Monday, December 8, 2008

Raw Thoughts

Ohhhh my soul is crying for the gym :( Freezing winds and slightly icy roads coupled with tons of schoolwork = an inability to go and a lesson on patience, gratitude and acceptance. How long do we sometimes fight a process that is inevitable? For example... I have to be at Kennedy's school for 11:30. It's 11:28 and I am 6 blocks away in traffic. No amount of clock watching, huffing & puffing is going to change anything. I can however change my mind and decide that I will get there whenever I get there and turn up my tunes.

So with that in mind, this morning Kennedy got on the van for school. "I have 2 solid hours" I said to myself.... out the door I went. 21 degrees, windchill 18. I walked for 30 minutes graciously inhaling the crisp pre-winter air as I thought of wonderful it is that I am afforded the opportunity to walk...a safe neighborhood to walk in....comfortable walking shoes and a winter coat. Point is... I wouldn't have reached those feelings of gratitude going round on a treadmill like a hamster on the wheel.

My morning meditation brought me someplace beautiful and I was able to tap into an infinite amount of wisdom there. Images of green grasses, prayer beads and water gave me a great idea for my upcoming trip to CA. Yes I'm going to CA in January for 8 days....OH speaking of trips. I'm going to NYC this weekend for the crazy Raw Choc Party. I'll give the link tomorrow...I'm super busy and trying to post before heading back to my mountain of work.

My raw food has been time doesn't allow for much else. Kale salads with lots of seeds, sprouts and avocados.... a few almond dream yumpots, juices, smoothies....simple raw love. I thrive on the diet best this way. I do however have plans tomorrow to make some buckwheat zucchini pizza crust, cashew seed cheese, marinara (pizza!) and a mango cheesecake. But hey it's cold out here!

Stay warm, stay healthy.


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