Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things I'm Grateful for Today :-)

Today I was feeling kinda ...blah... The weather was kinda crappy and I just have a ton to do. Kennedy told me that I will feel better if I say what I'm happy about. She's so brillant. So I decided to do just that.

As I settled into goddess pose tonite, I ran thru my mind what I am truly grateful for today in this moment. I wanted to share it..

It's so important to stop and have feelings of gratitude in the midst of any troubles that may be going on in your life. It sends a unique signal to the universe that you are happy with what you have and in get more it.

I'm grateful for...

*My beautiful and amazing daughter who teaches me everyday
*My mom- whose strength amazes me everyday

*My fit and lean body

*Being able to eat the best food on the planet

*Having a wonderful townhome to live in

*My evening meditation that brought me extreme clarity about something

That was just a few, but tonite I will go to bed with a heart that is overflowing with love and life's possiblities. What are you grateful for?


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