Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gearing Up for Surgery

My daughter's surgery is tomorrow (Wednesday) please send her blessings and healing energy. I am nervous, but getting myself into a space of calm for her. She feeds off of my emotion and I need to be still...strong...ready.

Watching my new president take the oath of office while pouring tears from my eyes, I truly realized that ANYTHING is possible. Even for my little gyrl with Autism. The world is ours. This surgery will be tough, but we will get through it. She will be stronger and breathe better because of it!

As far as food and exercise are concerned- I haven't been to the gym b/c I've been busy nursing her to health and I've been waiting until too late in the evening to eat. That leads to binging on a few too many nuts or eating too big of a portion (huge salad with all the fixings) and waking up groggy with undigested food in my belly.. .arg! Anyway, I am hoping all of that comes into more of a normal speed after Kennedy and I get home from the hospital in the next few days.

To the hospital I am taking....
*3 quarts of frozen fresh apple juice
*2 quarts of frozen fresh orange juice for me
*ice pops (organic) for Kay
*rice organic ice cream for Kay
*a book
*laptop with kiddie dvds
*my journal and some crystals

This is a quick cute story...for Kennedy's delivery NOTHING had gone as planned. So there I was 6 weeks early in full active (Sorry we disconnected your epidural as soon as we put it in so you have no medicine) PAIN. Before all that- I had decorated my room with tie dyed throws and daisies and flowers, I put on all my crystal jewelry and did my hair. I wanted her to see her mommie for the first time looking like a princess!!! I will do the same for her tomorrow. I will decorate the recovery room and her overnite room... :)

If you have healthy kids in your life...be thankful. If you have sick kiddos or kiddos with different abilities (formerly known as disabilities) hug em tight tonite.

In light and love,


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