Saturday, June 13, 2009

Low Fat Update

Ahhhhh I am feeling sooooooooooooooo strong these days. I found an excellent way to get more calories in... my mango banana smoothies are KILLER and soooooooo filling. Instead of grazing ALL day and running the risk of improperly combining fruits in my tummy, I am eating LARGER amounts at one time and then waiting about 4 hours to eat again. This is working best for me.

Yesterday (Friday) I worked out twice. I am so in love with Summer. It took 8 months to come here on the East Coast, so I am soaking up every warm filled day. At the gym yesterday am I did....

*pushups (on knees) on the medicine ball
*lunge combinations
*tricep dips
*assisted pullups
*cable kickbacks
*elliptical (warm up 10 mins)
*reverse medicine ball crunchI felt so powerful going thru the workout!!

Today I did ....
*elliptical warm up (10 mins)
*jumprope in between sets of ...
*squat jumps*skull crushers
*bicep curls
*hammer curls

I want to get some more greens into my diet and some more salad in the evening. I just need to make a trip to the store...guess tomorrow's the day for grocery shopping. The farmer's market will be back on Tuesday so I will make it over there to get a ton of stuff, but in the meantime I am keeping it super simple and making sure to eat enough. I truly am seeking the best and most vibrant health ever and if that's true, I don't need to get on the scale until I I feel like I have my diet/workout figured out...don't want to get back into a bad thought pattern. The truth is that I feel strong, feel healthy and feel fit.:)

I have a ton to say about the raw vs gourmet debate out there on the next post. Can't we all just get along??? Geez


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