town and as usual went straight to my 2nd home... Whole Foods. I got a container of very fresh guacamole and added HUGE amounts of sprouts to it and ate it right out of the container. I also fell back in love with mangoes while there. I ate about 20 of them...yum yum. For Thanksgiving dinner, I had the biggest salad known to man with sprouts, kale, lemon juice, tomatoes, avocados, pine nuts and about 16 ozs of really green juice. Kennedy had an amazing time with family....running and jumping and just being herself. We made GF playdough from scratch, test cookies for Santa, tons of juices and raw burgers to leave with my mom.

I'm excited to note that my mom is embarking on a high raw diet. YES. She went veg, not vegan, years ago and is now serious about green juices, green smoothies and the like. She will be more conscious of the other food choices, but 100% raw isn't her deal , neither should it be. She should do what she is comfortable with and that way she will stick with it. I'm excited to see her progress!

My gym time has halted! The freezing winds, daylight savings time, piled up schoolwork...arg! Instead of griping about my desire to go, I am accepting it and changing my definition of exercise. I do a few things around the with Kay....rebound for short spurts of time, take walks and do standing abs. My muscle definition will be fine over the next couple of weeks. That will mean 4 weeks of a break from the gym by that time. OUCH! I miss her! Don't worry, I'll be back... I always am.

I've been doing something lately that I thought I'd never do...walking outside in the freezing cold! I'm a Southern Gyrl and anything below 50 is too cold to go out in. However, I've begun walking outside in the morning 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes. I use the time to clear my mind and focus on my breath. I've even fallen in love with a bony, leave ridden tree. I named her Shanti. I stop and talk to her....listen to her every morning that I go out. I'm proud to say that I'm learning to dress better in this cold weather too!! I've been up her four years, you'd think I know by now ;-)

So much has transformed in my life on a spiritual level. I am open to the process and love and light are flowing in. My hands and heart are open to receiving them.

I have so much more I want to share with you, but it will have to wait until next time.


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