Sunday, January 11, 2009

1st cooked food item in almost 19 months!!!!!!!!!

Okay. I did it.I woke up. Meditated.And decided today was a DOR (day of rest) from exercise and I wanted to try my cooked experiment when I didn't have much to do. I waited until 2 pm to go out to the store. Bought the Gluten Free Steel Cut oats that I researched, fresh berries, frozen berries and headed on the snowy road home. I was actually quite hungry already so thought this was a perfect time to test everything out. Here are my steps.....

The first bite was familiar. I was eating very clean and of course vegan when I decided to go 100% raw. I was training heavy and hard at the time and decided to take a break from going at it so vigorously perhaps that is why my transition to raw wasn't difficult. I was only doing yoga and walking at the time. As I chewed it, I payed attn to how it felt in my mouth. I let it cool off substantially before I ate it. Afraid it would burn my stomach!!!

I slowly and carefully ate the entire bowl....1 c cooked oats and took my enzymes and b vitamin...drank 12 oz green juice and played the Wii with Kennedy. I feel fine. I feel REALLY FULL. Which is something I haven't felt in forever, but it's a good full. So starting tomorrow, I will have this meal BEFORE I workout and see if I feel/see any difference in my performance before/after. My goal in 2009 is live by my own rules, create 100% optimal ecstatic blissful health and to experience true freedom. More on the freedom later!

So, as I alter and adjust this diet to fit my lifestyle at this time, I will keep you updated and posted on how it all evolves. I hope in writing about this transition and journey, you are encouraged and motivated to do what feel good and right for YOU. No one knows your body, your cravings, your idea of optimal health, but YOU. Take your own power in 2009 and harness the ability to listen to your soul, your heart and your body and follow the path that is best for you. Are there centurions who eat cooked food?? YES. Is raw food amazing and promotes the best digestion ever? YES. Is there a middle ground where you fit in all of this? YES. My challenge to you is to find it out...try it on... keep what fits, discard what doesn't.

In health,

P.S. I am going to do some simple exercises here at home with Kennedy... I feel powerful and strong and ready to go!!

GF Steel Cut Oats

It was interesting to truly pay attn to it cooking.

I didnt' cook it as long as the package suggested. I wanted to "chew" it.

I love my Omega 3's

Add berries + flax oil

Sitr and serve

I let it cool off and took a huge bite. Yum!
I feel good about my decision. I even bought quinoa to sprout or cook and add to my nitetime meals. I will do this in a few weeks. Right now, the oats is all I will try to handle.
Here is a great article about cooked vs raw...and oatmeal... Click here to read it
Okay, I'm off to play with Kennedy and wash her hair (wish me luck***).
Have a great nite,


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