Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Detox Day 12 & Attitude

Hi Poppyseeds!

Today is 73 degrees!!!!!!!! It was 35 when we got up. I actually was hungry at lunchtime. I wanted to CHEW a kale salad!! I realize that maybe I will make a green soup for tomorrow's lunch. You all know how I feel about hunger. I know my fasting friends will tell me that hunger is their friend, but it ain't mine. I made a quick tasty smoothie that cured that hunger though. I also am PMSing (due within 8 days) and really wanted something sweet. I picked up Larabars, but they are for dessert and snacks starting AFTER my detox. Below I will list the AWESOME smoothie that I made earlier.

Today's Menu & Food Plan

*green smoothie: spinach, celery, strawberry, cinnamon, chia, ice, water (2 cups)

*green smoothie: 3 cups of the same as above

*green smoothie: celery, banana, spinach, cinnamon (1 c)

*cantaloupe and 1.5 cs of celery, banana, spinach, cinnamon smoothie with chia seeds

*kale salad (red/yellow peppers, cucumber, dulse, sauerkraut) with cayenne tahini dressing and veggie flax crackers

*"Green Chocolate Smoothie" with 1 key lime Larabar broken up in it while I watch a movie

As I get closer to my period, I honor my body wanting some more fat and a bit of something sweet and delicious. So I came up with my

"Green Chocolate Smoothie"


*2 frozen bananas


*yacon syrup

*raw carob



*2 dates

Put hempseeds, water, dates, yacon syrup, spinach, carob and cacao into blender and blend for 20 seconds. Then add 2 frozen bananas. Blend. Serve...yum

Today's Exercise

*BW 21 squats

*cable kickbacks

*deadlifts (romainian)

*seated calf raises

*glute machine



*weighted obliques

*ab knee ups on bench

*plie squats

*on my way back for 20 mins of intervals and BW abs and stretching.

Okay onto attitude that doesn't rhyme with gratitude for nothing!! When I have an attitude of gratitude, I am soooooooooo grateful for every and anything that I have. Today I am so grateful for the sunshine, my daughter finding a medicine that helps with ehr seasonal allergies and doesn't make her brain go haywire, my beautiful home, my 11 year old VW, my fit body, raw foods, my knowledge of raw foods, Kennedy's dad....the list goes on and on.

If you want to make a change, it's as simple as changing your MIND. Tell yourself that YOU are in control...NOT the bag of cookies, NOT your husband/boyfriend/friend who brings over doughnuts right after you worked out. YOU YOU YOU are the driver of the bus. You say where it stops and starts and WHO it picks up. So, if you wanna pick up some new healthy habits, start and decide that in the sunshine you will take a 20 minute walk and drink an extra 4 cups of water. Heck, make a green smoothie ( smiles ChocolateOrchid) even if you use an old beat up blender. Make it happen. TODAY'S THE DAY!!!


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