Saturday, December 20, 2008

Photos from NYC & Quick Blurb

Vanessa aka Chocolate Girl's party was a blast. She looked gorgeous as always and the event was amazing. Just b-boxing, breakdancing, spoken word, poetry, live artist painting the scene and David Wolfe. Need I say more?

Jayna' and the Raw Chocolate God D. Wolfe

Philip and me having a blast

It's a shame how gorgeous I am

My "Fuck Cancer" hat. Oh diagnosed and beat Cancer this year. :-)

Random photo of my princess being a...well, princess

The gorgeous Britainie

Me and Brit

Raw Power Men having a moment

Brit admiring her sundae

Yummy Pure Sundaes

Okay. I wanted to do a super long detailed post about NYC, but I am so busy I can't get it all in.I had a blast though. Drove into Jersey, got my hotel and relaxed for the first time in months. Decided to meet up with my BFF Britanie at Pure Takeaway for dinner and then headed to Pure (restaurant) for a sundae and glass of water.
Took a cab in the brisk air to the venue. Stood in the wrong line for the club...HA. Got searched by a super bi-curious female bouncer who rubbed my ass! I was like, 'Ummmmm.... chill out"
Anyway, I danced the nite away. Ate tons of raw chocolate and laughed til I couldn't laugh anymore. Had a nice chat with David Wolfe. Actually thought I should lick his elbow and see if it tasted like raw chocolate, but decided that should happen on our SECOND meeting.
(as of now)...been going to the gym, working out at home and not doing great with my raw. Am still 100% but when I am not doing green juices, I feel less than optimal and my body knows it. Got tons of juicing ingredients and tomorrow is a new day!!!

Enjoy the random photos


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