Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Detox Days 13 &14. Closing and Thoughts on Cleanse

Okay poppies. Sorry for the 5 day delay, but things can quickly get hectic around here. Okay I don't have my notebook for my food intake for last two days of the challenge, but I did NOT finish strong!!! I was disappointed in myself, but circumstances arose that couldn't be helped :(

On Sat. Day 13, I was invited to the Mother-to-Mother Luncheon for mommies of kiddos with Autism. I was meant to be a day of pampering and enjoyment. They went to great lengths to make me a wonderful vegan and gluten free meal (the only one in the bunch). I was STARVING and the event was 4.5 hours. I had a small green smoothie that morning. Small for me is 3 cups. I decided to eat the wonderful smelling meal. Oh my...big mistake. The organic sauteed rice and veggie dish seemed like a good idea, but let me tell you, it WAS NOT. Oh my oh my. Sick as a dog! Seriously. Sick as a dog.

On Sun. Day 14, I went to the infamous Arnold's Way (more on that tomorrow when I can upload the photos and stuff). Got a few gourmet raw dishes and....SICK AS A DOG! Had to stop at the Whole Foods and go to the bathroom. As a result some of my eating spiraled a bit out of control for a few days. That coupled with my inability to get to the gym and I just went into a mini depression. Seriously. Okay depression may not be the best word, but you get my point. Tonite I am determined to get to the gym even if it's for 30 mins to ride the Ubike or Rbike and just get myself together. My stomach is still killing me from my poor choices and I am determined NOW to get it together. My daughter told me today to eat a fruit salad! She is such a sage.

Okay, so I have a new plan and a new challenge for myself. I really need to keep it simple and get back to the basics. So starting tomorrow I am doing green juice EVERY morning (even if it's only 8-12 ozs) and then green smoothies. Mono meals at lunch of fruit and then mono meals of fruit before a night time salad. No nuts, no flax crackers. My fat will come from tahini, avocados, and olives. I am excited about it and know it will work well. I will put the details in my next post. I will check in daily like I did before. Also, I previewed some new DVDs and have to put their reviews up after I actually do them.

So, overall the cleanse was fantastic. It reminded me of what it's like to truly eat raw food. What drew me to this lifestyle was the simplicity of it and the spiritual awakening I received by uncomplicating my life. For that reason alone, I am glad I did the cleanse. I am so ready to find the joy and simplicity in the next phase of this cleanse.

Taking a deep breath and about to just reboot and start again...ahhhhhhhhhhh. As always, I am 100% honest and hope that the honesty of my struggles inspire others to push forward as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Detox Day 12 & Attitude

Hi Poppyseeds!

Today is 73 degrees!!!!!!!! It was 35 when we got up. I actually was hungry at lunchtime. I wanted to CHEW a kale salad!! I realize that maybe I will make a green soup for tomorrow's lunch. You all know how I feel about hunger. I know my fasting friends will tell me that hunger is their friend, but it ain't mine. I made a quick tasty smoothie that cured that hunger though. I also am PMSing (due within 8 days) and really wanted something sweet. I picked up Larabars, but they are for dessert and snacks starting AFTER my detox. Below I will list the AWESOME smoothie that I made earlier.

Today's Menu & Food Plan

*green smoothie: spinach, celery, strawberry, cinnamon, chia, ice, water (2 cups)

*green smoothie: 3 cups of the same as above

*green smoothie: celery, banana, spinach, cinnamon (1 c)

*cantaloupe and 1.5 cs of celery, banana, spinach, cinnamon smoothie with chia seeds

*kale salad (red/yellow peppers, cucumber, dulse, sauerkraut) with cayenne tahini dressing and veggie flax crackers

*"Green Chocolate Smoothie" with 1 key lime Larabar broken up in it while I watch a movie

As I get closer to my period, I honor my body wanting some more fat and a bit of something sweet and delicious. So I came up with my

"Green Chocolate Smoothie"


*2 frozen bananas


*yacon syrup

*raw carob



*2 dates

Put hempseeds, water, dates, yacon syrup, spinach, carob and cacao into blender and blend for 20 seconds. Then add 2 frozen bananas. Blend. Serve...yum

Today's Exercise

*BW 21 squats

*cable kickbacks

*deadlifts (romainian)

*seated calf raises

*glute machine



*weighted obliques

*ab knee ups on bench

*plie squats

*on my way back for 20 mins of intervals and BW abs and stretching.

Okay onto attitude that doesn't rhyme with gratitude for nothing!! When I have an attitude of gratitude, I am soooooooooo grateful for every and anything that I have. Today I am so grateful for the sunshine, my daughter finding a medicine that helps with ehr seasonal allergies and doesn't make her brain go haywire, my beautiful home, my 11 year old VW, my fit body, raw foods, my knowledge of raw foods, Kennedy's dad....the list goes on and on.

