Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Detox Day 9 and Thoughts on Motivation

Okay. I don't always feel like (or have time to) edit the post, but yesterday I decided to add saukeraut to my dinner salad...yummmmm...

Well, today is amazing....amazing....amazing. I went to bed early last nite. My body was tired and I listened to it. I woke up renewed and ready for Tuesday! It was foggy and cold, but I found enough MoJo to get dressed for the gym. When I got there, I wasn't feeling it. But told myself to jsut get thru my plan and then I could leave. Ha!! I got inot it alright. My MoJo came back and I was so glad that I did it.

Today's Menu and Food PLan (going off memory here)

*Kristen's Raw energizing smoothie...yum

*same smoothie post workout with chia seeds this time

*32 oz grapefruit juice with e3live in it

*a variation of Kristen's Raw kiwi vanilla smoothie (I added strawberries...yummmmmmmm) with chia seeds

*kale salad with red pepper, cayenne tahini dressing, veggie flax crackers, tortillas.

*dried figs and vanilla tea while watching the biggest loser tonite

Today's Exercise

*10 min warmup on Ubike

*21 squats

*cable kickbacks

*glute machine


*seated calf raises

*plie squats



*weighted abs

*sauna 5 minutes

Going back in 45 mins for cardio and more stretching. I felt powerful today.

Onto a topic that I get many emails about... motivation. This email came today....

How are you? It’s been awhile since we last chatted but I just have to ask you….WHERE does your motivation come from? I mean I read your blog and it sounds really wonderful but how did you start to put one foot in front of the other to get it going? I have tried and I always say I will start tomorrow and Jayna tomorrow will come and go and I do NOTHING!!! I should be motivated because I want to be healthier, my skin is all messed up and I have gained weight…I took my son to the doctor last Tuesday a week ago today and girl I got on the digital scale and it said 201 I have never been this heavy in my life, that should have been my motivation right there. Every time my husband wants to take family pictures I say NO are you crazy because I have gained weight and I truly do not like what I see in the mirror. L Email me when you can.

I've been writing a lot lately about starting . Starting is the only thing you have to worry about. I mean STARTING every single day. Don't worry about doing it right, doing it enough, or doing it better or the same as anyone else...including me. Just wake up everyday knowing that you will START ....not necessarily finish, but START your plan to take care of your body. For me it boils down to this.... what do I think I'm worth?? When I thought I wasn't worth much, I ate crappy food and didn't exercise. As I started to value myself more, I put more time into ME.
What is it that you are hiding from? Looking better, feeling better?

I know it sounds crazy, but we can be AS afraid of the best parts of ourselves as we can be the bad. Sometimes we fall into a role where we are the "fat" one or the "ugly" one or the "poor" one and we don't know what to do if you don't fit that role anymore.
I am motivated by looking and feeling fantastic! Not according to anyone else's standards...just my own. Actually, my doctor told me that I was 10 lbs overweight! I am only 5'0" and I look great. I feel phenomenal and I have muscle...but she told me to lose 5 lbs "even if it's 5 lbs of muscle". Needless to say she isn't' my doctor anymore.

If you want to take family pictures, use that as your goal. Make an appt at a studio 2 months from now and use THAT as your motivation. Anything that works.
I want to tell you that you can have the body and mind of your dreams if you just START TODAY.

Imagine...if you start today, next week you will have ONE week of eating right and diet under your belt. How does that sound? I am no authority,but I can say as someone who grew up on New Orleans fried chicken and gumbo that me being where I am is anything short of miraculous. If I can do it so can you. Just start today. Walk around the block, drink 4 extra cups of water, do some stretches and jumping jacks...ANYTHING to get you on your way.

I'm rooting for you.

I love you.


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