Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snacking, Schoolwork, Angela Stokes and Exercise

Ok...what's up with my late nite snacking??!?!? ARG! Well, it was a hot cuppa yerba mate' + honey and some dried black mission organic figs....then later grapes, but still. I was watching a movie so I identify the trigger, but geez!!

Today I will be at the library from about 2-5 when they close and then try to head to the gym from some cardio and abs...then home early enough to hang with Kay and stay up late tonite finishing up some assignments. Tomorrow I will get up and do some at home yoga and then head to the library for an allllllllll day study/work-a-thon. I have so much to do and little time to get it done in. Ahhh working on my procrastination- this is a big one for me. Don't worry, I'm getting there. Any thoughts or suggestions??? I would be eternally grateful ;-)

Angela Stokes is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. Her amazing spirit and endless loving kindness is a gift for the world to witness. She truly has a handle on understanding food addiction and the connection between spirit and body.

Check out this awesome youtube video with her making juice. I TOTALLY will start squeezing my juice when I am looking to have juice only days (to eliminate the pulp)

Check out this short video on using exercise bands. I get lots of emails from women who can't get to a gym (or afford one), and who can't afford or get access to dumbbells...well watch this short clip. You can get strength training bands from Target/Wal Mart/Craigs list...really inexpensive.

I will be doing this workout when I am in the mountains of California in 2 weeks! Also, the other videos are short cardio ones. NO EXCUSES!!!! No equipment? No problem!! Come to my blog and just get it done!!

Best of luck to you as you focus on true health and passion.

In light and love,


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