If you want to make a change, it's as simple as changing your MIND. Tell yourself that YOU are in control...NOT the bag of cookies, NOT your husband/boyfriend/friend who brings over doughnuts right after you worked out. YOU YOU YOU are the driver of the bus. You say where it stops and starts and WHO it picks up. So, if you wanna pick up some new healthy habits, start and decide that in the sunshine you will take a 20 minute walk and drink an extra 4 cups of water. Heck, make a green smoothie ( smiles ChocolateOrchid) even if you use an old beat up blender. Make it happen. TODAY'S THE DAY!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green Detox Day 11

Can you believe it's Day 11 already!!!! I am feeling so many changes in my body and my spirit. I am getting really creative with my smoothies and adding chia seeds is really helping to keep me full. I am making smoothies every time I am hungry and always having one ready beforehand.

Today I had a great workout at the gym. I was kinda out of it when I went in and just told myself I would do my strength training and go back and do my cardio later, but decided I would get it all done while I was there. I realized in the past few days that my "Friends" at the gym are always stopping me and chatting thereby prolonging my time in the gym and cutting into my high heart rate. I decided that I would go in focused and talk ONLY after I was done. This made a major difference!!

Today's Menu and Food Plan

*green smoothie: spinach, celery, fresh strawberries, orange, banana, sesame seed mylk and chia seeds (2 cups)

*green smoothie: (same as above) 1 qrt

*green smoothie: kale, spinach, frozen mango, frozen banana, sesame mylk, water, 2 tbsps hempseeds

*green smoothie: 1 frozen banana, 1 lemon, spinach, vanilla, ice, water

*kale salad: kale, red pepper, veggie flax crackers, cayenne tahini dressing, yellow peppers

*4 dried figs with 1 c vanilla hazelnut tea

Today's Exercise

*10 min warm up on elliptical

*21s (bicep curl)


*lat pull down

*assisted pullups

*hammer curls

*preacher curls


*weighted obliques

*intervals on treddy

I worked up an awesome sweat and felt amazing as I chugged my smoothie with Kennedy on my way out of the gym. I have lots of reading to do tonite and may go back to the gym and sit on the Ubike and get some reading done. I am not sure yet, maybe not...hmmm

Okay, some days I go back and eat something before bed other than what I list on my food menu and plan. Last nite I had an orange before bed and a few nights I added sauerkraut and dulse to my salad. No big deal.

Check out this awesome video by my buddy Philip. This is EXACTLY my way of thinking. Simple is best. Yes I do make my flax crackers, tortillas, desserts, etc, but the MAJORITY of my raw diet is S-I-M-P-L-E

Check out his smoothie video too.

You should be inspired to eat and be raw now!!! Grab a green smoothie no matter how large or small... just make one. I used a $20 blender from Wal Mart (yes wal mart :( ) until it blew up!!! I saved and got my Vitamix and I use it 3-5 times A DAY. Just get started. Smoothies, Salads, Fruits... THAT IS RAW FOOD. !!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Detox Day 10

Today I have a lot on my mind and am feeling ....blah. I haven't been that way all day, but I am feeling sad right now. I can't say why, but am in the dumps a bit :(

Today's Menu

*hot water with lemon

*smoothie: mango, strawberries, banana, spinach, ice, water


*kombucha (strawberry)

*smoothie: sesame seed mylk (made it today), spinach, banana, orange, lemon, fruits of the earth, chia seeds

*sweet kale salad (kale, raisins, walnuts, sliced banana) dressing (tahini, water, agave)
I didn't like this salad very much. I ate about 1/4 of it and stopped.

*small kale salad with cayenne tahini dressing and veggie flax crackers and 1/2 tortilla

My stomach is feeling too full. I have a very uncomfortable feeling. I am hoping that after a good night's sleep I will feel better.

Today's Exercise

*cardio day.

*20 mins treadmill

*20 min jumprope

*no abs b/c I was bloated

I am off to clear my mind and write in my journal. I promise tomorrow's post will be much more inspiring.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Detox Day 9 and Thoughts on Motivation

Okay. I don't always feel like (or have time to) edit the post, but yesterday I decided to add saukeraut to my dinner salad...yummmmm...

Well, today is amazing....amazing....amazing. I went to bed early last nite. My body was tired and I listened to it. I woke up renewed and ready for Tuesday! It was foggy and cold, but I found enough MoJo to get dressed for the gym. When I got there, I wasn't feeling it. But told myself to jsut get thru my plan and then I could leave. Ha!! I got inot it alright. My MoJo came back and I was so glad that I did it.

Today's Menu and Food PLan (going off memory here)

*Kristen's Raw energizing smoothie...yum

*same smoothie post workout with chia seeds this time

*32 oz grapefruit juice with e3live in it

*a variation of Kristen's Raw kiwi vanilla smoothie (I added strawberries...yummmmmmmm) with chia seeds

*kale salad with red pepper, cayenne tahini dressing, veggie flax crackers, tortillas.

*dried figs and vanilla tea while watching the biggest loser tonite

Today's Exercise

*10 min warmup on Ubike

*21 squats

*cable kickbacks

*glute machine


*seated calf raises

*plie squats



*weighted abs

*sauna 5 minutes

Going back in 45 mins for cardio and more stretching. I felt powerful today.

