Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Workout Wednesdays

Just wanted to make a post ...a short and simple one.

I want to start "Workout Wednesdays" where I post my workouts and my food for the day.

Well, Wednesday is normally a cardio day so it will be kinda boring....sorry. Next week I will list my POA and maybe that will be a little more interesting.

Short and simple
Morning: 40 mins cardio. 30 rbike (reading a magazine). 20 mins on treddy (incline intervals)
About 100 various ab exercises (roman chair, medicine ball twists)

Tonite: spinning 50 mins, 40 abs (medicine ball twists)

8:20 am 32 oz orange juice, flesh of one orange (wanted green juice but totally too lazy to clean the juicer after I made Kay's juice for school)...and yes I have 3 juicers and didn't wanna get them dirty either!

11:00 (post gym) smoothie 3 tbsp soaked chia seds, soaked goji berries, 1 banana, 1.5 cs frozen mango

12:20 8oz dried black mission figs (yes dried) was hungry, Kay wouldn't nap (couldn't go into kitchen for "real" lunch) ate em all before I knew it (bad Jayna' :)

3:30 huge kale and pea sprout salad with 1/3 c hempseeds, 1 avocado, 1 c cherry tomatoes, juice of one lemon, celtic sea sat. 32 ozs of orange/cranberry juice ("oh don't drink while you eat Jayna' !!!") I know I know, but I was thirsty and it looked good. I'll do better with that tomorrow

6:45 (post spinning) smoothie: vitamineral green, soaked gojis, soaked chia, 1 banana, 1 c frozen strawberries

8:15 (too late I know I Know) 1c COOKED steel cut oats, 1/2 c fresh blueberries, 1 tsp flax oil.

Tip of the Week
*Get a cute basket for your living room. Put a jump rope, strength training bands, and a few LIGHT hand weights in it. During one of your favorite shows...use the commercials and make a challenge for yourself: "I will do 30 bicep curls... I will do 20 knee pushups... I will do 40 crunches" and you'd be surprised what you can get done by the end of the Biggest Loser!


*gotta stop eating so late... it's my struggle right now
*need to get in tons more water
*stop being lazy and make the damn green juicer...just have TWO dirty juicers
*be better prepared for snack time so that 8 ozs of figs don't wind up in ur stomach before lunch. I woulda enjoyed em much better with a cuppa tea...damn!

Tomorrow my quinoa will be sprouted, but I am holding off on that as of yet and will likely eat some steamed veggies with my monster salad at dinner time.hmmmm of course I'll take photos and keep you posted.

Tomorrow is "Rock it Upper Body" day for me... don't know when I can get it in. If I try to go early I have to be done by 9:30 b/c Kay has therapy at a hospital 20 mins away... if I go later... she has preschool hr at the library from 1:30-2:30 and the daycare doesn't open until 4.... hmmmm I think 4 pm will be best. I totally dont' want to be rushed ....hmmmm

Well, I hope you are making time for fitness!!!! Every little bit counts.

In light and love,


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