Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Green Detox Day 2

My princess and I at the
Autism Awareness

Ok. Yesterday was very successful. I normally don't do well on "detox" programs like juice feasts or ones with lots of steps, so this is perfect for me right now. It is actually wonderful not to worry about what I am going to eat or consume during the day and all I do is have my green juice and smoothie ready. I think I may be saving a bit of money right now as well!! Oh yea oh yea. I felt amazing energy throughout the day. I'm serious. I don't believe in being hungry, so when I felt hunger I drank a green smoothie. My mental clarity and focus was DEAD on.

Today's Menu and Food Plan

*2 oz grape kombucha


*green smoothie- spinach, banana, orange, chia seeds

*green juice- broc stalks and florets, cuke, celery, apple

*green smoothie- spinach, apple, frozen banana, few frozen strawberries, chia seeds

*kale salad (kale, red peppers, nutritional yeast, with sun dried tomato flax crackers and yesterday's famous nacho cheeze sauce and my fermented dill/paprika cheeze, and sauerkrat)

*before bed: 1 orange

Today's Workout (completed)...in no particular order. 3 sets

*10 min warmup on crosstrainer

*Front Squats BW (21s)

*lunge with core rotation

*donkey kicks with crossovers

*leg lifts

*bridge with 25# plate

*deadlifts (50# BB)

*seated calf raises

*jump rope between sets

*weighted abs

*weighted obliques

I was toast when I was done. I was so ready for my green smoothie, that I always keep in my gym bag!!!

Today I am off to do some schoolwork catch up and go to the tiny health food store that is 30 mins away for a few necessary items for Kay and me. She wants to play the Wii tonite, so I guess I will and I am making a challenge for myself during the biggest loser tonite. I will do 50 ball crunches before every commercial segment is over. Oh yea...my abs should be toast tomorrow. That's exactly what I want.

What are you doing to get closer to your dreams and goals? I was coaching someone today in the gym and telling her that STARTING is the hardest part. Once you start, you are already on your way. When you start, you are no longer living for the future when you start, you are living in the gift of the present. It's the same for raw food and fitness... just s-t-a-r-t. I promise you in 30 days you will look back and be so happy. It doesn't have to be perfect. You don't' have to have a vitamix and dehydrator to start with raw food. You can start the good ol fashioned way...in the produce section with a basket of bananas, apples and oranges. But just start.

I am going to start getting new DVDs from netflix for fitness and taking one day out of the week to try them and them report about them online. I may start with some DVDs that I already own, but a few people have asked me about it and I think it would be great to share that with you all and hopefully motivate a few people.

So, keep your heads up and pull sunshine into your life today. And if you are living anywhere near the East Coast on this rainy, freezing day, you should try to MORE SO. I'm off to do work while Kennedy naps...have an awesome day.

Warm hugs,


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