Sunday, January 11, 2009

100% Raw ??? New Year oh yes...

Okay. For a while I lost my desire to write. Just didn't.....wanna. So I didn't. Of course I had a 20 page "New Year Rev-olution" article ready to go, but figured you'd find hundreds of those on blogs and magazines. (I hope you did).

I've been training (exercising) really strenuously these days. I have also been pondering something for a few months now. I am no 100% happy on my 100% raw diet. I know I know. Everyone is supposed to be overflowing with joy and grace to be 100% raw. so shhhhhhh When I wasn't lifting heavy weights, it didn't matter as much to be all raw. My body was naturally leaner and when yoga and walking were my only exercises of choice for a while it didn't bother me. However, I'm noticing more and more that I am not feeling well. No colds or flu... just blah. I don't blah and blah don't' like me!!! TIME FOR CHANGE!

I've researched... read and re-read books and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The reason I am sensing struggle with this is b/c of the label "100% raw" WTF????????? I'm supposed to be more evolved than that. I'm not supposed to care what anyone thinks. blah blah blah.. See? More blah. I also didn't wanna feel like I let anyone who looks up to me to their 100% raw guidepost down. Hope I didn't, but I gotta do what's best for me. (how harsh did that sound? hahaha) So, after careful consideration and peptalk with my idol Kristen I will be adding some gluten free organic steel cut oats to my morning routine. Green juice until 11 and noon was a big NO NO. I was running out of steam during my workouts. I have also been STARVING later in the day and resorting to eating more nuts/avocados as a way to feel fuller for longer. Well, oatmeal is a super nutritious. Read this article on oats to learn more about them.

Do you see that photo there? That is Alicia Marie, fitness model . She is gorgeous. How can we argue that ONLY a raw food diet makes you healthy when LOOK AT HER!!!! I have never been one into RAW-ligion feeling that this is the only way by any means. I have always advocated for health. True Alicia eats clean and that means tons and tons of raw fruits and veggies alongside her lean protein and cooked grains. For karmic reasons I've been a vegan for going on 8 years and for NO CIRCUMSTANCES will consider eating animal flesh again. But Alicia's lean body gives me something to envy (in a good way) and aspire to.

Previously a typical day looked like:

Wake up...water with aloe and lemon
Green juice about 20 ozs
1 banana
Crazy intense workout
Small green smoothie (greens+fruit+hemp)
kale salad with flax crackers
Way too many nuts
Salad with avocado
green juice about 20 ozs
more nuts maybe...

FUTURE days will look like:
Wake up....water with aloe and lemon
preworkout: bowl of amarath or steel cut gluten free oats they do exist click here with ground flax and fresh berries


postworkout small green smoothie with hemp

salad with one small avo

fruit as a snack

dinner will be a lofty salad with seaweeds (extras) etc...then I will gradually add a sweet potato or cooked grain.

All I know is that 2 summers ago I was in the best shape of my life. Low bodyfat and I was 80-90% raw. I ate 95% whole foods (sweet potatoes, beans, brown rice, quinoa, amarath, ezekiel products). I have been 100% raw for over 18 months now... my body should be exactly how I want it to be. And if I know I saw better results and felt better eating a different way, I would be crazy not to re-adopt that lifestyle. I will ease into my cooked oats b/c I don't want to assault my tummy with something cooked. I fare I will handle it nicely. I will take enzymes and drink green juice an hour after I eat it. Slowly over the next few months I intend on adding other cooked items like sweet potatoes (still starchy!), quinoa and Ezekiel toast/bread. I want to remain gluten free so that Celiac daughter lovely Kay won't EVER have to be turned down away from my food. I guess I could eat it when she wasn't awake or around...hmmmmm.

So there you have it people. I may be the only person in history who researches how to go back to eating cooked food!!! I am not caving into some junk food crappy craving. I am not running back to my old fat gyrl midnite doughnut eatings. I am focusing now instead of 100% raw on 100% HEALTH. And that means something totally different to me now that my raw diet has evolved. Will I still consider myself AND call myself raw??? HELL YEA! If this doesn't work out will I go back to eating all raw? HELL YEA. Will I prob have all raw days in between? HELL YEA! Still juice a lot? HELL YEA... okay you get the point.

So THAT'S my New Year's post. Don't' feel you have to do anything. Take your time this year. Breathe. Be gentle with yourself and do what is best for you today. If what's best changes tomorrow. Go with the flow.

By the way, I adore you Kristen. Check out my lovely cross country gal pal here at KristensRaw

New Year's Hugs and love,


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