Monday, April 20, 2009

Green Detox Day 8 & Weekly Recipes

Okay green poppies!!!!!!!!!

Day 8 is breezy. First of all let me talk about yesterday. I felt so great on my juices until dinner. I was light and crisp. I got a ton of my schoolwork done at the library and was soooooooo focused. I didn't' feel true hunger until I got in the car to go home and then I was ravenous!!!! I got home and made a wonderful smoothie. Remember I mentioned yesterday that it was my first time making it? Well, it was sooooooooooooo delicious that I had it again this morning!!!!!

Jayna' Zing-ba-da-Bing Smoothie

*2 bananas
*1 orange
*1 lemon

Blend and love it up and enjoy!!!

Last nite I did yoga and five minutes of abs and read myself to sleep. Well, before that, I did a warm water enema. I am much better at these now. Thank goddess. It was highly successful. I felt soooooooo full of energy when it was over. I got to bed really late so I was truly dismayed to wake up at 6:30 am to rain and cold darkness outside!! ARG. I wanted to crawl under the covers and sleep the day away, but did I? Uhhhh no!!! I got Kennedy ready for school (finally back in session) and showered for the gym. Yes I did say shower FOR the gym! My clothes were ready to go so I made it there in the storm and was slow to warm up, but ended up having a BLAST.

Today's Menu and Food Plan

*green smoothie (Kristen's Raw Recipe!!) "Senergy Smoothie" celery, banana, cinnamon (plus chia seeds)

*zada-ba-da-bing smoothie: orange, lemon, spinach, kale, banana, chia

*Kristen's vanilla kiwi smoothie (want the recipe?? buy the book!! hahahahaha)

*1 c strawberries, 1 orange (maybe)

*kale salad, red pepper, tahini dressing, cucumber wrapped in my tortilla shells (recipe below), veggie flax crackers (recipe below)

*dessert (I feel like dessert today and I'm a queen so I get what I want) key lime larabar, 1/4c macadamia nuts, steamy mug of vanilla tea

Made it to the gym in the storm and cold for upper body and a little cardio. Will go back after my meeting tonite with Kennedy and do some real cardio.

Today's Exericse

*10 min treddy warm up

*lat pull downs

*preacher curls

*lying tricep extensions


*hammer curls

*alternating bicep curls


*weighted abs

*shoulder press

*jump rope for intervals ...about 15 minutes

I hopped a shower and made it to the next town to the store and was STILL able to get Kennedy early from school! Oh yea oh yea. This is the power of raw and of getting up early. I am truly seeing on this detox now that I have ONE WEEK DOWN! that nothing has changed my life more than greens. I feel truly amazing. The best ever and I won't be as drastic as to say I will eat exactly this way for ever (b/c I love my gourmet raw restaurants) but I can say that this will be the basis and mainstay of the way that I do eat. It has cleared up so much energy for me to concentrate on other things. I am consuming the same amount of calories, most times MORE and I feel great. I truly do. I am curvy in all the right places and fit and strong. I don't give a rat's ass what the scale says or anyone else. Well, I look great so I guess that's easy to say!!!! :)

This week's recipes are....

Veggie Flax Crackers (by Jayna')

*2 c dark flax soaked in 4 cups of water

*1 red pepper

*2 carrots

*1 zucchini

*1 tbsp red pepper flakes

*2 tsps celtic sea salt

Put in food processor and whirl it around! I made some circle shapes, some square and broke the rest into croutons and odd shapes. I put them on 150 for 40 mins and 105 for 18 hrs after that. I store em in the fridge and they can last for a month!!

Tortilla by Raw Chef Russell James

For the tortilla

*3c peeled courgette (zucchini)

*3T olive oil

*2t lemon juice

*Pinch cayenne

*1t ground coriander

*1/2t salt

*1/2c flax meal

• Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth.

• Add flax meal and blend again until smooth.

• Pour mixture onto 2 dehydrator sheets and spread evenly into a circle on each.

• Dehydrate for 8 hours at 105 degrees F, or until able to peel of the sheet.

• Once the dehydrator sheets are removed, return to the dehydrator for 30 - 60 mins, until both sides are dry to the touch but still pliable.

* Flax meal is flax seed that have been ground in a coffee grinder or similar, to produce a fine flour.

These two recipes will be able to get me thru my week along with Kristen's tahini dressing and I will make more of that dressing this week...yum yum! I will take the flax cracker that I made into a pizza crust and put veggie guacamole on top. I will use the wraps for marinated veggies and such.... It will be a great healthy week.

I'm already thinking up my next challenge. I can't tell you yet b/c I may change my mind and do something else, but I think I know.

I hope that you all have done something wonderful for yourselves today. If not, stop right now and commit to SOMETHING. Even if it's ten minutes. Commit everyday to taking steps that get you closer to optimal health.

I love you.


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