Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kristen's Raw Book Review and Skinny Bitch DVD Review

Okay okay okay....

Kristen has done it again !!! When her books Easy Raw Vegan Salads & Dressings and Easy Raw Vegan Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs & Drinks arrived in the mail I was jumping up and down!!! Now that is getting warm outside and with my green detox going, I am truly looking for inspiration and I certainly got it!!!!! As you may know, I have moved from a really messy raw vegan to a cooked vegan back where I belong to a raw vegan and this time it's all about being simple. When I was last supper healthy on the raw diet, my diet was really simple and plain. I still love to throw together something messy and fun, but for the mental and physical clarity... veggies and fruits are where it's at. And in that order!

Kristen's Easy Raw Vegan Smoothies, Juices, Elixirs and Drinks gets 2 thumbs up. Oh my goddess...I found so many wonderful fruit AND veggie smoothie recipes. I am really trying to find more smoothie/soup type recipes. You can NEVER have too many veggies in your system. Period. With recipes like Beauty and the Beast, Love Nest Maca Smoothie, and island Oasis Girl. you will honestly get get bored with these recipes and there are SO many other ways to mix and match em!! And another thing I love about Kristen's books are that she always starts off with her Raw Basics chapter. She includes answers about why you should go raw and the top tips for storing and keeping produce. This book is loaded with information and tips all throughout it! I really want to try the Cinnamon Pecan Milk with some dried figs next week for dessert! yummmmmmmm Trust me, if you wanna shake things up this summer and are looking for very ORIGNIAL tasty smoothie recipes that you can make in a cinch, grab a copy of this book. You will NOT be sorry that you did!

Okay on to the next book! As a true lover of salads, I was sooooooooooo elated to read Kristen's awesome book on salads and dressings . Oh my oh my. My creativity went buzzing. Her Cayenne Tahini Dressing is most likely going to be a stapel for me. I love tahini and usually just throw it on a salad with lemon juice and stir, but this will make it last much longer and give it extra zip! I'm so excited to try it. With recipes like Italian Bread Salad, Summer Picinic Slaw, The Best Chopped Salad Ever (favorite of mine), and Latin American Fiesta Vinaigrette how could you possibly get bored!!!??!?! If you think salads ahve to be boring or plain, you are sooooooooooo wrong. Honestly, Kristen has been the only raw chef's whose dressigns I have truly truly enjoyed. Somehow she knows just want to put in em...seroiusly. She catered a CSL event that I went to and I had 5 plates of her salad/dressing recipe. People were laughing!!!

The DVD title reads "Get into Skinny Bitch shape with teh help of this dance based aerobic workout routine, which focuses primarily on tightening your booty. Ballet moves mixed with plenty of bouncin/ around will help you shed pouds, grow stronger and feel awesome."

First of all, I am a Giant Rory Friedman fan. I love all the Skinny Bitch books that I own. I also own their first 2 workout dvds. This one was cute and great, but I didn't even sweat. I think if you are in good physical shape it won't be a hard core workout, but can provide something different and dancy. Perhaps you can do this on your day of rest from working out. Did I enjoy it?? yes. Would I recommend it for someone trying to lose weight if they only have about 20lbs to lose? No. I would however recommend their other two dvds. They are so fun and easy to do!


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