Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gearing Up for Surgery

My daughter's surgery is tomorrow (Wednesday) please send her blessings and healing energy. I am nervous, but getting myself into a space of calm for her. She feeds off of my emotion and I need to be still...strong...ready.

Watching my new president take the oath of office while pouring tears from my eyes, I truly realized that ANYTHING is possible. Even for my little gyrl with Autism. The world is ours. This surgery will be tough, but we will get through it. She will be stronger and breathe better because of it!

As far as food and exercise are concerned- I haven't been to the gym b/c I've been busy nursing her to health and I've been waiting until too late in the evening to eat. That leads to binging on a few too many nuts or eating too big of a portion (huge salad with all the fixings) and waking up groggy with undigested food in my belly.. .arg! Anyway, I am hoping all of that comes into more of a normal speed after Kennedy and I get home from the hospital in the next few days.

To the hospital I am taking....
*3 quarts of frozen fresh apple juice
*2 quarts of frozen fresh orange juice for me
*ice pops (organic) for Kay
*rice organic ice cream for Kay
*a book
*laptop with kiddie dvds
*my journal and some crystals

This is a quick cute story...for Kennedy's delivery NOTHING had gone as planned. So there I was 6 weeks early in full active (Sorry we disconnected your epidural as soon as we put it in so you have no medicine) PAIN. Before all that- I had decorated my room with tie dyed throws and daisies and flowers, I put on all my crystal jewelry and did my hair. I wanted her to see her mommie for the first time looking like a princess!!! I will do the same for her tomorrow. I will decorate the recovery room and her overnite room... :)

If you have healthy kids in your life...be thankful. If you have sick kiddos or kiddos with different abilities (formerly known as disabilities) hug em tight tonite.

In light and love,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK day and Enjoy the videos!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! Kennedy and I are reciting the speech and sing old negro spirituals!!!

At this time in American history I am moved to tears. My soul is open and I am so grateful for the changes that our country has made and excited about the progress we STILL have to make. I want my daughter raised in a world where she knows that the color of her skin won't inhibit her in any way. And while I know that people will see her differently and attempt to limit her b/c of her different ability (formerly known as disability) and her black skin, she can always look to the president and say, "YES I CAN"!!!!!

Enjoy the speeches


If you want to be moved to tears. Watch this video

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snacking, Schoolwork, Angela Stokes and Exercise

Ok...what's up with my late nite snacking??!?!? ARG! Well, it was a hot cuppa yerba mate' + honey and some dried black mission organic figs....then later grapes, but still. I was watching a movie so I identify the trigger, but geez!!

Today I will be at the library from about 2-5 when they close and then try to head to the gym from some cardio and abs...then home early enough to hang with Kay and stay up late tonite finishing up some assignments. Tomorrow I will get up and do some at home yoga and then head to the library for an allllllllll day study/work-a-thon. I have so much to do and little time to get it done in. Ahhh working on my procrastination- this is a big one for me. Don't worry, I'm getting there. Any thoughts or suggestions??? I would be eternally grateful ;-)

Angela Stokes is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. Her amazing spirit and endless loving kindness is a gift for the world to witness. She truly has a handle on understanding food addiction and the connection between spirit and body.

Check out this awesome youtube video with her making juice. I TOTALLY will start squeezing my juice when I am looking to have juice only days (to eliminate the pulp)

Check out this short video on using exercise bands. I get lots of emails from women who can't get to a gym (or afford one), and who can't afford or get access to dumbbells...well watch this short clip. You can get strength training bands from Target/Wal Mart/Craigs list...really inexpensive.

I will be doing this workout when I am in the mountains of California in 2 weeks! Also, the other videos are short cardio ones. NO EXCUSES!!!! No equipment? No problem!! Come to my blog and just get it done!!

Best of luck to you as you focus on true health and passion.

In light and love,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Making the Most out of what you've got!

Hey Green Poppie Seeds!!!

Yesterday was a blistering freezing day in PA! Geez...cold cold cold! Kay and I got up in the morning and headed to the gym. I worked upper body like a madwoman!!! I felt so strong when we left.

