Monday, June 1, 2009

Guess What I've been doing????

Hey !! I have been so busy finishing the first year of my PhD program... phew! now it's time to finish my Master's thesis (I know the order seems weird)

I have been 80.10.10. Yep you heard me right... HIGH FRUIT. I have never felt better. Actually, last summer without listening to anyone or anything other than my body and wallet, I was 811rv and doing heavy yoga and have never looked or felt better. This decision came after eating some cooked GLUTEN FREE VEGAN food with Kennedy. I felt like shyt and slept for hours and hours and still needed to sleep the next day on her nap and with her at bedtime!

Oh no, I did NOT get into raw so that when I ate something else I would feel like warmed over shyt. I did a reevaluation about why I got into raw and what is my real purpose for eating. As someone who has had serious problems with food, I HAVE to ask myself these questions and sit patiently to get the answers.

When I close my eyes and listen to my still heart, I know that low fat raw vegan is the ONLY way that all of the bad food cravings go away and I feel effortlessly amazing. It was an easy decision and I haven't struggled. Unfortunately in this movement (as with life) people are so critical and judgmental feeling that there is ONLY ONE right way to do this diet or any other. There is no one way. I still promote an 80% raw diet most all the time. It is what fits most comfortably in people's lifestyles.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE 100% RAW to experience VIBRANT HEALTH! I honestly believe that anyone who tells you otherwise has a product to sell. I am going to try not to be judgmental, b/c people have to make a living and goddess knows that as I am writing my ebook, I hope people will buy it. But I am not going to push an agenda or my "products". I believe in true lasting health AND beauty. I believe that we are entering into the time of the rise of the goddess and women have got to stop hating themselves ("I hate the way I hair") and resurrect the innate confidence and wisdom that we have.

So, yes 100% low fat raw vegan is what's best for ME and my body, but may not be what works for you. I do believe strongly in a plant based vegan diet with at MINIMUM 70% raw. I believe in juicing, green smoothies, a solid multivitamin, sunshine, laughter, skin brushing, exercise (yes yes yes), enemas/colonics, and rest.

I know some 100% gourmet eating raw foods who feel like shyt. They hardly eat "fresh/real" raw food. And I know someone who eats about 70% raw and lives in vibrant health!!! The difference is that my cooked friend laughs all day...she works out and doesn't stress. My raw friend is killing herself to stay raw by overeating dehydrated chips/crackers/cookies that she gets at the WF near her house. No one is right or wrong, but I would take vibrant health over a "title" any day.

I know that gurus have their place in the movement. They helped ME get into raw food and for that they are right on the money, but if you want long lasting VIBRANT, ABUNDANT, GLORIOUS HEALTH...stick more with real, water rich, raw foods and watch your health soar.

I still love my uncookbooks and preparing raw gourmet for family and friends, but for me, I am taking it simple and easy. Water upon waking (plain, can't afford to put lemons in it anymore!), 16-24 oz green juice (cuke based always), fruit (most likely bananas or mango)...workout... green smoothie (2 fruits +greens), afternoon more fruit, dinner either fruit or a salad with 1/2 avo and tomato or a fruit salad (greens + 2 fruits). My taste buds are changing and I am feeling better already.

I had one day of "detox". I felt bloated and constipated and craved salt. I also haven't had any salt/ oils/ concoctions either. But now I feel much better. Today was a little off, but that was due to emotional stuff really.No exercise today either, so that didn't help. Tomorrow I will go strong with my worries.

I went thru my pantry and gathered all my superfoods on one shelf. OMGoddess!! about $400 worth of stuff. Lawd knows the reason I went raw was because I was innately drawn to the fresh fruits and veggies... the colors, the crunch, the juiciness of a fresh mango. how in the world did I start to think that 100s of bagged powdered potions would lead to extreme health?? It just doesn't feel right to me anymore. I don't know why. Who knows in the winter I may change my mind. I reserve that right!

So, be brave. Listen to yourself. You know what version of this diet is best for you.Who knows how long you will live? Who knows what the universe has in store for any of us? All I know is that I want to feel amazing everyday and I want my daughter to see me being the best version of myself. I support you all in whatever version of this journey that you take.

As always email with any questions.

In light and love,


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