Onto a topic that I get many emails about... motivation. This email came today....

How are you? It’s been awhile since we last chatted but I just have to ask you….WHERE does your motivation come from? I mean I read your blog and it sounds really wonderful but how did you start to put one foot in front of the other to get it going? I have tried and I always say I will start tomorrow and Jayna tomorrow will come and go and I do NOTHING!!! I should be motivated because I want to be healthier, my skin is all messed up and I have gained weight…I took my son to the doctor last Tuesday a week ago today and girl I got on the digital scale and it said 201 I have never been this heavy in my life, that should have been my motivation right there. Every time my husband wants to take family pictures I say NO are you crazy because I have gained weight and I truly do not like what I see in the mirror. L Email me when you can.

I've been writing a lot lately about starting . Starting is the only thing you have to worry about. I mean STARTING every single day. Don't worry about doing it right, doing it enough, or doing it better or the same as anyone else...including me. Just wake up everyday knowing that you will START ....not necessarily finish, but START your plan to take care of your body. For me it boils down to this.... what do I think I'm worth?? When I thought I wasn't worth much, I ate crappy food and didn't exercise. As I started to value myself more, I put more time into ME.
What is it that you are hiding from? Looking better, feeling better?

I know it sounds crazy, but we can be AS afraid of the best parts of ourselves as we can be the bad. Sometimes we fall into a role where we are the "fat" one or the "ugly" one or the "poor" one and we don't know what to do if you don't fit that role anymore.
I am motivated by looking and feeling fantastic! Not according to anyone else's standards...just my own. Actually, my doctor told me that I was 10 lbs overweight! I am only 5'0" and I look great. I feel phenomenal and I have muscle...but she told me to lose 5 lbs "even if it's 5 lbs of muscle". Needless to say she isn't' my doctor anymore.

If you want to take family pictures, use that as your goal. Make an appt at a studio 2 months from now and use THAT as your motivation. Anything that works.
I want to tell you that you can have the body and mind of your dreams if you just START TODAY.

Imagine...if you start today, next week you will have ONE week of eating right and diet under your belt. How does that sound? I am no authority,but I can say as someone who grew up on New Orleans fried chicken and gumbo that me being where I am is anything short of miraculous. If I can do it so can you. Just start today. Walk around the block, drink 4 extra cups of water, do some stretches and jumping jacks...ANYTHING to get you on your way.

I'm rooting for you.

I love you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Green Detox Day 8 & Weekly Recipes

Okay green poppies!!!!!!!!!

Day 8 is breezy. First of all let me talk about yesterday. I felt so great on my juices until dinner. I was light and crisp. I got a ton of my schoolwork done at the library and was soooooooo focused. I didn't' feel true hunger until I got in the car to go home and then I was ravenous!!!! I got home and made a wonderful smoothie. Remember I mentioned yesterday that it was my first time making it? Well, it was sooooooooooooo delicious that I had it again this morning!!!!!

Jayna' Zing-ba-da-Bing Smoothie

*2 bananas
*1 orange
*1 lemon

Blend and love it up and enjoy!!!

Last nite I did yoga and five minutes of abs and read myself to sleep. Well, before that, I did a warm water enema. I am much better at these now. Thank goddess. It was highly successful. I felt soooooooo full of energy when it was over. I got to bed really late so I was truly dismayed to wake up at 6:30 am to rain and cold darkness outside!! ARG. I wanted to crawl under the covers and sleep the day away, but did I? Uhhhh no!!! I got Kennedy ready for school (finally back in session) and showered for the gym. Yes I did say shower FOR the gym! My clothes were ready to go so I made it there in the storm and was slow to warm up, but ended up having a BLAST.

Today's Menu and Food Plan

*green smoothie (Kristen's Raw Recipe!!) "Senergy Smoothie" celery, banana, cinnamon (plus chia seeds)

*zada-ba-da-bing smoothie: orange, lemon, spinach, kale, banana, chia

*Kristen's vanilla kiwi smoothie (want the recipe?? buy the book!! hahahahaha)

*1 c strawberries, 1 orange (maybe)

*kale salad, red pepper, tahini dressing, cucumber wrapped in my tortilla shells (recipe below), veggie flax crackers (recipe below)

*dessert (I feel like dessert today and I'm a queen so I get what I want) key lime larabar, 1/4c macadamia nuts, steamy mug of vanilla tea

Made it to the gym in the storm and cold for upper body and a little cardio. Will go back after my meeting tonite with Kennedy and do some real cardio.

Today's Exericse

*10 min treddy warm up

*lat pull downs

*preacher curls

*lying tricep extensions


*hammer curls

*alternating bicep curls


*weighted abs

*shoulder press

*jump rope for intervals ...about 15 minutes

I hopped a shower and made it to the next town to the store and was STILL able to get Kennedy early from school! Oh yea oh yea. This is the power of raw and of getting up early. I am truly seeing on this detox now that I have ONE WEEK DOWN! that nothing has changed my life more than greens. I feel truly amazing. The best ever and I won't be as drastic as to say I will eat exactly this way for ever (b/c I love my gourmet raw restaurants) but I can say that this will be the basis and mainstay of the way that I do eat. It has cleared up so much energy for me to concentrate on other things. I am consuming the same amount of calories, most times MORE and I feel great. I truly do. I am curvy in all the right places and fit and strong. I don't give a rat's ass what the scale says or anyone else. Well, I look great so I guess that's easy to say!!!! :)

This week's recipes are....

