Monday, January 12, 2009

Food Combining and the Simple Approach to Raw

I love Natalia Rose... I always have. I have had your book The Raw Food Detox Diet for quite some time and as I started thinking about optimal cellular health and not labeling anything, I decided to dust off my copy and read it again ...yea right like I have dust on my shelves! :-)

Under a section that she entitles "Raw Done Right" she says...

"Although a 100-percent raw food diet would certainly be ideal for humans living in a 100-percent natural state, we live in a world riddled with unnatural elements. For modern people like us, there is a safe way to carry our tissue/cell quality to a much higher level with raw foods. But we must do it within the context of who and where we are today... Taking this approach to becoming a raw foodist will bring you far more success than a worthless label. You will gain the confidence of perfect health and a renewed, glowing body."

Under a section that she entitles "Raw Revelation #3: Keep the Goal in Mind" she says...

"Your goal is superior cell health, not an exclusively raw food diet. Raw is a means of reaching that goal. To achieve this goal, you need enzymes from raw foods, maximum elimination of waste matter those enzymes draw up and tempered amounts of cooked foods- to avoid autointoxication and keep ur emotional, social and psychological states intact".

However, the mini-chapter that struck me the most is something I've struggled with in the raw community for a long time. This thought that "so long as it's 'raw' ".... Under a small page/chapter she calls "Raw Revelation #5: Don't be Dense" she says (and I agree)...

"Dense raw foods are just as clogging as many cooked foods. One of the biggest mistakes in teh popular raw food movement is trying to mimic mainstream diets with raw food substitutes...The point of eating raw foods is to eat light foods- not, for instance, to create a heavy loaf out of nuts. You may as well be eating a meat loaf as far as your digestive system is concerned! On the Raw Food Detox Diet, you can eat raw most of the time, but when you want, say a piece of fish, you can eat a piece of fish- not dense, sprouted, dehydrated 'unfish' "

I agree with almost everything Natalia has to say in her book. I don't follow her personal approach if consuming only green juice and fruit until about 6:30 pm where she has pre-dinner veggies and then has a large dinner at 7:30... I want my metabolism higher than that. There is some argument about whether or not a high metabolism is important, but HEY there's an argument about everything in this raw food/fitness world. Everybody thinks they have the answer...guess what...they don't!!! Only YOU know what's best and works for you.

How great would it be if you ate 100% raw and hated sprouting/soaking??? How would your food serve you if it weren't made with love? The same goes for your cooked junk food. How does that food love you? IT DOESN'T. It serves a short temporary sense of pleasure. I know 100%, b/c I ate that way for YEARS!

I've studied food combining as long ago as 2001. Shame on me that I've never truly put it into practice. My approach to my cellular health is much more along those lines now. I would rather eat quick exit foods with TONS OF raw food and wonderful enzymes than to eat these messy combinations of nuts/dehydrated garbage balls. Seriously.

I still love my dehydrator... fruit leather=yum. Flax crackers= still yum (don't' want em as much anymore though).

My revelations have led me to realize that I don't want to eat many nuts anymore. Perhaps it was the food poisoning at christmas (damned cashews!) or the slow, dragged feeling I get when I eat them, but I just don't want them anymore. Almonds, Brazil nuts can stay... all others must exit. Now what will I do for the crust to all my raw pies!??!?!?! I have to create a soaked-seed based crust to use I guess or an almond one...hmmmm I can get more creative later.

Okay about my exercise breakfast... I had the GF steel cut oats again this morning... I'm not sure it's working out yet... here's what I mean. Last nite at bedtime I felt like I had cement in my stomach. OUCH! It wasn't so bad b/c I took great enzymes. Anyway, I went to bed and this morning I did awake hungry. I felt good about that. I feared I would wake up feeling full until bedtime.

In keeping with revving up my metabolism, I had some green juice then the oats... I think it's too heavy for the morning. In anticipation of such a thing, I researched online some recipes for raw oatmeal (without raw oat!) and came across the following inspiring videos. Check em out. I soaked some buckwheat last nite and made Kevin's "Buckwheat Porridge". It wasn't delicious, but it could grow on me. I also needed more agave. I will make it with honey tomorrow....I've had enough of the uber sweet agave.

My point in all of this is to aim for SIMPLE , clean eating. That is a part of why I wanted to eat this way in the first place. So starting tomorrow I will make a newer improved version of the buckwheat porridge adding my homemade applesauce (no skin) to it and see if it's more palatable. I will of course keep you posted.

And for the person who sent the mean email my way... I am NOT a raw food sell out. I am honest. I am human. And I am doing what is best for me. I am not offended by your words. I am sorry however that you feel the need to be so disrespectful and hope that peace and harmony find their ways into your heart. If you don't like what I write here on the blog please feel free not to read it. I get an overwhelming amount of emails from readers who DO appreciate it and my honesty. I hope that you can find something here that inspires you and if not, I sincerely hope you find it somewhere else. Raw love to you....

Okay until next time.
In light and love,


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