Well, last nite her dad took her to special needs gymnastics and I decided to finish my cardio at the gym. Well, I had eaten 1 c cooked steel cut oats with berries and flax oil before going. It was 2 hrs before and I felt like I had cement on my chest. OH NO!!! 20 mins into it, I couldn't handle it. Had to quit. And I was NOT happy to stop a workout. This proves two things: 1) no more steel cut oats for a while; 2) eating "light to heavy" is truly what works best.

In fairness to me, I was supposed to be done exercising for the day. Anyhow, I got off the machine and into the hottub for 20 mins. Totally wasn't paying attention and it fried my new patent leather watch! ARG!.... :)

Today was a great day. -5 degrees this morning, but it was great. I had some business to take care of in the way of school stuff and then got to the gym late. Only had 45 mins before I had to run to the store and get Kay from school.

I did a 10 min warm up and 2 sets of about 6 lowerbody exercises. I pushed hard on the last set. Had my post workout shake of (soaked goji, soaked chia, banana, frozen straw and I forgot my vitamineral greens)

Today I've been cleaning and clearing. Wanting to organize. I mean really cleaning. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen and downstairs bathroom floors!!! Reorganizing some things...oh yea.

This weekend is the last time that I have to complete the rest of my coursework from last semester. Wish me luck. Kennedy seems to be catching a cold and with 2 doctor appts and surgery next week, that will NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT be good...so send some well vibes her way. Tomorrow I will douse her with tons of zinc, vitamin C, echinacea, goldenseal and smooth move tea to get the gunk out of her bowel.

I am all about making the best out of what you have. Can't afford a juicer right now??? Check this out. It totally works too. I am going to CA at the end of the month and I will be bringing a tiny blender that can fit in my suitcase and my nutmylk bag for my green juice!!! I'm bringing my exercise bands and resistance bands too. NOTHING stops me. I make the most of all that I have. Try it!

Check out this cool video about how to juice wihtout a juicer

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Workout Wednesdays

Just wanted to make a post ...a short and simple one.

I want to start "Workout Wednesdays" where I post my workouts and my food for the day.

Well, Wednesday is normally a cardio day so it will be kinda boring....sorry. Next week I will list my POA and maybe that will be a little more interesting.

Short and simple
Morning: 40 mins cardio. 30 rbike (reading a magazine). 20 mins on treddy (incline intervals)
About 100 various ab exercises (roman chair, medicine ball twists)

Tonite: spinning 50 mins, 40 abs (medicine ball twists)

8:20 am 32 oz orange juice, flesh of one orange (wanted green juice but totally too lazy to clean the juicer after I made Kay's juice for school)...and yes I have 3 juicers and didn't wanna get them dirty either!

11:00 (post gym) smoothie 3 tbsp soaked chia seds, soaked goji berries, 1 banana, 1.5 cs frozen mango

12:20 8oz dried black mission figs (yes dried) was hungry, Kay wouldn't nap (couldn't go into kitchen for "real" lunch) ate em all before I knew it (bad Jayna' :)

3:30 huge kale and pea sprout salad with 1/3 c hempseeds, 1 avocado, 1 c cherry tomatoes, juice of one lemon, celtic sea sat. 32 ozs of orange/cranberry juice ("oh don't drink while you eat Jayna' !!!") I know I know, but I was thirsty and it looked good. I'll do better with that tomorrow

6:45 (post spinning) smoothie: vitamineral green, soaked gojis, soaked chia, 1 banana, 1 c frozen strawberries

8:15 (too late I know I Know) 1c COOKED steel cut oats, 1/2 c fresh blueberries, 1 tsp flax oil.

Tip of the Week
*Get a cute basket for your living room. Put a jump rope, strength training bands, and a few LIGHT hand weights in it. During one of your favorite shows...use the commercials and make a challenge for yourself: "I will do 30 bicep curls... I will do 20 knee pushups... I will do 40 crunches" and you'd be surprised what you can get done by the end of the Biggest Loser!


*gotta stop eating so late... it's my struggle right now
*need to get in tons more water
*stop being lazy and make the damn green juicer...just have TWO dirty juicers
*be better prepared for snack time so that 8 ozs of figs don't wind up in ur stomach before lunch. I woulda enjoyed em much better with a cuppa tea...damn!

Tomorrow my quinoa will be sprouted, but I am holding off on that as of yet and will likely eat some steamed veggies with my monster salad at dinner time.hmmmm of course I'll take photos and keep you posted.