Veggie Flax Crackers (by Jayna')

*2 c dark flax soaked in 4 cups of water

*1 red pepper

*2 carrots

*1 zucchini

*1 tbsp red pepper flakes

*2 tsps celtic sea salt

Put in food processor and whirl it around! I made some circle shapes, some square and broke the rest into croutons and odd shapes. I put them on 150 for 40 mins and 105 for 18 hrs after that. I store em in the fridge and they can last for a month!!

Tortilla by Raw Chef Russell James

For the tortilla

*3c peeled courgette (zucchini)

*3T olive oil

*2t lemon juice

*Pinch cayenne

*1t ground coriander

*1/2t salt

*1/2c flax meal

• Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth.

• Add flax meal and blend again until smooth.

• Pour mixture onto 2 dehydrator sheets and spread evenly into a circle on each.

• Dehydrate for 8 hours at 105 degrees F, or until able to peel of the sheet.

• Once the dehydrator sheets are removed, return to the dehydrator for 30 - 60 mins, until both sides are dry to the touch but still pliable.

* Flax meal is flax seed that have been ground in a coffee grinder or similar, to produce a fine flour.

These two recipes will be able to get me thru my week along with Kristen's tahini dressing and I will make more of that dressing this week...yum yum! I will take the flax cracker that I made into a pizza crust and put veggie guacamole on top. I will use the wraps for marinated veggies and such.... It will be a great healthy week.

I'm already thinking up my next challenge. I can't tell you yet b/c I may change my mind and do something else, but I think I know.

I hope that you all have done something wonderful for yourselves today. If not, stop right now and commit to SOMETHING. Even if it's ten minutes. Commit everyday to taking steps that get you closer to optimal health.

I love you.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Detox Day 7

Okay. I'm at the library for school so I have to be super quick. I'm feeling amazing today. Tons of clarity, energy and good feelings. I feel powerful and strong. I haven't weighed myself and I don't intend on doing so until the end of my "detox". My jeans still don't fit, but I feel amazing and that's all that matters. I look pretty hot too, so that doesn't hurt!

Today's Menu & Drink Plan

*hot water and lemon

*green juice: carrot, celery, cuke, ginger ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

*juice: strawberries, cuke, celery, lemon

*Raspberry kombucha

*green juice: cuke, celery, kale, apple, lemon

*(2 oranges) I brought them along in case I am not done by the time I'm really hungry. I prefer to make it home and have my green smoothie, but I DO NOT believe in starving one's self.

*green smoothie: spinach, kale, banana, orange, lemon, chia seed (this will be a new one, we'll see how it goes)... I made it up this morning in my head.

Today's Exerices

*official Day of Rest DOR

*few minutes of yoga before bed is the plan

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kristen's Raw Book Review and Skinny Bitch DVD Review

Okay okay okay....

Kristen has done it again !!! When her books Easy Raw Vegan Salads & Dressings and Easy Raw Vegan Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs & Drinks arrived in the mail I was jumping up and down!!! Now that is getting warm outside and with my green detox going, I am truly looking for inspiration and I certainly got it!!!!! As you may know, I have moved from a really messy raw vegan to a cooked vegan back where I belong to a raw vegan and this time it's all about being simple. When I was last supper healthy on the raw diet, my diet was really simple and plain. I still love to throw together something messy and fun, but for the mental and physical clarity... veggies and fruits are where it's at. And in that order!

Kristen's Easy Raw Vegan Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs and Drinks gets 2 thumbs up. Oh my goddess...I found so many wonderful fruit AND veggie smoothie recipes. I am really trying to find more smoothie/soup type recipes. You can NEVER have too many veggies in your system. Period. With recipes like Beauty and the Beast, Love Nest Maca Smoothie, and island Oasis Girl. you will honestly get get bored with these recipes and there are SO many other ways to mix and match em!! And another thing I love about Kristen's books are that she always starts off with her Raw Basics chapter. She includes answers about why you should go raw and the top tips for storing and keeping produce. This book is loaded with information and tips all throughout it! I really want to try the Cinnamon Pecan Milk with some dried figs next week for dessert! yummmmmmmm Trust me, if you wanna shake things up this summer and are looking for very ORIGNIAL tasty smoothie recipes that you can make in a cinch, grab a copy of this book. You will NOT be sorry that you did!

