Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Live Your Truth

It's interesting how when we stop to breathe.... to listen to ourselves and drown out any outside noises, we are then tuned in to our authentic nature. All decisions seem easy and things that previously required tons of effort are effortless.

Something inside of my brain has shifted.... clouds are clearing and focus has set in. Didn't they say when you eat anything cooked you get really foggy and disoriented?? Well, I feel like if you look for that to happen then it will. My experience was quite different.

I'm still researching sprouted/cooked grain ideas. And will very slowly introduce them. I have some quinoa sprouted now and will report tomorrow how that meal goes over tonite. My goal is eating simply and cleanly. ONLY. I am through with the labels. Technically I am vegan and always will be (karmic reasons), but all other labels can go...they serve NO purpose. I want to exit the "Raw Elitist" mindset before it's permanent.


For your spirit.... check out this amazing video by Esther Hicks via Abraham

If I had an iphone I would be plugged into Hicks 24/7. The message of the video is to help you understand how/why you get and most importantly DON'T get what you want. What level are you vibrating on?? What level are your thoughts vibrating on??? "What I am thinking and what I am receiving are always a vibrational match".

Today I did 40 mins of cardio and am going to spinning class tonite with Kennedy. I believe that I may lightly steam some broccoli tomorrow nite or maybe tonite if I get home early enough to eat it before bedtime. I haven't been good at all about NOT eating late. I have been eating too late at nite and waking up still digesting food. This means that overnite instead of my body's body has been working on digesting heavy food and therefore storing it as FAT. Oh no!!! Time to make a change Jayna'!

So I am working on a cleaner and clearer life in all areas of my being. Simplicity. Honesty. Authenticity. Simply going after....focusing on.... what brings me joy... makes me feel good. No label, definition, explanation.... it just is.

Join me on this journey towards authentic living will you?

With love,


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