Tomorrow is "Rock it Upper Body" day for me... don't know when I can get it in. If I try to go early I have to be done by 9:30 b/c Kay has therapy at a hospital 20 mins away... if I go later... she has preschool hr at the library from 1:30-2:30 and the daycare doesn't open until 4.... hmmmm I think 4 pm will be best. I totally dont' want to be rushed ....hmmmm

Well, I hope you are making time for fitness!!!! Every little bit counts.

In light and love,

Live Your Truth

It's interesting how when we stop to breathe.... to listen to ourselves and drown out any outside noises, we are then tuned in to our authentic nature. All decisions seem easy and things that previously required tons of effort are effortless.

Something inside of my brain has shifted.... clouds are clearing and focus has set in. Didn't they say when you eat anything cooked you get really foggy and disoriented?? Well, I feel like if you look for that to happen then it will. My experience was quite different.

I'm still researching sprouted/cooked grain ideas. And will very slowly introduce them. I have some quinoa sprouted now and will report tomorrow how that meal goes over tonite. My goal is eating simply and cleanly. ONLY. I am through with the labels. Technically I am vegan and always will be (karmic reasons), but all other labels can go...they serve NO purpose. I want to exit the "Raw Elitist" mindset before it's permanent.


For your spirit.... check out this amazing video by Esther Hicks via Abraham

If I had an iphone I would be plugged into Hicks 24/7. The message of the video is to help you understand how/why you get and most importantly DON'T get what you want. What level are you vibrating on?? What level are your thoughts vibrating on??? "What I am thinking and what I am receiving are always a vibrational match".

Today I did 40 mins of cardio and am going to spinning class tonite with Kennedy. I believe that I may lightly steam some broccoli tomorrow nite or maybe tonite if I get home early enough to eat it before bedtime. I haven't been good at all about NOT eating late. I have been eating too late at nite and waking up still digesting food. This means that overnite instead of my body's work...my body has been working on digesting heavy food and therefore storing it as FAT. Oh no!!! Time to make a change Jayna'!

So I am working on a cleaner and clearer life in all areas of my being. Simplicity. Honesty. Authenticity. Simply going after....focusing on.... what brings me joy... makes me feel good. No label, definition, explanation.... it just is.

Join me on this journey towards authentic living will you?

With love,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Making changes daily

Okay.... day 3. NO cooked steel cut oats. I had a heavy leg day planned, but my buckwheat concoction before bed made me wake up with gas and a tummy ache. It was TOO late to eat... too heavy of a meal... and ouch did I feel it. SO... plan B. Consume my new buckwheat porridge AFTER THE GYM. I ate an apple and 1/2 a banana before going.

My new buckwheat porridge recipe is called Buckwheat Applesauce Fruit Porridge.

*soak one cup of buckwheat over nite
*risnse well in the morning
*blend with 1/4 c water, 2 tsps yacon syrup (or agave), 1 tsp vanilla
*pour into a bowl
*add 2 skinned and diced apples to blender to make applesauce (I left mine chunky)
*add applesauce to bowl with buckwheat porridge
*add diced apples and sliced bananas and blueberries.

I have a picture of it, but didn't upload it. I will do that later.

I also have some quinoa sprouting. I will try it that way before cooking it, but have no problem with just steaming it with a few broc stalks and having it with a HUGE salad.

Nashima left a great recipe for steel cut oats:

"I have also been incorporating more oatmeal lately and it feels really great to have food that is a little more dense. I don't cook it but make raw version: I soak steel cut oats together with flax seed overnight. Sometimes I add prunes, goji berries or a date or two. The next morning I put the soaked mixture in the blender and blend it until it's smooth. I then put it in a bowl, add some water, stir in some chia seeds, cinnamon and whatever I feel like and let it sit for 20 minutes. Done! "

That sounds amazing and anything that adds those powerhouses Chia Seeds and Goji Berries. That will be great!

My dear friend Tina gave me this recipe...

*1 cup steel cut oats
*5 dried calimyra figs
*1 cup fig soak water
*1/8-1/2 tsp cinnamon
* pinch allspice agave to taste (about a TBS is good)
*soak oatmeal in about 4 cups water - in airtight glass container - in fridge for 24-48 hours
* soak figs in 2 cups water for 2 hours-to-overnight
*put 1 cup of the fig soak water into blender and blend until smooth...
*add drained oatmeal, agave and spices (can also add either walnuts or almonds
*if you like if you have a dehydrator, you can even put it in there to warm it a tad before eating

I am SOOOOOOOO trying this one!!!!

