Saturday, April 18, 2009

Green Detox Days 5 & 6

Hi Green Buddies!!!

Lo siento that I couldn't post last nite. Didn't get to bed until MEGA late and didn't wanna get out the comp, etc. So here goes! Yesterday was cool. It has finally gotten warm here in PA and I have decided that in the evenings before dinner if I am really hungry I will eat some fruit... quick problemo. I did this yesterday and it helped me until I got home. Remember... I am NOT in the business of going hungry... EVER.

Day 5 I ate....

*green juice 12 oz (cuke, celery, apple)

*green smoothie (orange, spinach, banana, chia seeds) 48 ozs

*green smoothie (4 frozen bananas, hemp mylk, vitamineral greens, fruits of the earth powders)

*1 orange, strawberries, banana.

*kale salad with red pepper, tahini, herbamare, sundried tomato flax crackers, cucumber, saukeraut, and 1 mango

*8 oz strawberry kombucha

Yesterday was CRAZY fitness day. I had my MoJo going and I knocked it out. My legs were literally shaking when I left. Oh yea...the only way to do it. Go hard or go home. That's what I tell myself when I walk into the gym!

Day 5's Workout

*21 squats

*abductor machine (first time)

*adductor machine (first time)

*seated calf raises

*standing cable kickbacks

*glute machine

*leg press


*weighted abs

*short 8:30 warm up on elliptical

THEN, I went back in the afternoon for cardio. Some jump rope, few sprints on the treddy, some more abs, chatting with folks, stretches and a few minutes of relaxation.

Today's Plan got off to a great start. Day 6 is rocking and I am so proud of myself. I feel so strong and confident. My cravings are diminishing and that's truly the first time that I can say that...ever. I KNOW it's the green intake.

Today's Menu

*water with lemon

*green smoothie: 2 bananas, spinach, fresh strawberries, 1/2 lime, 1/2 cuke, ice water, chia

*8 oz kombucha

*green smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, strawberries, 1/2 cuke, fresh strawberries, hempseed mylk, chia seeds, dulse

*2 oranges

*red leaf lettuce, 1 avocado, 1 tomato, sauerkraut, herbamare, dulse. The rest of my sun dried tomato flax crackers

*hempseed mylk with cacao and 1 frozen banana and dried figs

Today's Exercise (already done!)

*6 mins jump rope

*15 mins Ubike intervals (calm)

*weighted abs and obliques

*4 mins jump rope

*15 mins Ubike SS


Today I have tons of schoolwork and it is soooooooo gorgeous outside. Kennedy is gone with her dad and I am inside paying bills and about to get started with my work. I hope that you are finding the beauty and sunshine in this day. If not, go wash your face, take a deep breath and choose to start again. After all, if you don't do it for yourself...who will????

I love you.

***edit*** I decided to have Kristen's Tahini Dressing with my salad...oh my goddess I was licking the bowl. Also, I changed my late nite smoothie to a new wonder. hemp mylk, frozen bananas, carob, dates...oh my


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