Okay on to the next book! As a true lover of salads, I was sooooooooooo elated to read Kristen's awesome book on salads and dressings . Oh my oh my. My creativity went buzzing. Her Cayenne Tahini Dressing is most likely going to be a stapel for me. I love tahini and usually just throw it on a salad with lemon juice and stir, but this will make it last much longer and give it extra zip! I'm so excited to try it. With recipes like Italian Bread Salad, Summer Picinic Slaw, The Best Chopped Salad Ever (favorite of mine), and Latin American Fiesta Vinaigrette how could you possibly get bored!!!??!?! If you think salads ahve to be boring or plain, you are sooooooooooo wrong. Honestly, Kristen has been the only raw chef's whose dressigns I have truly truly enjoyed. Somehow she knows just want to put in em...seroiusly. She catered a CSL event that I went to and I had 5 plates of her salad/dressing recipe. People were laughing!!!

The DVD title reads "Get into Skinny Bitch shape with teh help of this dance based aerobic workout routine, which focuses primarily on tightening your booty. Ballet moves mixed with plenty of bouncin/ around will help you shed pouds, grow stronger and feel awesome."

First of all, I am a Giant Rory Friedman fan. I love all the Skinny Bitch books that I own. I also own their first 2 workout dvds. This one was cute and great, but I didn't even sweat. I think if you are in good physical shape it won't be a hard core workout, but can provide something different and dancy. Perhaps you can do this on your day of rest from working out. Did I enjoy it?? yes. Would I recommend it for someone trying to lose weight if they only have about 20lbs to lose? No. I would however recommend their other two dvds. They are so fun and easy to do!

Green Detox Days 5 & 6

Hi Green Buddies!!!

Lo siento that I couldn't post last nite. Didn't get to bed until MEGA late and didn't wanna get out the comp, etc. So here goes! Yesterday was cool. It has finally gotten warm here in PA and I have decided that in the evenings before dinner if I am really hungry I will eat some fruit... quick problemo. I did this yesterday and it helped me until I got home. Remember... I am NOT in the business of going hungry... EVER.

Day 5 I ate....

*green juice 12 oz (cuke, celery, apple)

*green smoothie (orange, spinach, banana, chia seeds) 48 ozs

*green smoothie (4 frozen bananas, hemp mylk, vitamineral greens, fruits of the earth powders)

*1 orange, strawberries, banana.

*kale salad with red pepper, tahini, herbamare, sundried tomato flax crackers, cucumber, saukeraut, and 1 mango

*8 oz strawberry kombucha

Yesterday was CRAZY fitness day. I had my MoJo going and I knocked it out. My legs were literally shaking when I left. Oh yea...the only way to do it. Go hard or go home. That's what I tell myself when I walk into the gym!

Day 5's Workout

*21 squats

*abductor machine (first time)

*adductor machine (first time)

*seated calf raises

*standing cable kickbacks

*glute machine

*leg press


*weighted abs

*short 8:30 warm up on elliptical

THEN, I went back in the afternoon for cardio. Some jump rope, few sprints on the treddy, some more abs, chatting with folks, stretches and a few minutes of relaxation.

Today's Plan got off to a great start. Day 6 is rocking and I am so proud of myself. I feel so strong and confident. My cravings are diminishing and that's truly the first time that I can say that...ever. I KNOW it's the green intake.

Today's Menu

*water with lemon

*green smoothie: 2 bananas, spinach, fresh strawberries, 1/2 lime, 1/2 cuke, ice water, chia

*8 oz kombucha

*green smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, strawberries, 1/2 cuke, fresh strawberries, hempseed mylk, chia seeds, dulse

*2 oranges

*red leaf lettuce, 1 avocado, 1 tomato, sauerkraut, herbamare, dulse. The rest of my sun dried tomato flax crackers

*hempseed mylk with cacao and 1 frozen banana and dried figs

Today's Exercise (already done!)

*6 mins jump rope

*15 mins Ubike intervals (calm)

*weighted abs and obliques

*4 mins jump rope

*15 mins Ubike SS


Today I have tons of schoolwork and it is soooooooo gorgeous outside. Kennedy is gone with her dad and I am inside paying bills and about to get started with my work. I hope that you are finding the beauty and sunshine in this day. If not, go wash your face, take a deep breath and choose to start again. After all, if you don't do it for yourself...who will????

I love you.

***edit*** I decided to have Kristen's Tahini Dressing with my salad...oh my goddess I was licking the bowl. Also, I changed my late nite smoothie to a new wonder. hemp mylk, frozen bananas, carob, dates...oh my

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Green Detox Day 4

Hi Goddesses!!!

Today I was hungry. what's up with that???? So I just had extra green smoothie. I made the HUGE mistake of getting home really late and eating my dinner. I kinda overate. And I ate really quickly, which means I didn't realize that I had overeaten until too late. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day.

Today's Menu

*strawberry kombucha

*green smoothie (spinach, strawberry, blueberries, banana, chia seeds) 12 oz

*green smoothie 30 oz of same as above

*green smoothie celery, strawberry, organe, banana, chia

*green smoothie vitamineral greens, fruits of the eart, chia, orange, 2 bananas, strawberry

*2 oranges

*1 mango, kale salad (kale, red pepper, tahini, herbamare, lemon juice), flax crackers and corn chips with nacho cheeze sauce and dill cashew cheeze

*dried figs and water

Today I exercised and felt great. I had tremendous power today for some reason!! Ha! I know why.