Now that I feel I have a better grasp on hearty raw protein packed breakfast meals... I will tackle quinoa for dinner meals....ahhhh. I am sprouting some now and will see how I like it raw tossed with veggies etc. If not, I will sprout and then put over heat for 3 minutes (real heat) with veggies seasonings....THEN I will move to full cooked after that. Today I can say that I feel full....strong and powerful. I worked my legs EXTRA hard in the gym and they were shakin like vegan bacon!!!!

Here are a few videos about raw quinoa..... Enjoy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Food Combining and the Simple Approach to Raw

I love Natalia Rose... I always have. I have had your book The Raw Food Detox Diet for quite some time and as I started thinking about optimal cellular health and not labeling anything, I decided to dust off my copy and read it again ...yea right like I have dust on my shelves! :-)

Under a section that she entitles "Raw Done Right" she says...

"Although a 100-percent raw food diet would certainly be ideal for humans living in a 100-percent natural state, we live in a world riddled with unnatural elements. For modern people like us, there is a safe way to carry our tissue/cell quality to a much higher level with raw foods. But we must do it within the context of who and where we are today... Taking this approach to becoming a raw foodist will bring you far more success than a worthless label. You will gain the confidence of perfect health and a renewed, glowing body."

Under a section that she entitles "Raw Revelation #3: Keep the Goal in Mind" she says...

"Your goal is superior cell health, not an exclusively raw food diet. Raw is a means of reaching that goal. To achieve this goal, you need enzymes from raw foods, maximum elimination of waste matter those enzymes draw up and tempered amounts of cooked foods- to avoid autointoxication and keep ur emotional, social and psychological states intact".

However, the mini-chapter that struck me the most is something I've struggled with in the raw community for a long time. This thought that "so long as it's 'raw' ".... Under a small page/chapter she calls "Raw Revelation #5: Don't be Dense" she says (and I agree)...

"Dense raw foods are just as clogging as many cooked foods. One of the biggest mistakes in teh popular raw food movement is trying to mimic mainstream diets with raw food substitutes...The point of eating raw foods is to eat light foods- not, for instance, to create a heavy loaf out of nuts. You may as well be eating a meat loaf as far as your digestive system is concerned! On the Raw Food Detox Diet, you can eat raw most of the time, but when you want, say a piece of fish, you can eat a piece of fish- not dense, sprouted, dehydrated 'unfish' "

I agree with almost everything Natalia has to say in her book. I don't follow her personal approach if consuming only green juice and fruit until about 6:30 pm where she has pre-dinner veggies and then has a large dinner at 7:30... I want my metabolism higher than that. There is some argument about whether or not a high metabolism is important, but HEY there's an argument about everything in this raw food/fitness world. Everybody thinks they have the answer...guess what...they don't!!! Only YOU know what's best and works for you.

How great would it be if you ate 100% raw and hated sprouting/soaking??? How would your food serve you if it weren't made with love? The same goes for your cooked junk food. How does that food love you? IT DOESN'T. It serves a short temporary sense of pleasure. I know 100%, b/c I ate that way for YEARS!

I've studied food combining as long ago as 2001. Shame on me that I've never truly put it into practice. My approach to my cellular health is much more along those lines now. I would rather eat quick exit foods with TONS OF raw food and wonderful enzymes than to eat these messy combinations of nuts/dehydrated garbage balls. Seriously.

I still love my dehydrator... fruit leather=yum. Flax crackers= still yum (don't' want em as much anymore though).

My revelations have led me to realize that I don't want to eat many nuts anymore. Perhaps it was the food poisoning at christmas (damned cashews!) or the slow, dragged feeling I get when I eat them, but I just don't want them anymore. Almonds, Brazil nuts can stay... all others must exit. Now what will I do for the crust to all my raw pies!??!?!?! I have to create a soaked-seed based crust to use I guess or an almond one...hmmmm I can get more creative later.

