Thursday, April 16, 2009

Green Detox Day 4

Hi Goddesses!!!

Today I was hungry. what's up with that???? So I just had extra green smoothie. I made the HUGE mistake of getting home really late and eating my dinner. I kinda overate. And I ate really quickly, which means I didn't realize that I had overeaten until too late. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day.

Today's Menu

*strawberry kombucha

*green smoothie (spinach, strawberry, blueberries, banana, chia seeds) 12 oz

*green smoothie 30 oz of same as above

*green smoothie celery, strawberry, organe, banana, chia

*green smoothie vitamineral greens, fruits of the eart, chia, orange, 2 bananas, strawberry

*2 oranges

*1 mango, kale salad (kale, red pepper, tahini, herbamare, lemon juice), flax crackers and corn chips with nacho cheeze sauce and dill cashew cheeze

*dried figs and water

Today I exercised and felt great. I had tremendous power today for some reason!! Ha! I know why.

Today's Exercise

*quick warmup on the elliptical

*upperbody no order

*alternating bicep curls


*incline pec flyes

*weighted abs

*weighted obliques

*hammer curls

*tricep extensions

Tomorrow I am hoping to see my hunger subside a bit. I have a busy day and will bring along enough smoothie to last and last.

What have you done today to get you closer to your goals>??? What can you do tomorrow? Remember it isn't the big steps that matter most, it's the small CONSISTENT ones that you make that matter the most. I'm not all talk. I have walked the walk. I have been grossly overweight and clueless about raw. You can do this. You CAN DO THIS. Your health and the health of the planet depends on it.

Til tomorrow :-)
**edit** I forgot to mention that I went to the gym twice today. Early am for strength training and then in the afternoon for cardio. Was bored to do the cardio so I did about 15 mins of jumprope and 10 mins of treddy also some weights.


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