Today's Exercise

*quick warmup on the elliptical

*upperbody no order

*alternating bicep curls


*incline pec flyes

*weighted abs

*weighted obliques

*hammer curls

*tricep extensions

Tomorrow I am hoping to see my hunger subside a bit. I have a busy day and will bring along enough smoothie to last and last.

What have you done today to get you closer to your goals>??? What can you do tomorrow? Remember it isn't the big steps that matter most, it's the small CONSISTENT ones that you make that matter the most. I'm not all talk. I have walked the walk. I have been grossly overweight and clueless about raw. You can do this. You CAN DO THIS. Your health and the health of the planet depends on it.

Til tomorrow :-)
**edit** I forgot to mention that I went to the gym twice today. Early am for strength training and then in the afternoon for cardio. Was bored to do the cardio so I did about 15 mins of jumprope and 10 mins of treddy also some weights.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Green Detox Day 3

Okay lovely ladies,

Today was effortless again. Wow, this detox is so easy. I am going to try to lessen my fat intake tomorrow nite. I have no interest in going NO fat for this detox though.

Today's Menu
*few ounces kombucha

*hot water and lemon

*32 oz green smoothie: spinach, apple, blueberries, frozen banana, chia

*16 oz of the same green smoothie

*green smoothie: spinach, apple, strawberries, 2 bananas chia

*2 oranges

*red lead lettuce salad. 1/2 red pepper, tahini, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, herbamare

corn chips, Nacho cheeze sauce, flax crackers

*dried figs and 16 oz strawberry kombucha

I am not trying to feel hungry at all on this detox, so when I am I have a green smoothie. I am also going to do only green juice on Sunday until dinner and do green smoothies at nite. This is going to be great. My energy has been so great too. I did an enema the other day and will do another one tomorrow. The goal is 3 a week. This is a new practice for me. I have had to read TONS of information before I wanted to commit to doing this. I understand philosophically why this is the right thing to do.

Today was only cardio and abs.

Today's Exercise

*6 mins jump rope

*15 mins elliptical

*2 mins jump rope

*15 mins on treddy (8 min jog, 5 mins HIGH incline, few mins cool down)

*9 mins stairmaster

*50# weighted abs

Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week for Kennedy and I. We may skip a thing or two, but we have tons to do. I will definitely tell you have the detox goes tomorrow and any new insights. Today I thought about how badly I want to get back into my yoga practice. I have been waiting to find the best class (no go so far). The only studio that I tested out that I love is crazy expensive..uh..NO. I am very private with my yoga practice. I love doing it at nite by candlelight. I have yet to truly be in a yoga class without my ego present... or worrying if anyone is looking at me, etc. I got out my favorite yoga tape and will start it tomorrow. However, TODAY, I will be doing 5 sun salutes before I go to sleep with one restorative pose or two before bed.

I am feeling so clear on this focused, so ON point. I feel great and am thinking that I will definitely KEEP a few days a week where I do green smoothies until dinner time. I have a plan for my day of juice too. I will tell you more about it as the week comes to a close, but this week I have definite plans for getting my schoolwork and fitness plans in this week.

I hope that you all are starting TODAY to take care of yourself. Even if it's one small green smoothie just so that you feel motivated to start today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Green Detox Day 2

My princess and I at the
Autism Awareness

Ok. Yesterday was very successful. I normally don't do well on "detox" programs like juice feasts or ones with lots of steps, so this is perfect for me right now. It is actually wonderful not to worry about what I am going to eat or consume during the day and all I do is have my green juice and smoothie ready. I think I may be saving a bit of money right now as well!! Oh yea oh yea. I felt amazing energy throughout the day. I'm serious. I don't believe in being hungry, so when I felt hunger I drank a green smoothie. My mental clarity and focus was DEAD on.

Today's Menu and Food Plan

*2 oz grape kombucha


*green smoothie- spinach, banana, orange, chia seeds

*green juice- broc stalks and florets, cuke, celery, apple

*green smoothie- spinach, apple, frozen banana, few frozen strawberries, chia seeds

*kale salad (kale, red peppers, nutritional yeast, with sun dried tomato flax crackers and yesterday's famous nacho cheeze sauce and my fermented dill/paprika cheeze, and sauerkrat)

*before bed: 1 orange

Today's Workout (completed) no particular order. 3 sets

*10 min warmup on crosstrainer

*Front Squats BW (21s)

*lunge with core rotation

*donkey kicks with crossovers

*leg lifts

*bridge with 25# plate

*deadlifts (50# BB)

*seated calf raises

*jump rope between sets

*weighted abs

*weighted obliques

I was toast when I was done. I was so ready for my green smoothie, that I always keep in my gym bag!!!

Today I am off to do some schoolwork catch up and go to the tiny health food store that is 30 mins away for a few necessary items for Kay and me. She wants to play the Wii tonite, so I guess I will and I am making a challenge for myself during the biggest loser tonite. I will do 50 ball crunches before every commercial segment is over. Oh abs should be toast tomorrow. That's exactly what I want.