Okay about my exercise breakfast... I had the GF steel cut oats again this morning... I'm not sure it's working out yet... here's what I mean. Last nite at bedtime I felt like I had cement in my stomach. OUCH! It wasn't so bad b/c I took great enzymes. Anyway, I went to bed and this morning I did awake hungry. I felt good about that. I feared I would wake up feeling full until bedtime.

In keeping with revving up my metabolism, I had some green juice then the oats... I think it's too heavy for the morning. In anticipation of such a thing, I researched online some recipes for raw oatmeal (without raw oat!) and came across the following inspiring videos. Check em out. I soaked some buckwheat last nite and made Kevin's "Buckwheat Porridge". It wasn't delicious, but it could grow on me. I also needed more agave. I will make it with honey tomorrow....I've had enough of the uber sweet agave.

My point in all of this is to aim for SIMPLE , clean eating. That is a part of why I wanted to eat this way in the first place. So starting tomorrow I will make a newer improved version of the buckwheat porridge adding my homemade applesauce (no skin) to it and see if it's more palatable. I will of course keep you posted.

And for the person who sent the mean email my way... I am NOT a raw food sell out. I am honest. I am human. And I am doing what is best for me. I am not offended by your words. I am sorry however that you feel the need to be so disrespectful and hope that peace and harmony find their ways into your heart. If you don't like what I write here on the blog please feel free not to read it. I get an overwhelming amount of emails from readers who DO appreciate it and my honesty. I hope that you can find something here that inspires you and if not, I sincerely hope you find it somewhere else. Raw love to you....

Okay until next time.
In light and love,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1st cooked food item in almost 19 months!!!!!!!!!

Okay. I did it.I woke up. Meditated.And decided today was a DOR (day of rest) from exercise and I wanted to try my cooked experiment when I didn't have much to do. I waited until 2 pm to go out to the store. Bought the Gluten Free Steel Cut oats that I researched, fresh berries, frozen berries and headed on the snowy road home. I was actually quite hungry already so thought this was a perfect time to test everything out. Here are my steps.....

The first bite was familiar. I was eating very clean and of course vegan when I decided to go 100% raw. I was training heavy and hard at the time and decided to take a break from going at it so vigorously perhaps that is why my transition to raw wasn't difficult. I was only doing yoga and walking at the time. As I chewed it, I payed attn to how it felt in my mouth. I let it cool off substantially before I ate it. Afraid it would burn my stomach!!!

I slowly and carefully ate the entire bowl....1 c cooked oats and took my enzymes and b vitamin...drank 12 oz green juice and played the Wii with Kennedy. I feel fine. I feel REALLY FULL. Which is something I haven't felt in forever, but it's a good full. So starting tomorrow, I will have this meal BEFORE I workout and see if I feel/see any difference in my performance before/after. My goal in 2009 is live by my own rules, create 100% optimal ecstatic blissful health and to experience true freedom. More on the freedom later!

So, as I alter and adjust this diet to fit my lifestyle at this time, I will keep you updated and posted on how it all evolves. I hope in writing about this transition and journey, you are encouraged and motivated to do what feel good and right for YOU. No one knows your body, your cravings, your idea of optimal health, but YOU. Take your own power in 2009 and harness the ability to listen to your soul, your heart and your body and follow the path that is best for you. Are there centurions who eat cooked food?? YES. Is raw food amazing and promotes the best digestion ever? YES. Is there a middle ground where you fit in all of this? YES. My challenge to you is to find it....search it out...try it on... keep what fits, discard what doesn't.

In health,

P.S. I am going to do some simple exercises here at home with Kennedy... I feel powerful and strong and ready to go!!

GF Steel Cut Oats

It was interesting to truly pay attn to it cooking.

I didnt' cook it as long as the package suggested. I wanted to "chew" it.

I love my Omega 3's

Add berries + flax oil

Sitr and serve

I let it cool off and took a huge bite. Yum!
I feel good about my decision. I even bought quinoa to sprout or cook and add to my nitetime meals. I will do this in a few weeks. Right now, the oats is all I will try to handle.
Here is a great article about cooked vs raw...and oatmeal... Click here to read it
Okay, I'm off to play with Kennedy and wash her hair (wish me luck***).
Have a great nite,

100% Raw ??? New Year oh yes...

Okay. For a while I lost my desire to write. Just didn't.....wanna. So I didn't. Of course I had a 20 page "New Year Rev-olution" article ready to go, but figured you'd find hundreds of those on blogs and magazines. (I hope you did).

