Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Food & Exercise

Hey Green Peeps!

Today was a busy day. Rain turned into sun and I started feeling motivated to get things done.
Today I was snacky. What's up with that? Maybe it's the cardio... Anyway, I didn't mention yesterday but I gained 20 lbs on cooked food. YES 20 lbs!! I was so tired everyday, the soy made me feel terrible and heaven forbid when I ate wheat....sprouted or not! Terrible! I have lost 9 of the 20 lbs already and just feel so much more mental clarity and alertness. I love my body though. 11 extra pounds and all. I am not in a race with anyone to look any certain way. My goal is cellular health and longevity of life so that I can properly care for my little gyrl. She is the real reason. When you become a mommie, you have to change. It isn't about you anymore. So, I am very Ghandi with my message to her. I am NOT one of those moms who screams, "Eat your veggies!". I am the mommie who is eating veggies and says, "honey, do you want some?"

I live by example, not by order. I choose to do it this way. And the result is a well adjusted amazing kiddo (Autism and all) who shares, loves music and art and makes her own juices daily. So enough of that...onto the food intake.

Today' food


* cuke + celery + apple juice and 1 orange

*green smoothie: 1 banana, apple, spinach, water, ice, 3 tbsp chia seeds

*organic freeze dried fruit munchies

*1/4 c kombucha

*pasta and raw marinara

*3 oranges and fresh strawberries

*dried figs and vanilla hazelnut tea + 1/2 c raw organic cashews

*cereal : buckwheat crispies, 1/2 banana slced, 1 c sliced strawberries, agave, 1/4 c walnuts
hemp seed mylk

Today's Exericse

*25 mins crosstrainer

*10 min jog on treddy (slight incline)

*upper body circuit + abs (dips, alternating bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep extensions, hammer curls, front raise). I was sweating and felt great afterwards.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and the Bunny is bringing Kennedy some homemade fermented nut cheeze with hempseeds! She (yes our bunny is a gyrl) is also bringing some teddy bears, oranges, apples, strawberries and a raw chocolate bunny. Kennedy won't eat the raw chocolate. That will be all mine. She will take the fruits over choc or candy anyday! The closest she gets to candy is GF/CF/SF vegan gummy bears and freeze dried fruit! She loves it. She has leaky gut syndrome so the probiotics in the nut cheeze are good for her gut. I am not sure if I can get to the gym tomorrow, but will definitely hula hoop on the Wii with Kennedy for about 30 minutes.


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