What are you doing to get closer to your dreams and goals? I was coaching someone today in the gym and telling her that STARTING is the hardest part. Once you start, you are already on your way. When you start, you are no longer living for the future when you start, you are living in the gift of the present. It's the same for raw food and fitness... just s-t-a-r-t. I promise you in 30 days you will look back and be so happy. It doesn't have to be perfect. You don't' have to have a vitamix and dehydrator to start with raw food. You can start the good ol fashioned the produce section with a basket of bananas, apples and oranges. But just start.

I am going to start getting new DVDs from netflix for fitness and taking one day out of the week to try them and them report about them online. I may start with some DVDs that I already own, but a few people have asked me about it and I think it would be great to share that with you all and hopefully motivate a few people.

So, keep your heads up and pull sunshine into your life today. And if you are living anywhere near the East Coast on this rainy, freezing day, you should try to MORE SO. I'm off to do work while Kennedy naps...have an awesome day.

Warm hugs,

Monday, April 13, 2009

14 Day Green Detox

Hi Goddesses!

Yesterday was a DOR from working out and dedication to my schoolwork. I did 5 mins of abs and ate a ton of food!!! I made so many yummy things for the week and had a nice Sunday Easter meal with Kennedy.

For the week I made Kristen's cheezy hemp nacho sauce. (recipe below). Oh my goddess this sauce is rawmazing!!! I am serious. I had it on corn chips last nite with the fermented dill/paprika cashew cheeze that I made for the week. I also made some corn chips and sun dried tomato flax crackers. I made a HUGE smoothie with celery (my new favorite smoothie green), strawberries and bananas with chia seeds gelled. I was ready to go!!!

This week will be a breeze now. OF course I still have things to do to prepare for my days, but it will be much easier.

Now...onto the real deal.....

Jayna's 14 Day Green Detox

*Green juice and smoothies until dinner time (about 6 pm)

*3-4 L of water per day

That's it! Simple and to the point. Finally getting warm up here on the East Coast (although this morning was 29 degrees) and am just ready for some internal spring cleaning. I am not going to go all out and say that I want to do a juice feast because I don't. Neither do I want to give myself a thousand rules like skin brush 7xs a day...etc. I will report everyday about my progress.

This morning I was still digesting my dinner so I had...

Today's Raw Food Menu and Plan

*warm lemon water

*12 oz celery, banana, straw, chia smoothie

*30 oz kale, banana, straw, chia smoothie

*24 oz juice (cuke + celery + apple)

*22 oz spinach, banana, straw chia smoothie

*kale salad with 1 avocado, red pepper, nutritional yeast, lemon juice with sun dried tomato flax with Kristen's cheezy hemp nacho sauce

*8 oz juice (cuke + celery + apple)

Edit*** Later in the day I had 3 tbsps e3live, 1 orange, and some grape kombucha****


*jump rope

*treddy (jog for 12 minutes)

*hardcore fast paced upper body circuit


By Kristen Suzanne of

Yield approximately 1 1/2 cups

1/3 cup water1 clove garlic2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice1 red bell pepper, seeded, rough chopped (approximately 1 cup)1 cup hemp seeds2 1/2 tablespoons nutritional yeast flakes1 tablespoon chili powder*2 teaspoons tamari, wheat-free1/2 teaspoon Himalayan crystal salt1/2 teaspoon garlic powder1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper1/8 teaspoon turmeric powderBlend all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. This can be stored in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Food & Exercise

Hey Green Peeps!

Today was a busy day. Rain turned into sun and I started feeling motivated to get things done.
Today I was snacky. What's up with that? Maybe it's the cardio... Anyway, I didn't mention yesterday but I gained 20 lbs on cooked food. YES 20 lbs!! I was so tired everyday, the soy made me feel terrible and heaven forbid when I ate wheat....sprouted or not! Terrible! I have lost 9 of the 20 lbs already and just feel so much more mental clarity and alertness. I love my body though. 11 extra pounds and all. I am not in a race with anyone to look any certain way. My goal is cellular health and longevity of life so that I can properly care for my little gyrl. She is the real reason. When you become a mommie, you have to change. It isn't about you anymore. So, I am very Ghandi with my message to her. I am NOT one of those moms who screams, "Eat your veggies!". I am the mommie who is eating veggies and says, "honey, do you want some?"

I live by example, not by order. I choose to do it this way. And the result is a well adjusted amazing kiddo (Autism and all) who shares, loves music and art and makes her own juices daily. So enough of that...onto the food intake.