I've been training (exercising) really strenuously these days. I have also been pondering something for a few months now. I am no 100% happy on my 100% raw diet. I know I know. Everyone is supposed to be overflowing with joy and grace to be 100% raw. so shhhhhhh When I wasn't lifting heavy weights, it didn't matter as much to be all raw. My body was naturally leaner and when yoga and walking were my only exercises of choice for a while it didn't bother me. However, I'm noticing more and more that I am not feeling well. No colds or flu... just blah. I don't blah and blah don't' like me!!! TIME FOR CHANGE!

I've researched... read and re-read books and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The reason I am sensing struggle with this is b/c of the label "100% raw" WTF????????? I'm supposed to be more evolved than that. I'm not supposed to care what anyone thinks. blah blah blah.. See? More blah. I also didn't wanna feel like I let anyone who looks up to me to their 100% raw guidepost down. Hope I didn't, but I gotta do what's best for me. (how harsh did that sound? hahaha) So, after careful consideration and peptalk with my idol Kristen I will be adding some gluten free organic steel cut oats to my morning routine. Green juice until 11 and noon was a big NO NO. I was running out of steam during my workouts. I have also been STARVING later in the day and resorting to eating more nuts/avocados as a way to feel fuller for longer. Well, oatmeal is a super nutritious. Read this article on oats to learn more about them.

Do you see that photo there? That is Alicia Marie, fitness model . She is gorgeous. How can we argue that ONLY a raw food diet makes you healthy when LOOK AT HER!!!! I have never been one into RAW-ligion feeling that this is the only way by any means. I have always advocated for health. True Alicia eats clean and that means tons and tons of raw fruits and veggies alongside her lean protein and cooked grains. For karmic reasons I've been a vegan for going on 8 years and for NO CIRCUMSTANCES will consider eating animal flesh again. But Alicia's lean body gives me something to envy (in a good way) and aspire to.

Previously a typical day looked like:

Wake up...water with aloe and lemon
Green juice about 20 ozs
1 banana
Crazy intense workout
Small green smoothie (greens+fruit+hemp)
kale salad with flax crackers
Way too many nuts
Salad with avocado
green juice about 20 ozs
more nuts maybe...

FUTURE days will look like:
Wake up....water with aloe and lemon
preworkout: bowl of amarath or steel cut gluten free oats they do exist click here with ground flax and fresh berries


postworkout small green smoothie with hemp

salad with one small avo

fruit as a snack

dinner will be a lofty salad with seaweeds (extras) etc...then I will gradually add a sweet potato or cooked grain.

All I know is that 2 summers ago I was in the best shape of my life. Low bodyfat and I was 80-90% raw. I ate 95% whole foods (sweet potatoes, beans, brown rice, quinoa, amarath, ezekiel products). I have been 100% raw for over 18 months now... my body should be exactly how I want it to be. And if I know I saw better results and felt better eating a different way, I would be crazy not to re-adopt that lifestyle. I will ease into my cooked oats b/c I don't want to assault my tummy with something cooked. I fare I will handle it nicely. I will take enzymes and drink green juice an hour after I eat it. Slowly over the next few months I intend on adding other cooked items like sweet potatoes (still debating...so starchy!), quinoa and Ezekiel toast/bread. I want to remain gluten free so that Celiac daughter lovely Kay won't EVER have to be turned down away from my food. I guess I could eat it when she wasn't awake or around...hmmmmm.

So there you have it people. I may be the only person in history who researches how to go back to eating cooked food!!! I am not caving into some junk food crappy craving. I am not running back to my old fat gyrl midnite doughnut eatings. I am focusing now instead of 100% raw on 100% HEALTH. And that means something totally different to me now that my raw diet has evolved. Will I still consider myself AND call myself raw??? HELL YEA! If this doesn't work out will I go back to eating all raw? HELL YEA. Will I prob have all raw days in between? HELL YEA! Still juice a lot? HELL YEA... okay you get the point.

So THAT'S my New Year's post. Don't' feel you have to do anything. Take your time this year. Breathe. Be gentle with yourself and do what is best for you today. If what's best changes tomorrow. Go with the flow.

By the way, I adore you Kristen. Check out my lovely cross country gal pal here at KristensRaw

New Year's Hugs and love,


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