Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quick Holiday Post

oooooOOOOHhhhhhhh .....Here is a poem titled Autism Night Before Christmas by Cindy Waeltermann. Please read it here. It brought me to tears both last year and this year. Read it HERE.

Sometimes people don't realize the victory we parents of kiddos with Autism feel..... I'm taking time right now to think about that....

This video by the beautiful and amazing Angela.

I've been so busy lately. I promise to get to your emails really soon. I am making jambalaya (not raw) for Kennedy's dad. I made a HUGE plate of pralines for his office for Kennedy to bring over yesterday. She was so excited. I will post all about her Christmas and what this season has meant to us.

Off to do that... go to the store (last minute things) and will be up all night wrapping and assembling gifts!!

Oh yea... I've not been eating the best (all raw though), but have been getting to the gym. My tummy is NOT happy right now, but I will get her back on track. She knows I love her very much. I'm chugging grapefruit juice right now.

p.s. Check out my amazing friend Kristen's EASY Raw Holidays ebook . Only $6.95 and downloadable NOW. You can run out and make ONE raw dish or hey ALL raw dishes this Christmas day or weekend. ... BBL (be back later)


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