Today' food


* cuke + celery + apple juice and 1 orange

*green smoothie: 1 banana, apple, spinach, water, ice, 3 tbsp chia seeds

*organic freeze dried fruit munchies

*1/4 c kombucha

*pasta and raw marinara

*3 oranges and fresh strawberries

*dried figs and vanilla hazelnut tea + 1/2 c raw organic cashews

*cereal : buckwheat crispies, 1/2 banana slced, 1 c sliced strawberries, agave, 1/4 c walnuts
hemp seed mylk

Today's Exericse

*25 mins crosstrainer

*10 min jog on treddy (slight incline)

*upper body circuit + abs (dips, alternating bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep extensions, hammer curls, front raise). I was sweating and felt great afterwards.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and the Bunny is bringing Kennedy some homemade fermented nut cheeze with hempseeds! She (yes our bunny is a gyrl) is also bringing some teddy bears, oranges, apples, strawberries and a raw chocolate bunny. Kennedy won't eat the raw chocolate. That will be all mine. She will take the fruits over choc or candy anyday! The closest she gets to candy is GF/CF/SF vegan gummy bears and freeze dried fruit! She loves it. She has leaky gut syndrome so the probiotics in the nut cheeze are good for her gut. I am not sure if I can get to the gym tomorrow, but will definitely hula hoop on the Wii with Kennedy for about 30 minutes.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Exercise & Friday Menu

Keeping it short. I'm so busy this weekend. Tryna catch up on schoolwork and get organized. I was out at the library most of the day. So I brought along a bag of raw goodness with me. I was really hungry for some reason today, but perhaps tomorrow will be a lighter day. I am really craving greens. I will possibly start off tomorrow with a simple green juice. I'm thinking cuke + celery.

15 jog on treddy
Body Weight lowerbody exercises and abs

smoothie (celery, spinach, blueberries, banana)

2 bananas 2 oranges

26oz green smoothie (2 bananas, frozen berries, spinach)...forgot to put my chia seeds in for bulk

kale salad (red pepper, tomato, kale, tahini, herbamare, lemon juice)

cereal (buckwheat crispies, fresh strawberries, sliced banana, agave, walnuts, goji berries, hemp mylk)

1 mango and 1/4 cantaloupe

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm back!!!

sOh my goddess I thought the sun would neva shine here on the East Coast. I have been sooooooo busy. I know people say that when a raw fooder/exerciser doesn't post, it's because they fell off some invisible wagon. Well, let me tell ya folks I haven't fallen off anything. As a matter of fact, I really need to get on here and do some serious updating to my recommended blogs and photos...all kinds of stuff.

So what have I been up to?? ok... I feel like I opened Pandora's Cooked Vegan box when I started eating cooked again. OUCH. I felt a little like crap too. I think b/c I had been 100% for so long and was kinda bored, not impressed with my muscle definition etc that I thought of cooked foods. One of my lovely readers told me in an email that she could "see it coming" for months. I guess I did too. Well, the grass ain't always greeener on the other side!! I know that eating an 80%-100% raw diet is optimal for our health and that 80% in my opinion is kinda all you need for true health if the other 20% is real food and not lab made chemical shit balls. Long story short, I'm back 100%. About 6-7 weeks of cooked gluten free at some points, soy free at others..etc, I still felt shitty. 2 days back on my green smoothies and it was heaven. So, the lesson I learned from all of this is that whatever I was searching for I am not anymore! I love raw food and I love being raw. I am not eager to go back to 75 ingredient recipes, but I like to keep it simple and delicious like my lovely friend Kristen does. (And BTW for the reader who emailed me and thanked me for sharing Kristen's info here...NO PROBLEM!) She is the real deal. She is one of the first people I consult when I make changes along my journey. Her spirit is amazing and she is truly a gift in this movement. I am soooo lucky to know her ;--)

About the gym.... still going strong. Loving it of course. I've been doing a bit more bodyweight stuff and I actually am starting yet again my early morning routine at the gym or using my myriad of at home DVDs starting tomorrow. Kennedy is out of school for the next few weeks and she enjoys going to the gym, but I don't her to be there long. So if my workout is done I can just go sit in the sauna and read my schoolwork!!!! This week I am a bit beyond in 2 workouts because I have been so exhausted, but I will be going late tonite and tomorrow morning again with Kennedy. I've also been playing the Wii fit a bit more. I'm telling you as the sun shines out here now on the East Coast, I feel a clouded weight lifting off my shoulders. I can breathe again.

My raw food intake has changed a bit from before cooked. Well, let me say what happened on my "cooked experiment". Grains and I do NOT agree. I felt groggy everyday, super fatigued and when I ate soy (cheese, tempeh, seitan, etc)... I was sooooooooo congested. I'm serious. I could hardly breathe. I got a massage and my head felt like it would explode. There was so much sinus pressure, it was ridiculous. I am having NONE of those problems anymore. Quinoa is great steamed, but it left me with heartburn every time I ate it!! Every time!

Now back on raw I'm getting in plenty of green smoothies....fresh favorite of all times (kale salad) and some yummy Dr. Cow Cheese. I have a new love affair with tahini and am going to buy Kristen's Easy Vegan Salad Dressings recipe book . I love all of the dressings that she has made that I've tried. In the beginning of my raw journey, I wasted so much money and time trying to make raw dressings, that I quit and only still use lemon, but once I started trying her dressings....I'm NOT kidding, I redefined my thoughts about raw dressings being only olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

So, I am hopefully gonna be back to regular posting, well at least a few a week and hope that I can continue to encourage others along this path. I am truly convinced now more than ever, that anyone can find a way to make raw food work for them.


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